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Winter clothes are not only expensive, but they also have a variety of materials. Therefore, it is important to wash and keep winter clothes in a proper way so that clothes could be damaged if you wash them in wrong ways.
1. Down jacket People usually do dry cleaning for down jackets because they are worried about damage. However, most down jackets are filled with goose or duck hair, which is coated with natural oil. This oil keeps warmth. Dry cleaning can dissolve the oil, it decreases warmth and resilience. Therefore, it is the best way to lightly wash the down jacket by hands with a neutral detergent in lukewarm water and remove the stain by wiping the contaminated area such as the tip of the sleeve or neck with a tooth brush. 
2. Gore-Tex Gore-Tex has functional materials with waterproof and windproof functions, is mainly used as outdoor. Some people may think these functional materials should be cared in a laundry shop, but actually Gore-Tex clothing can be easily washed at home. Bef…


Winter has come and it’s freezing outside. Also, cold winds will be blowing on the streets. Your skin easily gets damaged because of the cold wind. It is also a good idea to drink lots of warm water or grow some plants to raise the humidity to take care of your skin, but it is also great to have natural homemade face pack. So today, I’d like to introduce you how to make natural handmade packs.

1. Orange Pack Orange is rich in organic acid and fructose, and the orange is effective in moisturizing the skin and also excellent in the whitening effect which makes the spots diminished.
Ingredients: orange, seaweed powder, & plain yogurt
How to make: Mix the seaweed powder and yoghurt well and mix the blended orange. Apply it evenly over the face and after 20 minutes, wash it in cold water.

2. Avocado Pack Avocados are rich in minerals and vitamin E, which helps to prevent skin aging by inhibiting free radicals. Especially, it has an effect on improving skin elasticity helping the skin smooth …


Kimchi, Korean traditional pickled and fermented vegetable dish are known for its efficacy worldwide. So more people are trying to eat it and even make it by themselves. Today, I would like to let you know the efficacy of Kimchi. 

The effectiveness of Kimchi 1. Prevention of obesity and constipation.
Kimchi, which contains abundant lactic acid bacteria, helps the growth of useful microorganisms in the intestines. Therefore, it is good for relieving constipation and prevention of colon cancer. And the seasoning materials of Kimchi also contain dietary fiber, so it helps to control weight. Capsaicin and pepper allicin is also good for weight control by increasing metabolism and burning fat.

The effectiveness of Kimchi 2. Boosting Immunity.
Kimchi is a typical immune-strengthening food. Fermented foods, such as kimchi, have the potential to produce beneficial bacteria that play an important role in intestinal health. As most immune cells are in the internal organs, the more the intestines are h…


As winter has come, there is growing interest in winter seasonal foods, which are tasty and nutritious. Let’s have a look!

1. Oyster
Oysters, which are already known for their efficacy, have a higher absorption rate of protein than other fish and shellfish, but also contain essential amino acids and taurine, which could recover from fatigue, prevent aging and prevent adult diseases. Especially, it is useful as a man's energetic strengthening, beauty for women, and it contains a large amount of iron ingredient, so it is an excellent food for anemia treatment.

2. Strawberry
Strawberry contains twice as much vitamin C as lemon and 10 times as apple, so it is effective for skin care as it helps melanin inhibition and prevention. Especially, it can help you improve your immunity and relieve fatigue. Especially, it contains antioxidant called anthocyanin, which protects blood vessels from harmful free radicals in the body. It is also known to be effective in reducing heart disease risk and …


The end of the year is coming and there are lots of drinking parties. Also, many people want to know some good ways for relieving hangovers.

So today, here’s great information to get rid of the hangover.

1. Tip One! Eat lightly before drinking 😋
If you drink alcohol when you had nothing, alcohol can irritate your stomach lining. It can cause gastritis and ulcers. So before you drink, you should eat something light. 

 2. Tip Two! Talk a lot!😆
It is much better to talk a lot while drinking. You can drink slowly as you talk, but also talking helps alcohol gets out of your body. About 10% of the alcohol absorbed in the body is released every time you breathe. The more you speak, the more you breathe, and alcohol would be released faster.  

3. Tip Three! Drinking hangover relieve drink 😫
It is effective to drink a hangover reliever that reduces the hangover by helping the alcohol in the body break down quickly, 30 minutes to 1 hour before drinking. For better resolution, it is best to choose a…


Are you worried about dry and rough skin by the harsh winds and the temperature difference between day and night?  
These days, cold and dry winds break down skin, make skin dull and flaky, and may cause trouble and wrinkles. Therefore, it is good to keep your skin moisturized by using cream or pack.

Especially, some foods are good for keeping your skin moisturized, and I would like to introduce them for your skin.

1. Avocado

Avocado, which contains a large amount of linoleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid, is one of the essential ingredients for skin health. By protecting the epithelial cells, it not only prevents water loss but also helps to restore damaged skin by forming a skin barrier. Especially, vitamin E is abundant as well, so it can prevent skin aging by decomposing active oxygen which is the cause of wrinkles, spots and freckles.

2. Carrots A lack of vitamin A can make dry skin and it reduces skin’s elasticity, and easily causes fine wrinkles. Carrots contain a lot of beta-carot…


Spring and Autumn is the best season to have a wedding march, the biggest and the most precious event in one's life👰💗
A bouquet🌼🌺🌹, making a bride to be a heroine of a wedding march, has originated from ancient Egypt.
The king had a wedding holding a bouquet of grain to show off their wealth🌾💪 And people started to use flowers instead of grain in the Middle Ages.
At that time, men picked up the flowers in the field to win the heart💏 of their lovers and it became a wedding bouquet.

A white rose means respect, pure, pure love, and it matches well with a wedding dress so it is usually used for a bouquet🌼
A peony means shyness, completes a bouquet with glamorous mood with its full-layered-shape so also popular for a wedding bouquet. 💜Pastel-toned-color peony is most preferred to a wedding bouquet.

White calla means pure, eternal love, purity. Calla has diverse images on its colors. 💞Pink calla is also preferred due to its lovely impression.
A bouquet composed only with tuli…