Wednesday, December 19, 2018


The end of the year is coming and there are lots of drinking parties. Also, many people want to know some good ways for relieving hangovers.

So today, here’s great information to get rid of the hangover.

1. Tip One! Eat lightly before drinking 😋

If you drink alcohol when you had nothing, alcohol can irritate your stomach lining. It can cause gastritis and ulcers. So before you drink, you should eat something light. 

 2. Tip Two! Talk a lot!😆

It is much better to talk a lot while drinking. You can drink slowly as you talk, but also talking helps alcohol gets out of your body. About 10% of the alcohol absorbed in the body is released every time you breathe. The more you speak, the more you breathe, and alcohol would be released faster.  

3. Tip Three! Drinking hangover relieve drink 😫

It is effective to drink a hangover reliever that reduces the hangover by helping the alcohol in the body break down quickly, 30 minutes to 1 hour before drinking. For better resolution, it is best to choose a product with a high content of ingredients.

4. Tip Four! Drink Honey-water before going to bed😌

Heavy drinking is known to be diuretic, and it makes the body’s water becomes scarce. As a result, the rate of decomposition of alcohol would be slower and the hangover could be last longer. Therefore, before going to bed, if you can drink a cup of honey-water or fruit juice, it can help to relieve hangovers. Because the sugar contained in the beverage quickly raises the blood sugar in the body and helps the alcohol decomposition actively.

5. Tip Five! Avoid analgesics🙅

After drinking alcohol, you may get a painkiller due to a headache. However, this is one of the worst behaviors after drinking. It is because of acetaminophen which is poisoned when it meets enzymes from the liver after drinking alcohol. This toxic substance destroys hepatocytes, and if you are a alcohol lover, you may get hepato-toxicity. 

Please keep these tips and enjoy drinking!😜🙆

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