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[Yakson House] Get ready for Christmas!/Back Care

"Are you readyfor Christmas?"

you guys have any fun plans on christmas?
I am sure there will be so many parties to celebrate Christmas. 
At the party, you would probably stand out from the crowd.

Just because the weather is cold in Christmas season, Don't just stick to long sleeves 
that cover your entire body.
Wearing something that's little revealing is perfectly good and it will make you stand out. 

As much as the choice of your dress is important, A lot of women are also concerned 
about their back. 
If you have slim shoulder and Sexy Back, Your will be even more beautiful. 

Yakson house offers Back care program which takes care of your stiffness in your neck 
and shoulder as well as soft back skin. 
Stiffness of the shoulders and the back is usually chronic for many of us spending many 
hours in front of the computer and exposed to stress. This, added with lack of exercise, 
makes the shoulder and back line appear dull and ugly. 
If you want to have a perfect sex…

[Yakson House] How alcohol affects your skin!

Hello, It's almost December! 
we are about two months away from the end of 2014. 
Time flies. Hehe :)
We have so many events coming up such as Christmas, New year!!
Do you have any plans?

It's season in which people throw parties to celebrate Christmas or new year, 
and I am sure there will be many alcoholic beverages involved. 
Too much drinking can harm your health! so Don't forget!
Let's find out how alcohol affects skin.

First of all, Alcohol can cause dry skin
because it steals water in your system.
On top of that, Alcohol also prevents you from having a deep sleep so it causes dark 
circles and puffy eyes.

It's hard to tell these things when you are young, but as we age, 
skin reveals your lifestyle. 

Secondly, Alcohol takes some mineral and vitamin out of your system,
so it makes you tired and your skin gets tired easily. 

Remember this,
Certain amount of alcohol can benefit you but too much can harm you. 
I know this is too cliche but drink a lot of water and don't forget…

[Yakson House] Real story -A man with low self confidence final episode!!!

Hello guys,
I know all of you are waiting for real story!!
Do you remember the story of a man with low self confidence. 
He was concerned about his face size.
Today, I brought final episode of him.
So, Don't go anywhere and scroll it down all the way to watch his happy ending!
He received all 20 sessions of face resizing care. 

Look at him!
Do you see the changed that occurred to him?
His face shape became sharp and his skin looks glowing. 

Let's see how his face resizing program was performed.

Face resizing program not only manages your outer beauty but also manages your
inner health by helping your blood circulates better and carries out all the toxins that has 
been built up.

We measured his face size and look at those numbers!
Now he became so much confident than before. 
This is the end of his story.
How did you feel about it?
Yakson house can help you gain confidence!

[Yakson House] The Best Tasting Detox Juice Brands

Hi, you all know about Detox Juice?
Detox Juices have been so popular that despite their expensive price tag, 
Consumption has extended beyond celebrities to regular people. 
Though the health benefits of detox cleanse have been debated, everyone is trying 
it anyway. 

but!! Do they taste good? I haven't tried it but honestly, I think it would not taste that 
great! people drink it because they want to feel good, and drop a few pounds.
Today, I am going to introduce you the best tasting detox juice Brands.
Even famous celebrities are huge fan of them!

1. Life Juice

*Cost per day: $60
*Lasts: 3 Days

2. Cooler Cleanse

*Cost per day: $58
Lasts: 3 Days
Celebrity Fans: Salma Hayek

3. Blueprint Cleanse 

*Cost per day: $60
*Lasts: 6 days in refrigerator
*Celebrity fans: Olivia Wilde, Julia Stiles

4. Ritual Cleanse

*Cost per Day: $80 Plus $20 Shipping
*Lasts: 4 Days
*Celeb fans: Kim Kardashian

[Yakson House] 5 Best Calf Slimming Exercises/Slim calves care

Hello, Guys 
A lot of women are concerned about their calves when they wear skirts or tight pants. 
Thighs can be covered with skirts but not calves. 
So Many women find their fat calves annoying. 
Calves are excellent locations for muscles growth. 
In other words, Once muscles grow on your calves, it is very hard to lose them. 
So today, I want to share a video clip on 5 best calf slimming exercises.
Watch and follow this at home! 

If you want to see more effects, Try Slim calves program offered by Yakson House.
Yakson house can help you with legs swelling and big calves.

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[Yakson House] pregnancy/postnatal care

Hello guys! :)
Today, I am going to talk about pregnancy and post natal care. 
Giving a birth is such a blessing for women. 
Raising a child as a parent can be an amazing experience.

Pregnant moms become cautious about what they eat or what they do to make sure 
nothing harms their babies. 
Belly becomes really big and heavy and put on  weights on moms too. 
This goes on until they labor. 
As much as the care during the pregnancy is important, post natal care is also important 

Moms need to eat a lot of nutritional food to return to body they used to be. 
In Korea, we have "Seaweed soup" in which women eat right after they give birth. 
Seaweed contains high amounts of calcium and minerals. 
More over, it contains Protein as rich as legumes. 

Besides nutritional reasons, A lot of women want to go back to the body shape before 
giving birth. 
often, Women get sagging hips, sagging breasts, and fat in the abdomen.
They lose resilience in terms of skin. 
Yakson House has…

[Yakson House] Selfie Stick/Face Resizing care/small face

Hello guys, 
Do you like taking pictures?
I know these days many people all over the world take their selfies and post on their face 
book or their favorite messengers. The trend for cameras on sticks, also known as 
"Monopods" is becoming a regular normal social activities all over the world.  

This "Selfie Stick" makes you easier to take amazing pictures at various angles. 
Also, This item is perfect for people who are concerned about their face sizes. 
You don't have to step back in order to come out as small faced on the photo. 
This selfie stick lets you take good pictures effortlessly. 

Or Instead of using Selfie stick, Why don't you try Yakson House's program?
We offer "Face resizing program" 
we can make your face smaller and slimmer than the way it looks now. 

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[Yakson House] Couple massage date/Facial balance Care

Hello, This is Yakson House

When you are on a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend, what do you do?
 Having dinner together, spending time at a cafe or watching movie are really fun dates 
but don't you get sick of it sometimes?
I mean there is nothing boring about that as long as you spend time with someone you 
But Sometimes don't you guys dream of going on a special date? 
I would like to suggest you guys " couple massage date". ;)
Couple spa or couple massage can relieve your stress away and is perfect chance to 
have intimate time. 

Recently, a lot of spa brands offer couple massage events, pretty decoration and wine 
services to attract couples. 

Yakson house offers Face resizing program where we massage face and body to 

revitalize your body and make your face small and more balanced. 

Facial Balance is absolutely necessary not just for aesthetic reason but also 
for your health. 

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