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"3 OCT 2019 My face mould at the start! You can see that my chin & lower jaw in general is off-centre.  My left profile is longer than my right profile, which is why I find my left side nicer. @yaksonsingapore"

"@THE STAR VISTA outlet I've got some spare time so thought I'd share a bit more on the Golki Therapy sessions. I've been doing at @yaksonsingapore!"

"Their most popular treatment is the Small Face Care but personally I don't want a smaller face, just a more symmetrical one! Hence my treatment is - Balanced Face Care. My treatment is full-body (not just face) because apparently your facial balance is also affected by your body's balance!"
Would you like to have small but also symmetrical face and balanced body? Try to receive Yakson's Balanced Body Care! From your head to toe, Yakson Beauty provide whole body and face care! You can also see the visible effect through comparing gypsum masks after 1 session, 10 sessions, and 20 sessions…


If you sit or work on your feet all day, you may feel swollen legs. If this symptom persists, it is easy to have varicose veins that is caused by enlarged veins of the legs due to increased pressure generated when standing or walking. Today, we will look at how to alleviate varicose veins in everyday life.

Avoid tight clothing, wear comfortable shoes or low-heeled shoes
Skinny jeans that tighten your legs or heeled shoes interfere with blood circulation in your legs. It is better to wear wide pants and sneakers.

Using compression stockings for medical purposes
Compression stockings for medical purposes are intended to aid circulation in patients with varicose veins or lymphatic insufficiency. Nowadays, people with lower body obesity tend to use it for cosmetic purposes, so it's easy to purchase.

Foot bath / half body bath
Everyone knows that foot bath or half body bath helps blood circulation! The greater the temperature difference, the faster the blood circulation, so a half body b…


YAKSON BEAUTY’s Face and Whole Body Care.

If you are looking for a special care program without any surgical procedure, fillers, or botox, Yakson Beauty’s golki therapy is the best way for you.
In 1979, after continuous studies to build an effective skin care technique for those with an infirm body, Lee Byeong-Cheol created the Golki Therapy.
From the opening of the first YAKSON branch in Masan, South Korea, now Yakson Beauty has aroung 100 branches in South Korea and more than 30 branches globally. The reason why Yakson has grown so globally is Yakson Treaments’ visible effects.
Yakson’s golki therapy provides not only health but also beauty benefits. Through correcting body balance, facial balance can be visibly improved. Yakson’s treatment is all processed by hands, especially for face golki theapy, only Yakson’s head and senior masters who has been trained for several years in Yakson Academy can do it.

If you are going to receive Yakson’s facial program such as small face care, balance…


Good looking = Proportional Face People with balanced face not only look pretty, but also look healthier, confident, and honest.

If you want a small face with depths and you care about your body and face balance, Yakson Beauty is the right way.
Yakson Beauty provides you with body treatment for a balanced face and body.
Find the outward appearance and inner beauty as well from Yakson.

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Hello, Good health care is of primary importance. The basic of good health care is exercise! Did you know that morning exercise and evening exercise have different effects? Today, let’s find out when is the time for you to exercise!
「Refresh your day! Morning exercise」

Morning Exercises Are Effective for Reducing Body Fat. Usually, people do morning exercises with empty stomach. Exercising on an empty stomach helps burn off the accumulated fat.

Morning Exercises Revitalize Your Day. According to the US Athletic Commission, morning exercise helps you maintain stable energy levels throughout the day and release chemicals like endorphins, which makes you feel good.

Disadvantages of Morning Exercises One of the disadvantages of morning exercise are the high risk of injury. And if you have anemia or hypertension, the dizziness may get worse.  Please check your body condition!
「To finish the day, Evening exercise」

Evening exercise is effective for increasing muscle mass. Exercising after 7 pm will not only se…


The uterus reacts sensitively when women are stressed or tired.
Uterine health care is essential for women's health.
Today, we will look at foods that are good for uterine health.

Seaweed to remove extravasated blood
There is a reason why Koreans eat seaweed soup after giving birth.
Because it removes the extravasated blood from the uterus!
Vitamins and minerals are also abundant and are effective in purifying blood.
The blood can be purified and it is good for the uterus health.

Cabbage relieves inflammation
Cabbage is a food rich in carbinol, sulforaphane, vitamin U and vitamin K.
The uterine mucosa is damaged and inflamed after every menstruation, eating cabbage helps to repair and relieve the damages.

Ginger keeps you warm
Ginger warms your body and relieves menstrual cramps.
Ginger is also a very good food for fibroid.
However, be careful while pregnant or breastfeeding because it can cause atopy to your child.

Soybeans help regulate female hormones
Soy is rich in isoflavones, w…


Title: 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀 / Sarangeun Byutipul Insaengeun Wondeopul Also known as: Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful / Beautiful Love Wonderful Life Genre: Drama, family, romance, comedy

Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful is sponsored by YAKSON BEAUTY.
Main Cast
Sul In Ah as Kim Chung Ah (Sul Ah's younger sister) Kim Jae Young as Koo Joon Hwi Jo Yoon Hee as Kim Sul Ah (Chung Ah's older sister) Yoon Park as Moon Tae Rang (Pa Rang's older brother) Oh Min Suk as Do Jin Woo (Sul Ah's husband) Jo Woo Ri as Moon Hae Rang (Tae Rang's younger sister)
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A balanced face can leave a good impression.
Actually, facial asymmetry may cause from body asymmetry. Think about how you always sit, stand, and sleep. Do you usually cross your legs when you sit on the chair? Do you lean on one foot? Do you usually sleep on your side?
Those wrong daily life habits may cause facial and body unbalancing.
Yakson Beauty’s Balanced Face Care can build the balance in the body to make the shapes of your body and face more beautiful.
BEFORE: The left face (before) is longer and has a longer jaw than the right (after) face.

APPLIED TREATMENTS: Lifted the left side of the face, especially shortened the chin length.

AFTER: The face has become shorter and well-balanced.

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[YAKSON] Yakson Beauty CEO Kim Hyoun Sook had an interview with Woman Dong-A magazine.

Following K-Pop, K-beauty industry is getting bigger worldwide. ‘Yakson Beauty’, which now has 98 domestic branches as Korea’s first skin-care company, is expanding into 31 branches in seven overseas countries, including Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Especially many people from China and South Asia, which are traditionally skin care powerhouses visit Yakson Beauty Korea branches.
The reason why Yakson is so loved by global is its “Hands”. Yakson Beauty’s beauty care programs, including small face care, baby face care, slim body care, and others are all by humans’ hands without the use of machines or chemotherapy. Chairman Lee Byeong-Cheol invented a therapy, ‘Golki Thearpy’ in the 1970s, and CEO Kim Hyoun-Sook applied it to beauty, creating the present Yakson Beauty 30 years ago.

Combination of golki therapy with skin care “What I feel while running a skin care shop was that the customers with poor health could see the effect slowly. While thinking ab…


Hello, The new year begins~😍 Many people say that people should eat breakfast. It is good to eat breakfast so that your brain and body have enough energy. Some people may have decided to have breakfast everyday in 2020.  But on a busy morning, it is definitely not easy to eat breakfast. Then why don’t you eat oats for breakfast this year😎? Today, we will look at the benefits of oats.
1. Diet effect 😋 The diet effect of oats is already famous. Oats are 372kcal per 100g, low calorie, low fat food. It provides longer satiety than flour and rice, and is effective in reducing visceral fat. It also helps prevent muscle loss if you take before exercise.
2. Control the cholesterol levels 😘 Oats contain beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are excellent for lowering cholesterol levels and preventing various adult diseases. 3g oats is enough to lower the incidence of heart disease and cerebrovascular disease.
3. Strengthen immunity 😊 Oats are rich in many minerals, including magnesium, zinc and mangan…