Monday, January 29, 2018


Good Day!

It’s Yakson House.

In the summer, clothes are mostly thin and it is not enough to hide fat that is in collected in many parts of your body.

There are many people who plan to go on a diet or to achieve their desired shape.

Do you know there is a way which only requires eating the same, exercising the same BUT can burn more calories and have faster slimming, by promoting your metabolism?
Today, we will be introducing smart diet tips and how to lose weight more quickly.

Eat Your Three Meals in a Day Well

Skipping a meal does not result losing weight.
If our body feels that food supply is scarce, it will slow the metabolism to save some energy.

Therefore, methods such as one-food-diet or starving can be counterproductive ones.
If you do not have time, try to eat nuts and fruits to avoid skipping meals. It is an effective tip for many dieters.

Work Out Your Muscles
Muscle exercises strengthen muscular system which results burning more calories.
If you have dumbbells in your home or office, you can exercise your muscles time to time, or you can build your muscles with without-tool-exercises such as push-ups, squats, and lunges.

Reduce Salt Intake

Sodium in the salt causes swelling of the body organs.
Daily intake of sodium is 2400mg,
Be sure to also check the amount of sodium in snacks such as soup, canned foods, beverages, chips and pretzels as well as just salt itself. Referring this tip, try not to exceed the allowable sodium intake.

Sleep Enough
If you do not get enough sleep, your weight will increase.
Research have showed that women who sleep less than four hours a day have a slower metabolism than women who sleep more than eight hours a day.

Exercise in the Evening
Exercise helps lose weight one at any time.
Especially, nighttime exercise is more effective because metabolism slows down at night.
Aerobic exercise for 30 minutes before dinner increases metabolic rate and keeps it for 2-3 hours.
Therefore, the calories consumed at your dinner are not accumulated but are consumed well!
(Source: US portal site

Take Therapy from Yakson House
Yakson’s Pretty Body Care makes the overall body line balanced and resilient in any dress that you wear.

For office women who are always sitting in a chair and working in that posture for a long time, the blood circulation is not smooth and the muscles become tangled and tired easily.

Pretty Body Care takes this point into consideration and it goes beyond simple body weight loss. This therapy helps the balance and circulation of the body, making healthy, elastic, and beautiful line.

So far, you've learned about smart diet tips and how to lose weight faster, together with Yakson House.
Are you planning to go on a diet?
Get easy and comfortable weight loss with Yakson’s care!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Good Day! It’s Yakson :)

The fatigue from your work is getting bigger and bigger!

Look around.
Coffee cups that are tumbled all over your desk!
Aren’t you tired of overcoming your fatigue with the caffeine?


Caffeine is not only contained in your coffee, but also in various drinks that you consume in your daily life.

Today, Yakson will introduce you about the caffeine intake tips.

Caffeine is a component contained in coffee trees and tea leaves and is widely used as a raw material for various foods and medicines.

In addition to energy drinks and coffee, caffeine is widely contained in many different foods/drinks such as chocolate and cola.

Maximum Recommended Daily Intake of Caffeine

Adult Caffeine - 400mg,
Pregnant Women - 300mg,
Youth (50kg) - 125mg,
Children (30kg) - 75mg

Caffeine in Food

Canned Coffee (one can) - 74mg
1 Cup of Coffee - 69mg
Green Tea (1 tea bag) - 15mg

Coke (250 ml) - 23mg
Chocolate (30g) - 16mg
Energy Drink (250ml, one can) - 62.5mg

<Side Effects of Caffeine Overdose>

1. Brain Awakening

It can cause insomnia, behavioral anxiety, and emotional disturbances.

2. Palpitating

It increases your heart rate that might cause rise of blood pressure.

3. Others

Caffeine disturbs iron and calcium absorption, which can lead to anemia and growth inhibition, especially for the adolescents and children.

Caffeine is effective in temporarily keeping you awake and improving your concentration, but after a while, you would lose concentration and get more tired!

There is no problem with a cup of coffee, but the problem is that you are also having cola, chocolate, and etc.
Moreover, another problem is that if you try to combine the caffeine in your daily food that you eat, it will be able to exceed the desired amount of the daily caffeine intake!

If so, here's what you need!
What are some of the things that are not temporary but steadily, curing our tiredness and creating beauty?

Body Golki Care of Yakson

We will create a beautiful body line that is beautifully balanced from head to toe.

So far, you have learned caffeine ingestion tips together with Yakson.

Try exert little effort for my healthy body!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


The skin of each person has a tone.

There might be a case that you have tried on popular cosmetic the same way with the others, but actually it doesn’t look good on you!

Even if it is the same lipstick, it often markedly differs depending on the person’s skin tone.

Is it because of that person’s pretty looking?

You only need to know exactly the difference between the color tones and the color tone you have, so that you can find nice and suitable make up for yourself.

It's not just white or black.

It is important to know the color tone that suits you!

Today, you will learn what is your skin tone and makeup tips for cool tone vs. worm tone.

Cool Tone VS. Warm Tone Self-Diagnosis

Your skin tone is easier to distinguish through colors that match you rather than your original skin color.

If you look good with warm yellow, gold, and green colors, you are “Warm Tone.”

If you look good with cool blue, silver, and purple, you are “Cool Tone.”

A good match or look means that the skin tones look bright when the color is applied to the skin.

The color that makes you look well, healthy and lively is the color that is suitable for you.

Know Whether You Are Cool Tone or Warm Tone Using Pink Lipstick

If orangish or yellowish pink suits you? You’re Warm tone!

If whitish or bluish pink suits you? You’re Cool Tone!

Simply put, when you try on a once-popular strawberry milk-colored lipstick, then if you just look like a primitive woman, you are warm tone!

Cool Tone VS. Warm Tone Makeup

Cool Tone
Cool tone looks better with cooler color, rather than warmer color.

Even though cool tone person uses lipstick only, it can make a clear impression.

If you belong to cool tone type, natural makeup base and foundation are suggested to achieve transparent skin.

The foundation should be applied evenly on the forehead, chin, cheek and nose to make it as thin as possible.

Warm Tone

A yellowish base/foundation is suitable for warm tone person.

It is recommended that you use a combination of orange and brown color cosmetics to produce a healthy and vibrant look.

Darker lip colors can make skin tones look darker, so it is recommended to emphasize your femininity with peach, orange or nude-tone color lipstick.

So far, you have learned about cool tone vs. warm tone with Yakson.

This summer, boost your beauty with the perfect make-up that is suitable for your skin tone.

Do you want to know how to be gorgeous, luxurious and beautiful by making your skin tone glow and lively?

Yakson’s Facial Balance Care

It creates clear and well-defined three-dimensional face shape. It will also improve your skin to healthier and livelier skin.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018


If the collarbones are well-defined and pretty, the girl looks more beautiful.

Especially, pretty collarbone line is a charming point for female celebrities!

Today, Yakson will be introducing some ways to make the straight clavicle, just like the entertainers’ beautiful collarbone line!

The forms of clavicle line can be classified into four: wing clavicle, M-shaped clavicle, well-shaped clavicle, and straight clavicle.

The most ideal type of the collarbone is the 180-degree horizontal straight one.

When the collarbone is in the shape of a straight line, body wastes are smoothly discharged.

On the other hand, if the collarbone is raised or V-shaped, the hole will become narrower to disturb waste discharge.

Therefore, it can be said that only a healthy person can have the straight-line clavicle.

People who have unhealthy kidney, bladder, or circulatory system usually do not have beautiful or good-looking clavicle.

Lifestyle That Makes Beautiful Clavicle

In everyday life, try to rub the lower part of the clavicle by your hand.

Use your fingers to press the lower part of the collarbone evenly. After stimulating, rub along the collarbone from outside to inside.

This clavicle part is able to smooth the blood circulation when it is stimulated (ex. by rubbing), since lots of lymph are concentrated here.

Yakson’s Program That Helps to Make Beautiful Clavicle Line

" Yakson’s Body Golki Care "

Thin, long neckline, straight collarbone line are created by Yakson’s special care. The neck, collarbone, and the body's spine will be well-balanced through this care, so that the whole body line can be beautifully balanced.

The neck, back, and clavicle are intensively released to smooth the blood circulation. Moreover, for those who have turtle neck and raised shoulder can have the advantages to create ideal shape.

So far, you've learned how to make straight clavicle line with Yakson House.

From head to toe, make a healthy beauty with Yakson!

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Friday, January 5, 2018


In the environment of high temperature and humidity, it is easy to get tired, not only physically but also mentally!

You feel like you are choked because of the heat and are easily irritated by it!

Also, you can’t sleep because of the heat until late at night so you might get tired the next day.

So today, let’s find out how to overcome the summer heat with Yakson House!!

Are you ready? Let's take a look!!

1.) Cool Breathing - Sitali

Yoga breathing method to cool the heat of body and to find a calm breath in the mind!

Trouble sleeping in the tropical night!
If you move even just little bit, such as drinking water to cool the heat, your body will heat up again.

Try Sitali breathing in a relaxed posture.
It will be surprisingly effective to cool down the body heat!

Sitali Breathing Method

Sit in a comfortable position.
(If possible, take a meditative posture.)

Stick your tongue out and rolls it round, and then inhale through your tongue.
During the process of inhale through your tongue, the air becomes cool!

Breathe long, close your mouth, and then exhale through your nose.

Repeating 20 times is recommended.

Resting Posture That is Good with The Sitali Breathing

Corpse Posture (Savasana)

It is given name because one should put his body on the floor like a dead person.

The method is relatively simple.

1. Lie comfortably on the floor.
2. The legs should be wide about shoulder width; arms should be slightly apart from the pelvis.
3. Down your chin little bit and smile.
4. Totally relax!

2.) Before Going to Bed, Take Half-Bath

In the night when you cannot fall asleep because of the summer heat, try to take half bathing in warm water (28 ~ 35 degrees) for 15 ~ 20 minutes rather than in hot or cold water.

Especially, lavender is good for insomnia.

If you drop a few drops of lavender oil while taking the half-bath, it is very good!


There are various effects in each kind of herbs, so be aware of this fact!
For rosemary, it is recommended not to use it at night because it wakes up the mind and improves the ability of concentration.

3.) Heat Management

In summer, one’s skin is exposed to sunlight by going out even just for a while. The heat needs to be managed because it promotes the aging process of our bodies.

Do not let your skin dry during the summer and do care for your skin in the evening or at night!

Perfect and meticulous cleansing is especially more important in summer.
If you are a type of person who sweats a lot, pore-minimizing-care is recommended. And if you are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, try to use a moisture sheet mask.

4.) Have a special balance management from Yakson

The biorhythm is fragile in hot summer.

It is also a good idea to have special balance management in Yakson House to help you recover from the heat and to optimize your body balance.

By concentrating the balance of the body, we will create a beautiful balanced body line.

With a special balance care, you can create beautiful and balanced body line that is light and comfortable even in summer.

So far, you have learned how to overcome the summer heat.

During summer! It's easy for your body and mind to get tired.
Make healthy and pleasant summer by overcoming the heat with what you have learned today with Yakson!

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