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[Yakson House] Yakson House Golki Self Massage for Face

If you want to get beautiful face&body shape, follow the upper video!

[Yakson House] "I have Knock knees!" - Leg straightening care

<<Leg straightening care>>

 Legs can become bowed and ugly by various lifestyle factors such as the way you walk and the way you sit or stand. Yakson house will identify the problems behind your less attractive legs and provide you the best Yakson House care for restoring your legs' beauty.

Lower body shape care > abdomen shape care > Back shape care > hip shape care> Lower body shape care > Hip firming care

<<Program duration/cost>> During 40 minutes, intensive program to straighten bowlegs or knock-knees is USD 1,100 for 10 sessions.

[Yakson House] 11 Awesome Beauty Products that make you beautiful !!

1. Nemat Amber Oil, $8.99 Just dab a little bit of these essential oils wherever you'd spray perfume. The scent is rich yet subtle with no trace of alcohol.

2. Burt's Bees Cranberry and Pomegranate Sugar Scrub, $12.99 Exfoliate and smooth your skin with this blend of sugar crystals, pomegranate oil, cranberry seed and shea butter.

3. Mineral Fusion Setting Powder, $29.99 If you want a matte finish, this hypoallergenic mix of minerals and Kaolin clay will absorb oil and reduce shine. Plus, it will protect your skin from UV rays -- and it's paraben-free.

4. EO French Lavender Bath Salts, $11.99 Nothing is more relaxing for your psyche and your skin than soaking in lavender essential oil and Himalayan pink sea salt.

5. Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap, $15.99 There's a reason this is a cult favorite -- the fresh scent will leave you feeling clean and awake after your morning shower.

6. Badger Sport Sunscreen, $15.99 It's tricky to find mineral sunscreens with zinc o…

[Yakson House] Company Magazine by Yakson House !!

Hello, everyone! Yakson House publish a company magazine annually! There are various information on not only beauty but care experts! You can show them through link below!

[Yakson House] Korean Client's Review "Thank you, Yakson House!"

I first visited at Yakson House to consult on my ugly legs.
After counselling, I have started both Leg straightening and facial balance care.
I have cared my body and face 10 sessions so far and feel change my facial shape now.
High-cheekbones is low and the line of my jaw become really soft.
Whenever many people show me, all said "wow, you become beautiful more! what happened?"
 Thanks to Yakson House's kind experts, I could have more confidence and I was really happy these days.

 Thank you, Yakson House!!  

[Yakson House] Shoulder-Neck-Head Care/ Wrong postures

Shoulder-Neck-Head Care
Do you have stiff shoulders and neck all the time?
Don't worry anymore!

Our care program will bring you complete relaxation and
relieve your headache.

- Cramped up shoulders
- Stiff shoulders and neck
- Prolonged use of computers
- Persistently stressed
- Needing collarbone care(pre-wedding care)

- Relaxed neck muscles
- De-stressed shoulders
- Longer neckline
- Prettier collarbone line

"Shoulder-Neck-Head Care"
Shoulder care > Neck care > Head care > Decorte care > Neck relaxation care

During 40~50 minutes, body care program to improve concentration and
memory is USD 500 for 10 sessions.

[Yakson House] Golki Therapy/ good body shape/O-Shape legs

<What is Golki Therapy?>
 The Golki Therapy is new field of an aesthetic therapy that was created by the combination of the bone treatment which was invented by the president of YAKSONMYUNGGA and health beauty programs.
The Golki Therapy uses the handcrafts to stimulate the blood flow efficiently. Those stimulated blood flow by the Golki Therapy perform its ability of nature healing by providing nutrition and cleaning the body wastes.
The Golki Therapy is a natural therapy that makes healthy beauty of face and body shapes. YAKSONMYUNGGA completed its own unique healthy beauty program with experiences and know-how.

<The main effects of the Golki Therapy>
- Take care of O-Shape legs
- Take care of unbalanced face and pelvis shapes
- Makes the natural beauty shape of small face

[Yakson House] Amazing change in Body: Abdomen Care

Hello, everyone!
Lots of women have a lot on their mind owing to abdominal obesity.
Abdominal fat can have serious effects on your health and make body shape ugly when you wear skinny clothes.

Today, I will introduce one of the most popular programs at Yakson House.
Abdomen Care - We will help lose the extra flesh on your abdomen and improve
your health by tacking the fundamental causes of your weight gain.

[Problem solving]


[Program Duration/Cost]
 During 30 minutes~1 hours, program to relax back muscle and make your back slim is USD 500 for 10 sessions.

[Yakson House] How to reduce your leg swelling

How to reduce your leg swelling

 1) Avoid eating salty foods  2) Remove tight shoes and stockings and skinny jeans 3) Drink more water 4) Elevate your legs above your hear while lying down 5) Simple massage on your legs can help reducing swelling

[Yakson House] Special Skin Regeneration Care / Young Skin/ Beautiful Skin / Skin Care

"Time and tide wait for no man."
 I came up this proverb when saw my reflection in a mirror in the morning.
According to report, we suddenly notice aging of the skin after age 25 because regeneration of the skin
slows down. To minimize aging of the skin, you need this special care designed to increase regeneration rate of your skin cells.

Today I will recommend "Special Skin Regeneration Care" program of Yakson House!!

During 1 hour 30 min~2 h, treatment to increase regeneration rate of your skin cells to minimize aging of the skin is USD 1,200 for 10 sessions.

[Yakson House] Hip-up(Pelvic) Care/attractive pelvis/hip line

Hi, everyone! What did you do yesterday? I met with my friends and ate dinner at restaurant near my house. During conversation, we talked about beauty like pretty body shape, heavy weight etc. Especially, all of us wanted to have the beautiful hip line and know how to make it. so, today I'm going to introduce Hip-up Care, One of Yakson House's programs.



 During 40 minutes, program to make your sagging hips up and firmer is USD 800 for 10 visits.

[Yakson House] How to walk with good posture/ good body shape/ good walking

Hello, everyone! Today I will give you some information on good walking. I'm often pointed my bad walking posture :<

Good walking is not only good for posture and health but also helps fight obesity and skin troubles. This is because when your walking is not good, especially when your little toe goes under the fourth toe, the muscles develop in bad shapes. On the calf, the inside muscles deteriorate and the outer muscles develop, resulting in aesthetically unfavorable form. This also has adverse effect on the meridians with frequent swelling of the legs. This then may make it difficult to lose weight.
Also, bad walking often bends the legs into the O shape or X shape.

Good walking ensures upright posture 1) Take the first step with your right foot. Ensure that the joint is not folded. Pace at about 90% of your height 2) Ensure that the heel of your right foot touches the ground first. Aim for 40% landing angle for maximum result. 3) Transfer the weight of your body onto the center of y…

[Yakson House] Stone Therapy(stimulate the blood flows/clean the wastes on the face skin)

What is Stone Therapy?  The stone therapy is originated not only from ancient American Indians’ folk remedies Nevada of United States but also the natural power of stone was used for massages in the ancient East Asia. The stone therapy was created as in the field of aesthetic treatment since early 1990 and developed into a therapy through aesthetic beauty salon guests. The stone therapy uses special stone to stimulate blood flows and clean the wastes with body rhythms by relaxing the muscles. Whinstone on the ground appears as black color and allows more infrared rays than any other stones. Another sort of whinstone under the sea level have green color and clean the wastes in the skins because of its cold presence. This green stone often used for stimulating the blood flows and clean the wastes on the face skin.

The method of Stone Therapy  The method of stone therapy is that firstly use warm stone to stimulate the blood flow and use cold stone to clean the wastes. It has good effects …

[Yakson House] US Online Beauty Editor Recruitment

<Yakson House Beauty Editor>
"Big benefit"  Experience the massage services for free

If you want to get more information, please click below ↓

[Yakson house] PRETTY LEGS CARE (Before&After)

 PRETTY LEGS CARE (Before&After)
<<Upper all pictures after 10 sessions>>
 Before cared at Yakson house, she has spread between her knees and the shape of her calf was not straight. After care, her pelvis is pushed up by our pretty legs care and she has beautiful legs.

  If you want to have pretty N beautiful legs, right now call at Yakson House.

[Yakson house] Client's precious gifts for Yakson house :D

A Japanese who visit at Yakson house in Korea first time gave us tasty snacks. It was so awesome and all of us were thankful to our client. Thank you!

Another client gave us a set of bean-jam bun the bread was really soft and we ate them in a instant !

[Yakson House] Groom care for beautiful wedding

Groom care for beautiful wedding
Many people often worry about unnatural facial expression in wedding photo. it's not easy to take pictures for special day.  so, Groom care will make you beautiful from your skin to body at the camera. If you take this care with your fiance, it helps to relieve your wedding stress.

PROGRAM DURATION/COST During 1hour~1hour 30minutes,  program for best skin condition and photogenic  on wedding day for groom is USD 380 for 4sessions.

[YAKSON HOUSE] Wedding photo contest

WEDDING PHOTO CONTEST Yakson House Clients, show off your happiest wedding photos!
[Awards] First place winner will receive $1000 gift card. 
Second place winner will receive $5000 gift card. 
Third place winner will receive $3000 gift card.
Location and date of ceremony will be informed later.

[Participant Qualifications] Brides who have received care from Yakson House; Brides to be who are receiving care from Yakson House.

[Event Duration] Competition will be awarded 4 times a year every 3 months. primary / 01월~03months (date of publicationApril 7awards)
secondary / 4월~06months (July 7awarddate of publication)
tertiary / 07월~09months (date of publicationOctober 6awards)
quaternary / 10월~

[YAKSON House] How to make a beautiful face without surgery

 How to make a beautiful face without surgery

These days, beauty is defined by a small face and a V-line facial shape.
but, most people thinks that a smaller face is made by expensive surgery.
In YAKSON HOUSE, you can experience new method to make a smaller face, not surgery.

What is your problem?

- Big face&head
- Square face
- Long face
- High cheekbone
- Flat face

About our process

<Face Resizing Care>
Back resilience , arm relaxation or rib resilience, abdomen relaxation
▶ collarbone & shoulder care ▶face nourishing care ▶face shape care
▶mask pack ▶finish

If you want to get more information, just call us!!

[Yakson House] Employee's birthday party!

Happy birthday !!

On December 27, we celebrated our employee's birthday in a branch.

she was happy to celebrate her birthday and received gifts form her co-worker. 

After party, we gathered and enjoyed eating food we have prepared.