Monday, December 31, 2018


Winter clothes are not only expensive, but they also have a variety of materials. Therefore, it is important to wash and keep winter clothes in a proper way so that clothes could be damaged if you wash them in wrong ways.

1. Down jacket
People usually do dry cleaning for down jackets because they are worried about damage. However, most down jackets are filled with goose or duck hair, which is coated with natural oil. This oil keeps warmth. Dry cleaning can dissolve the oil, it decreases warmth and resilience. Therefore, it is the best way to lightly wash the down jacket by hands with a neutral detergent in lukewarm water and remove the stain by wiping the contaminated area such as the tip of the sleeve or neck with a tooth brush. 

2. Gore-Tex
Gore-Tex has functional materials with waterproof and windproof functions, is mainly used as outdoor. Some people may think these functional materials should be cared in a laundry shop, but actually Gore-Tex clothing can be easily washed at home. Before washing, zipper, velcro, and all buttons should be locked. In hot water, do not rub them, instead, lightly wash and rinse them several times so that no detergent is left. At this time, it is important to use liquid type outdoor exclusive detergent or wool shampoo. 
3. Wool knit & cardigan
Wool clothing has a characteristic that smells can be easily penetrated and dirt easily sticks to due to the characteristic of the fiber. Before washing, remove any lint using a lint remover or tape, carlly wash it in warm water with a detergent for wool fiber clothing. If you put a little bit of lemon juice when you rinse it, it helps preventing any lint. After washing, it is better to fold it and wring it out rather than twisting. Especially when you hang out the laundry for dry, it is necessary to take care of the shape of the clothes and dry them in the shade to prevent from being distorted.  
4. Suede
Suede is nice to touch and made of leather material that is trimmed from the back of the sheep or calf. Therefore, when it is exposed to moisture, its surface becomes stiff, so proper care is required. Apply only the suede-only cleaning product to the cloth, rub the contaminated area, remove it with a wet towel, and dry it with a dry towel. Especially, if you use spray only for suede, it will be glazed and covered with a waterproof coating to help preventing stains.
 5. Woolen coat
In the case of wool, woolen coats often accumulate static in the winter and dust, hair and keratinous substances are easily stained. Especially because it is an animal material, it can cause insect pests if the foreign matter is not properly removed. After dry cleaning, make sure to wash away the vinyl and then hang it in a dry place. After returning home, it is recommended to gently after you go out, it is recommended to gently brush off the dust using a soft brush to seep the dust away in the opposite direction of the texture. 
Please keep the winter clothes with proper care so that you can wear them for the next winter.

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