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[Yakson House] Travel Friendly in-Flight beauty tips!

Don't you love traveling? I love travel too!! BUT!! Traveling can be really tiring especially when you are in Airplane. It's really dry inside of airplane. Don't you agree? Well check out this video clip.

Do you know Michelle Phan?  She's famous beauty blogger and a business woman.  She will teach you how to stay fresh even in the airplane.

[Yakson House] When Seasons change, so should your skin care routine.

Can you feel the winter in the air?

it's getting cold and cold in Korea. Those of you who live in area where it gets really really cold in the winter, watch out for your skin! Cold weather can damage your skin so keep in mind that you have the right skin care routine.

I'll be sharing some tips on how to get through cold harsh weather.

1. Drink lots and lots of water!! 

Just because you are not feeling as hot (I mean in terms of temperature..) doesn't mean that you should ease up on drinking the necessary amount of water you need per day. Drinking water is good for your internal organ system all year round. When you drink a lot of water, your skin will glow so even if you are not as thirsty as in the middle of July, Don't forget to hydrate yourself 24/7/365.

2. don't forget the Sunscreen!

Just because it's winter, doesn't mean that we can leave the house without sunscreen.
UVA rays are really harmful to our skin and it's known as cancer causing. It doesn&#…

[Yakson House] Real story of a girl who has a problem with her big face -Second story -

Hey guys You remember a girl who had a problem with her big and round face?

I brought her second story and she received 5  sessions so far at Yakson House. 

Are you ready to scream? She is experiencing an amazing result!

This girl is 27 years old and She really didn't like her big and round face. 
She had pretty eyes and nose but she looked somehow disproportionate because of her big face size. 

Now her second story begins!

Isn't this amazing? Only 5 sessions made her a different person!

This girl interviewed and said "I can't wait to see myself after all 20 sessions!" ;)

Haha ^^ Her third story is coming up soon so keep your eyes wide!

<Wait a Second!>
Yakson house takes responsibility in all customers and try best to provide the best service! We provide customized care. We hear your problems and find the best program that suits you!

[Yakson House] yakson House philosophy!

Yakson House is trusted Brand!

Yakson house has such a long history and We are a company to pursue beauty and health base on nature.

We are put a lot of effort to lead healthy culture.

Everyone is valuable to us and every single person is beautiful individual!

[Yakson House] The relationship between sleep and beauty

Did you know that sleep takes almost 1/3 part of our lives?
This means sleep is really important and serious stuff.
Sleeping affects not only your health and lifestyle but also your beauty.
So, I am going to talk about tips on "How to live well".

The importance of sleep    Sleep takes one third of your day and one third of your life. Therefore, How you spend these times is really important. While we are sleeping, our body rests and does certain activities to make our body function properly. These activities happen only while we sleep. Can you imagine how important sleep is?
How long should we sleep to maintain healthy and balanced life?
   Sleep may sound very simple but there are actually different kinds of sleeping mode.  The transition of each mode happen every hour and a half during our sleep. According to research, It's necessary to sleep at least 4 hours. From 11 pm to 3 am, Our liver and gall bladder start their activities so we need to fall asleep between those hours…

[Yakson House] Real story ( A girl who has a problem with her face size!)

Attention Everyone~!

I brought a real interview of a girl who has a problem with her face size and shape.

She received a care from Yakson House.
* What was her problem before she received the care from Yakson House?  - She was teased a lot when she was a child because of her big face size.  She began to feel insecure about her look and doesn't like taking pictures with others.  She felt like she looked fatter and didn't look pretty enough. 

* What changed since she received care from Yakson House?  She started to have well defined features and her baby fat on her face is slowly disappearing. She also feels that her face is getting smaller. I am expecting how I am gonna look after 20 sessions of face resizing program. 

[Yakson House] Yakson House appeared on TV!


Did you know that Yakson House was introduced on Television?
Yakson House is loved by so many people and We would like to thank you all.
The visitors of Yakson House range from Korea to foreign countries. Tourists from all over the countries want to visit Yakson house when they come to Korea.

This means that programs at Yakson house became famous and their effectiveness were proved by so many people. right?

The programs at Yakson House aired on so many Korean media and even Japanese media too!

Check out the videos posted on our website. and click Company and then click Yakson house PR again.

[Yakson House] Wedding Photo Contest!

You heard about the Wedding Photo contest?
If you are a soon to be bride who are receiving care from Yakson House or have received before. Please participate our Wedding Photo Contest and receive amazing rewards!

[Yakson house] Special skin generation Care

Are you concerned about your skin as you get older?
I am sure a lot of you including myself noticed that skin changed the way it looked when we were younger. It's happening to everyone. As you turn 25, the dying cells in your body begin to outnumber the cells newly multiplied. We suddenly notice  aging of the skin after 25 because regeneration of the skin slows down. To minimizing aging of the skin, you need this special care designed to increase regeneration rate of your skin cells. In Yakson House, you can meet with a skin care specialist.

PROBLEM SOLVING PROBLEMOver 25 years oldLooking oldWrinkled faceDry skinDull skinIntolerable bare faceEFFECTCell regenerationBaby faceAnti-AgingBrightening skinMoisturizing skinwhite skin    You can meet with bright and youthful look!

Have a Wonderful day everyone~

[Yakson House] Check our website!

Hello everyone ~
Have you visited our Yakson house website before?  If you haven't, you really should since they have valuable information. There are before and after photos who participated the program and check out their experience story! If you check out their photos, it's amazing how they transformed. 
If you have any concerns regarding your face shape and body shape, I strongly recommend you to try yakson house programs. 
Our website is at

[Yakson House] Face resizing program really works!

Hello everyone~
How are you?
I know many of you have some doubts about whether face re-sizing program works or not.
Well, I can say that it works. You see 3 Dimensional photos of face and the measurement before and after the care? The measurement surprisingly shrunk. Isn't this amazing?
Face resizing program not only makes your face smaller and slimmer but also make you look healthy.

[Yakson House] Perfect face balance

Hello, It is raining and cold in Korea.
It is almost the end of October already!! Time really flies.
Today, I am going to talk about Golden ratio. Do you know what gold ratio means?
The gold ration implies perfection in nature and it is also found on the face features. Regardless of ethnicity, age, religion, the face that is closest to golden ratio is always beautiful. If you want to have a golden ratio face, I recommend the face balance program that is offered by Yakson House. I know most of you might think that golden ratio face is genetically inherited and you think it is impossible to change that. Well, It is not entirely true! You can change that if you get rid of your bad habits and get some help. We all have some kind of bad habits and those habits can imbalance your face. For example, resting your chin on your arm or chewing gum with only one side of your jaw may create imbalance on your face. It has improven scientifically that imbalance face can leave poor image on others.

[Yakson House] Bad habits that you need to quit now!

Hi guys~
I know we all have some kind of habits that we just can't give up. right?
But, Did you know that those habits we have can unintentionally hurt our body and health? Today, I am going to list few habits that you need to get rid of right now.

#1. Nose/Mouth picking

This Silly habit of 'digging gold' is one of the worst habits that you can have. Picking your nose can spread various infections like cold and flu. After touching several things and then taking the same finger into your nose, you you will end up in the doctor's clinic. Hence, stop this awkward habit of pulling sticky substance from your nose, or fetching left over food strands from your mouth.

#2. You became 'owl' at night. 

Many of us like to stay really late studying, watching movies and playing video games.  But if this becomes routine, you will damage your body in the long run. Without 6-8 hours of good sleep, you are damaging your immune system and other body processes and systems. Due to la…

[Yakson House] Please visit our website and find out which program is suitable for you!

Hello, everyone~

Did you know that we find out which program is suitable for you?
Please visit our website at and try our tool called "Best program for you". 

Just answer few questions and it will tell you which program is best for you!

[Yakson House] Favorable first impression for your job interview!

Anyone expecting important job interview soon?
These days, many people say appearance is one of the most important abilities in success. Most of people say first impression is really important. Job interviews are nerve wrecking but a professional look can boost your confidence and even put your qualifications in a spotlight.

Yakson house is offering a interview care to help you achieve a professional look!

PROBLEMRock-facedLooking tiredNot confident about his/her smiling face
Not confident about his/her lookDull skinEFFECTFavorable first impressionSmooth facedPositive characterLooking healthyBrightening skin

[Yakson House] We are recruiting Beauty Editor!

Hi, Everyone!
We have a great news for you. 

Yakson House is recruiting Beauty editor from October 13th through October 24th. 

We are looking for passionate bloggers who is willing to get our massage services in Yakson house and write about their interesting experiences. 
This is happening in both Philippine branch and U.S Manhattan Branch.

* For detailed information please read two attached posters below. One is for Manhattan Branch and the other one is for Philippine branch.  

USA : []
Philippines : []

[Yakson House] Acne Care

Hi guys, How are you?
It's already October and it means it's fall season.
As weather gets cold and dry, I feel  my skin is getting dry too.
Is anybody experiencing that? Also, I know everyone is living busy life at work or home and stress is not easy to avoid.

Did you know that stress is harmful to our skin and can cause acne?
Today, I am going to introduce you about acne care program that is offered by Yakson house. The acne is caused by many factors therefore it is important to identify the fundamental cause.

PROBLEM SOLVING PROBLEMStress acneAdult acne by cosmetic abusePurulent acneOily skinErythemaAcne scarsEFFECTAcne reducedHealth body & mindSmooth-facedBrightening skinPore minimizedScar relieve

[Yakson house] Face resizing program!

Hello everyone!

In this day and age, the beauty is defined by small faces. On television, you can see beautiful actors and actresses with small faces. Almost all people nowadays want small faces. They even go through plastic surgery to have small faces!

Here is the less painful way to have small faces without the surgery!
Yakson house offers one of the best face re-sizing program.
Are you interested?

<Problem solving>
Big face & headSquare faceLong faceHigh cheekboneFlat faceBig head
Well-defined features Small faceOval-shaped faceBall-shaped head Hair loss prevention

               <BEFORE>                                                                <AFTER>

[Yakson house] mobile site/ jejudo/ Korea/ mobile/ yakson house/ korea tour


The weather of Korea is really good everyday, but a little cold. I think that winter is coming soon! So, I'm planning to go to Jeju island, one of the most popular place in Korea before Autumn is gone. hehe:)

                             Do you know a mobile site of our Yakson House?

A month ago, we did site renewal and opened! You can meet our yakson house by mobile phone easily!

[Yakson House] Meridian Pathways Nutrition Care/ care/ massage/ asian massage/ Korea

Hello, everyone!

Last weekend, I visited at Bukak Skyway ,  one of famous places to look down at the city nightscape in Korea. When I arrived at the place, the cityscape at night made for a fine view! If you get an opportunity to visit in Korea, I strongly recommend to visit this place!

Ok.. my's duty to come back. Today I'm gonna introduce Special program  "Meridian Pathways Nutrition Care" !!

Meridian Pathways Nutrition Care

Meridian pathways nutrition Care is mostly used in China and scientifically proved by scientists in North Korea. Meridian pathway is referred to the lines connected to 360 spots on the body suitable for acupuncture. There are 24 Meridian pathways. Meridian pathway nutrition care stimulates the metabolism of human body by using different paths of massages. Meridian massage cleans the poisons in the human body and treats skin troubles by stimulating the blood flows. YAKSONMYUNGGA has two methods for meridian pathway nutrition care: provides nutrit…