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Newest spa and beauty trends - HBA Global Expo

HBA Global Expo was founded in 1992 which has grown the largest and greatest in beauty and spa conference in the United States. This is an excellent business opportunity to meet business partnerships with international buyers and strategic partners, which include:
•  Technologies and services •  Packaging materials and components •  Packaging and marketing services •  Ingredients and raw materials •  Spa & wellness materials and services •  Contract manufacturing/packaging services •  Private Label and full-service companies •  Finished product companies
Yahoo`s healthy living blog Shine share the video about this conference.  Let`s take a look!

Yakson House : Best massage I`ve ever received

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It was my 4th time to get a massage at Yakson Hosue. I got the 200 minutes session which is abloutely great. Yakon`s massage therapists are professional and they really know what they`re doing. They did a geat job stretching my legs and my back that helped me roll away the stress. The next day I was a little sore but it was getting better.
My favorite part was that end of the massage, they rubbled a hot and cool towels all over my body.The atmosphere is completely relaxing and the staff wre amazing and really cool. Everyone was pretty respectful of keeping the silence. I am definitely going back next time! Best massage I`ve ever received.

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Hi, Ms. Lucy Kim.
We are glad to hear that your stress has relieved^^ Your result was great because, as a client, you trusted our golgi techniques. We will always try our best to provide a relaxing atmosphere and happy smiles. And please stop by again^^ we'll look forward to that day. Thank you!
 Yak Son House Manhattan Branc…

Parisienne Nawel`s Korea Beauty Experience – Yakson House Golki Therapy

Hello, this is Parisienne Nawel. I love DBSK(dongbangshinki) before disorganization and now I love SHINee, f(x), Super Junior under SM Entertainment.
Nawel(22) is K-POP fan who knows ‘Gyeongbokgung’ as Rooftop Prince Park Yuchun`s house. For summer vacation Nawel Came to Korea on July with excitement. Because Super Junior is coming out the TV turning on that Could often be seenin Paris and met ‘Runnning man’`s gary accidentally stopped at the hair salon. She went to Changdeokgung with her friend and her like it very much. She gets a lot of cosmetics from Etude House such as mascara, nail polish and creams. With korea`s culture, fashion and beauty products Nawel had great time staying at Seoul.

Nawel went to korean esthetic shop that so many korean idol`s hot place. Nawel has never ever experienced like pleasurable pain (?) with Korean massage.

Concern about high nose, huh?
Yakson House is very famous esthetic shop in Korea that two major Hallyu star (Korea girl group G & K) attend. …

Mahattan Massage Shop Review

Yakson House Manhattan Customer Tiza Farmer Review

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Because Yakson House is well known in Asia I couldn't wait for my massage. I went in for the face lifting care. First they massaged my back, arms and neck. I could feel the stress leaving my body. Then they messaged my face. After that I received bone therapy. If anything you can always ask them to soften or add more pressure. 
They adapt according to person which is good. After wards I received a facial. In the end I notice good changes in my face. Everything they did seemed precise and important. There are so many different programs to choose from. 5 different types of care: Face, Body, Body Type, Beauty and special. The staff was very friendly. I plan to set up another appointment ASAP. It was a excellent way to end my day.

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Thank you for sharing your experience on our website. we really appreciate it ^^ It's really great to hear that you enjoyed your  bone therapy  massage sessions at a good atmos…

Manhattan Branch Yakson House Review

Yakson House Manhattan Customer Prince NY Review
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Because of my interest in Korean culture and beauty, I was in great anticipation for my session at Yakson House.  I had read and heard many things about Yakson House prior to going and the treatments fulfilled all my expectations. It was physically painful but also a very rewarding experience.

I had the Face Reduction Care therapy, which consists of two different massages.  The first massage given by the Sensei, though not unfamiliar, was the one of the best massages I have had in New York.  It was very precise with perfectly appropriate pressures and movements.  And then the second phase took me completely by surprise.  A quick facial was followed up with their signature bone therapy called 'Golgi'.  It was, as I had read; quite painful.  I was told that it brings most people to tears and screams are not uncommon while experiencing this therapy.  In my estimation it was well worth the pain.  The results were immed…

Jinju, Jinju Castle, Jinju Lantern Festival, Jinju Fortress

Jinju is a city in South Korea which is located in the southern part of the South Korea. Jinju has the natural beauty of Korea and cultural history as well. The South Korea air force education and training command is located in Jinju and There are several festival held in Jinju every year. 
1. Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival

Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival originates from the Jinjuseong Fortress Battle of the Imjinwaeran War (Japanese Invasion). The lanterns were used as military signals and communicative methods between soldiers and their families. 
Period: 10.01.2012 ~ 10.14.2012 Address: Gyeongsangnam-do Jinju-si Bonseong-dong 415 Jinjuseong (Namgang River Area)
Main events: Hanging the wishing lanterns, floating lanterns, exhibition of traditional laterns of Korea, Making creative lanterns, Fireworks on river.

2. Jinjuseong Fortress
Jinjuseong is historically linked to…

Sodium, Sodium in Food, Reduce Sodium in Body

We consume sodium every day but too much sodium can have negative effects on our health. Especially sodium intake will increase blood pressure for salt-sensitive people. The recommended daily allowance for sodium is 2,300 mg. But if you're over 50 years old, your sodium intake shouldn't go above 1,500 mg per day.
Sodium present naturally in many foods and is added in the form of salt. Many people think that salt and sodium are same thing but salt is 40 percent sodium and 60 percent chloride. That`s why sodium portion of salt is important to people who in high blood pressure.
Reduce Salt and Sodium in Your Diet
1) Eat more fresh foods at home to keep your balance 2) Add additional flavor such as garlic, basil and pepper to your food. (no extra sodium) 3) Use fresh vegetable instead of canned 4) Read the nutrition facts label to compare the amount of sodium 5) Rinse canned foods with water (beans, tuna, and veggies)
Eating less sodium can help reducing risk of heart disease and maint…

Korea Esthetics Development Fund Donation and Scholarship Award Ceremony

Yakson House held the ‘Korea Esthetics Development Fund Donation and Scholarship Award Ceremony 2011’ at Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel. In this ceremony, Yakson House expressed its gratitude and commitment as the leader of the ever progressing esthetics industry in Korea by honoring and aiding colleges with outstanding contribution to development of the esthetics industry. 
Yakson House awarded 60 esthetics students in 15 colleges nationwide with a total of 61 million won and presented 7 colleges with certificate of deposit for a total 32 million won of esthetics development fund. Also, directors of all Yakson House branches and students established mentor-mentee relationships for providing practical interaction with experienced professionals.
 Lee Byung-chul, CEO of Yakson House, expressed his ambition by saying, “History of esthetics in Korea is quite short. Most of the therapies such as aroma and meridian are from other countries. Nevertheless, Yakson House`s very own golgi therapy is …