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One of the ‘New Year’s to do list’ is ‘DIET’.

 The first resolution has vanished quickly, and summer is coming soon. Today, I will introduce you how to manage the flower of diet, abdominal fat for you.

 In particular, modern people’s stress, irregular eating, and drinking can be reasons of tummy fat.

 According to the Korean Society for the Study of Obesity, by reducing one inch of tummy fat, the average life expectancy is extended by three years and the body age is five years younger.  

That's why we can say that the tummy fat is directly related to our health. Tummy fat causes various cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and various cancers including colon cancer.

Tummy fat could be dangerous! Shouldn’t we say bye to tummy fat in 2019?  Let's take a look at a bit smarter and more effective way to say bye to tummy fat.

Men often have visceral obesity. These people have to do an aerobic exercise with a high calorie expenditure. Aerobic exercises such as walking, r…


Acne refers to blocked pores, blemishes, deep boils (cysts or nodules) and can also occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulder, or even the arm.

Acne usually occurs in the early teens, but symptoms can be severe around the age of 20, and may occur in adults in their 30s and 40s. Without any particular care, it will usually disappear in a few years, but it can leave a permanent scar. So, it is important to be careful about skin care and acne treatment.
Acne can be suddenly occurred after the night.
If you touch acne, it not only hurts but also bother your days.
The face has a lot of micro vessels and sebaceous glands; thus it is the place where has acne frequently.
I will let you know the reason of acne by face parts.

Cheeks are the largest parts of the face. The acne of the cheeks is often caused by external problems.
The biggest reason is a smart phone. When people have a call, they usually put their smart phones on their cheek. There is a huge amount of germs on the sm…


Hello ~ This is Yakson Beauty.
Recently, there are many people regardless one’s position who are struggling with stress.
When stress builds up, it causes various symptoms and illnesses, some people are interested in the way to relieve stress.

Today, please have a look that how to deal with stress and apply the way which is right for you to relieve stress ;).

Stress resolution 1.
Lower-body bathing
It is helpful to have a bath and take a relax rather than taking a shower.
At first, you should fill warm water only about two-thirds of the bathtub and have a lower body bathing. And when the water temperature decreases, it is good to fill the rest of the water to maintain the proper temperature. You can relieve your stress by taking a bath with around 40 degrees’ water for 2-3 times per week for 10- to minutes.

Stress solution 2.
Deep sleep
Busy modern people not only get chronic fatigue together with stress, but when chronic fatigue becomes persistent, various symptoms such as lack of concen…


Hi, this is Yakson Beauty.
The menstruation comes once a month to women. Menstruation, which is annoying and painful every month, is a problem for many women. More than 65% of menstruating women are suffering from premenstrual syndrome, that is PMS.

Today, I will introduce to you how to prevent the premenstrual syndrome that comes once a month. People who have excessive menstrual symptoms are likely to have problems with the uterus or pelvis.

Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

- Depression - Emotional ups and down - Lethargy

- Strong improvement of appetite - Nervousness - Skin problems