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[Yakson House] Breast care/ Breast/ Breast care program/ massage

 Hello, everyone! Today's weather in Korea is awesome! I guess the fall is coming and these days I often raise my head for looking beautiful sky Plus, T.G.I.F >_< 

I'm gonna posting "Breast care program" for making beautiful breast!!

[Program duration/cost] During 30minutes~1hours, adequate care program to be necessary for your own breast is USD 90 for 1sessions/USD 700 for 10sessions/USD 1,200 for 20sessions.

[Yakson House] The 9 Biggest Weight-Loss Mistakes/diet/lose weight/weight

<<The 9 Biggest Weight-Loss Mistakes ?!>>

Just avoid these nine common weight-loss pitfalls!

1. Eating in front of the TV

2. Skipping breakfast

3. Avoiding the treadmill

4. Using artificial sweetener

5. Giving in to peer pressure

6. Forgetting about liquid calories

7. Believing the calorie counts on the machine

8. Skipping the dairy aisle

9. Losing sleep over it


[Yakson house] Facial massage/ Facial care/ Japan tour/ tour/ Japan/ journey./ Asian tour

Hello, everyone! Last week, I traveled in Japan with my mother! There were really cute items whenever I visited at Japanese cities and All of food was awesome! I want to visit next time again.

For my tanned skin during this travel,  I chose "Special Skin Regeneration Care", one of our programs.

[Program duration&cost]
During 1hour 30minutes~2 hours, treatment to increase regeneration rate of your skin cells to minimize aging of the skin is USD 150 for 1 sessions/USD 1,200 for 10vsessions/USD 2,300 for 20 sessions.

[Yakson House] Shoulder•neck•head Care/ shoulder/ neck/ head/ care/ Asian massage/massage

"Shoulder*Neck*Head care program"
Have you ever heard "Burnout"? Burnout is a psychological term that refers to long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work. If your job makes you feel burnout these days,  I recommend "shoulder*neck*head care program" for hard worker. 

<<Program cost&duration>>
During 40~50 minutes, body care program to improve concentration and memory is USD 80 for 1 sessions / USD 500 for 10 sessions / USD 900 for 20 sessions.

[Yakson house] beauty tips/ beauty/ beauty article/ article

<<Beauty article for you>>

"Louis Vuitton Invests In K-Pop Fashion And Beauty Tips"

"7 Travel Beauty Secrets Only Flight Attendants Know"

"5 Healthy Beauty Tips To Enjoy The Last Days Of Summer"

"Celebrity Beauty Tips For Real Women: Look Like A Star 
 Without Spending A Fortune"

"6 DIY Beauty Tips Straight From Your Kitchen"

[Yakson House] Review/ Yakson house/ Yakson House review/ reviews

<Asian golki therapy No.1 - Yakson house> 

What kind of programs?

Real reviews our customer experienced in Yaskon house

[Yakson house] Ice Bucket Challenge/ Bill Gates/ ALS/ donation event/ donation

Hello, everyone!
Do you know "Ice Bucket Challenge"?
The challenge is a funding event for Lou Gehrig's Diesease!
Bill Gates accepts Mark Zuckerberg’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominates Elon Musk, Ryan Seacrest and Chris Anderson from TED to participate and raise awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

[Yakson House] Pretty Hips Care/ Large Hips Care/ Pretty Hip Line/Small Hips Care

<Pretty Hips Care Program>

The curve going down from the waist to the hips determines attractiveness of your lower body. But the beauty of this line is often compromised as your pelvis widens due to long hours of sitting, childbirth or nursing and as your hips slack.The curve on your body will not only make you look more attractive in your stylish outfit but also serve as the icon of your health.

We will make large hips smaller, slacking hips firmer,and restore the overall hip line.

[Yakson House] Hip-Up Care/ Hip-Up/ Sagging Hips/ Hip Line Care

<Hip-Up Care Program>As skinny jeans and tight skirts are becoming fashion icons, many Asians wish to have the hip line as firm as Westerners. It is natural for woman’s pelvis to be widened during menstruation or childbirth. But if the pelvis does not contract after this, the result would be slacking hips and fats accumulating on either sides of the pelvis.

[Yakson house] before&after/pretty leg/ legs/ bowed leg/ beautiful leg

[Pretty leg care program : Before & After]

Before care
The client's pelvis was twisted out of shape and causing the legs to be different in length.
Client's overdeveloped calf muscles made the legs looked even more bent.

After Care
We restored left-right symmetry of the pelvis and smoothed out the overall lines, making the muscles
look prettier. We also smoothed out the outer calf lines and pushed the fibulas inward.

[Yakson House] Golki therapy/ golki/ body care program/ body care

[What is Golki Therapy??]
 The Golki Therapy is new field of an aesthetic therapy that was created by the combination of the bone treatment  which was invented by the president of YAKSONMYUNGGA and health beauty programs.  The Golki Therapy uses the handcrafts to stimulate the blood flow efficiently. Those stimulated blood flow by the Golki Therapy perform its ability of nature healing by providing nutrition and cleaning the body wastes. The Golki Therapy is a natural therapy that makes healthy beauty of face and body shapes.   YAKSONMYUNGGA completed its own unique healthy beauty program with experiences and know-how.

[The main effects of the Golki Therapy]
1. Take care of O-Shape legs 2. Take care of unbalanced face and pelvis shapes 3. Makes the natural beauty shape of small face

[Yakson House] Korean food/ food/ Korean tour/ tour/ tasty

Hello, everyone! Have you ever visited in Republic of Korea? There are really various food except for beautiful places! If you taste Korean food first time when you visit in Korea,  you don't want to come back your home !!

[Yakson House] review/ reviews/ Yakson House/ beforeafter/ beauty

Hello! I usually check lots of reviews before experiencing any beauty program. Other people's experience is more trustworthy than general explanation about the specific program. 

[Yakson house reviews more]

[Yakson House] 13 Beauty Hacks / beauty video/ beauty/ beauty blogger

This is video for your beauty!
Beauty blogger will give you useful information for beauty!
Click the link below.

[Yakson house] Pretty body shape care/ pretty body/ body/ body care

Hello, everyone!
Do you want to get pretty body shape?
Today I'm gonna recommend our special program for your body!
If you plan to lose weight, this program is better !!

Pretty Body Shape Care

<<Program duration/cost>> During 1hour 45minutes-2hours, total body care for pretty body shape and muscle lifting is USD 2,400 for 10sessions. Also, body including face is USD 2,800 for 10sessions.

[Yakson House] Slim Calves Care/ Calves/ Calves care/ Calve/ Calves care program/ slimmer body

<Slim Calves Care>

 We will not only work to slim down your calves but ensure that your legs appear long and pretty Calves are excellent locations for muscles growth. In other words, once muscles grow on your calves, it is very hard to loosen them. In case of ladies, legs often swell up due to frequent wearing of high heels. Although thighs can be covered by skirts but calves can’t, and so many women find their fat calves annoying. Fat calves also make the legs appear shorter, giving negative impact on the overall style of your outfit.

<Program duration/cost> During 40minutes~1hours, USD 2,100 for 20sessions.

Changed face outline and improved resilience through golki therapy


[Yakson House] How to walk pretty / beautiful legs/ pretty leg/ legs

How to walk pretty !!
Want to get beautiful legs? Then, follow the video below~!!

[Yakson House] Weight care/ Weight/ loss weight/ lose weight/ diet/ slimmer body

<<Weight care program>>

 The client was short, carried excess weight in the lower body and had an attrctive face. The client received weight care program; and per client request received extra care for an attractive lower body hip line. Therefore, the client received concentrated care in the lower body for an attractive hip line.

 Through golki therapy and myofacial care, the cellulite in the abdomen and arms were eliminated. Back care was also provided to make the back line slimmer. The face is slightly asymmetrical, so through golki therapy the face became more symmetrical and features better defined. After 20 sessions, the face became
more symmetrical, features well defined and smaller. And the hip line smoothed to decrease the excess fat around the lower body for an attractive body line.

<<Program duration & cost>> During 1hour 30minutes-2hours, total body care for losing weight is USD 3,000 for 20sessions or a part of body is USD 2,100 for 20sessions du…

[Yakson House] Lifting Care/ Lifting/ Lifting care program/ younger face

<Lifting Care>

We will make your face firm and slim to a V-line shape to make you look much younger.

While everyone goes through sagging of the facial skin and muscles, the rate of aging could definitely be slowed down by the way you manage it. UV rays, gravity, smoking, drinking, stress, bad habits, etc. all contribute to sagging of the face and these are hard to stay away from.  That’s why aggressive and systematic lifting care is a must for keeping your face firm and slim with a V-line around it to keep your youthful look.

<Program duration & Cost> During 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours, intensive firming and sculpting treatment for more lifted muscle and skin is USD 2,600 for 20 sessions.