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Let's follow eye exercise
Eye Health Exercise

Spring gives us beautiful weather,
on the other hand, it is the weather of 
pollen allergies, eye infections and respiratory disease.

Today, we learn about exercise that
prevent eye infection and tired eyes.
First, spring is season of dryness and dust.
So there are risk of tears, redness and inflammation.
If you neglect it, you could have complications, 
also could affect to vision.

For prevention, eye exercise is the best. 

How to:
1. Look up at your eyes for 10 seconds.
2. Look at the bottom for 10 seconds.
3. Look at left, right for each 10 seconds.

Or you can massage muscles around eyes.
Make sure your hands are clean.

Food good for eyes

Food good for eyes are tomato, spinach, blue berries and carrot.
These food contains rich vitamin A, C, so is the best food for eyes.
And the external blue colored fish is also good for eyes.
They contains omega 3, that improve blood circulation and active brains.

50 minutes study and 10 minutes break.
 This can protect eyes of student study all day.
It is very good way to keep you eye sight that
see in the distance.

If you watching TV or smartphone,
you have to consciously blink your eyes.

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[출처] 시력에 좋은 음식 및 눈 운동법!|작성자 반포 상위권 수학학원


It is very important that looking exterior. <Germany wine association>

See, Smell, Feel
How to enjoy wine

There are various types of wine, 
so it is hard to say which one is good or bad.
Everyone have their preference, as well.

But you have to taste and learn those wine to find your best one.
For tasting, you have to memory taste and smell,
compare and classify wine.
You need skills for enjoy wine.

Color of wine

Looking appearance including color is very important.
It is the essential factor, and takes core part in tasting wine.
Also we can catch many information like origin country
 by looking appearance.

Red wine's color depends on the amount of fruit juice.
Deeper color means grape is more concentrated.
Weather also affects on wine color.
Cold area makes bright wine, warm area makes rich wine.

Fill wine a 1/3 of glass, tilt glass and contrast on a white background.
You can see color is slightly change from center to edge.
Purity and brightness of color according to types and evolution
is more important than color intensity in white wine.

Normally greenish wine origin from cold north area.
Yellowish wine origin from warm south area.

Fragrance of wine

Sense of smell is very important for tasting wine.
Mostly flavor that we think is actually fragrance.
Good wine has very rich fragrance, while normal wine has simple fragrance.

Types of fragrance

Flower: rose, violet, acacia, jasmine, lime trees, etc.
Plants: Full flavor, green peppers, pine, rosin, tea, mint, truffle, hay, olives, etc.

Flowers: rose, violet, acacia, jasmine, lime trees, etc.
Plants: grass, green peppers, pine, rosin, tea, mint, truffle, hay, olives, etc.
Fruits: oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, tangerines, pears, peaches, apricots, melons, apples, quince, cherries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, rich, pineapple, mango, etc.
Mineral: earthy, ash, schist, stone, gravel, gasoline, wax
Animal: Deer meat, venison, wet fur, wet wool, leather, musk, cat urine
Spices: black / white pepper, clove, cedar, licorice, anise fruit, cinnamon, vanilla
Dried fruits: nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, figs, prunes, raisins, fruit cake, jam
Tan incense: tar, coffee, toast, butter, caramel, chocolate, honey, smoke, tobacco
Chemical flavor: In wine there is one drawback browning apple, bitter and sweet, caramel, sour vinegar, nail polish, burnt matches, rotten eggs, burning rubber, garlic, onion, mold, damp cellar, dusty smell.

Flavor of wine

Representation of flavor

Dry is opposite meaning with sweet.
If dry wine tasted sweet, it is natural taste of fruit or alcohol flavor.
On the other hand, sweet wine's flavor is from grape juice,
 it's called residual sugar.

Flat or fresh feeling is related with acid.
Grape originally has acid, it is especially important in white wine.
Bitter taste is confused with tannin,
but bitter taste is taste and tannin is sense of touch.
Bitter taste normally comes from young red wine.

Isn't it interesting?
Remind this next time when you taste wine.

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New year's resolution has not gone well, how about color therapy<Shutterstock>

[color therapy]
color therapy keeps my body, my health

Diet, to make it out

So many people decide to stop smoking and drinking.
One more thing they decide is diet.
Obesity is the worst disease that harms health.
It also make body fat.

Knowing that, it is not easy to beat temptation of delicious food.
Now, we can use color therapy.
Let's start easier and continuous diet.

Sense of sight is more important than the sense of taste. <gettyimages>

Food, eat with eyes?

An blind test, people felt same coffee in different bottle was tasted different.
They felt the coffee in the darker bottle more strong.

Actually, tasting only takes 1% and sight takes 87%.
Color therapy is beginning from this fact.

Let's control appetite by color

We know color can influence food tasting.
Then, do color really affect appetite?

There is another experiment prove that
red table wear can make people eat more than the white one.
Blue or purple color give message 
like the food contains poison, bitter taste, or gone bad.
This is a kind of Halo effect.

Color for diet, blue and purple

So color can affect to appetite.
Kitchen or dinning room's wall takes 70% of the space.
Plate takes 25%, and table takes 5% of the space.

Coloring kitchen wall is not a good idea.
Changing your table mat or cutlery to blue types,
or using blue plate can help your diet.
On the other hand, for children should use warm color things.

Remember! Most important thing is health.
Enough sleep and eat leisurely.
It can help your diet, as well.

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10 Soy crab

Soy crab is called 'rice theft' in Korea.
Because you cannot stop eating it with rice.
put it on the hot rice, and mix rice on the crab shell.
It is such a great taste.
It may be little strange to foreigners, once taste it,
they just fall in love with soy crab.

9 Sausage stew

Sausage stew was made after Korean War.
It doesn't look nice, but smell is just so good.
Put Kimchi, noddles, macaroni, spam, cheese and vegetables
into boiling hot soup. 
Important thing is there are no other food,
that taste like it.

8 Kimchi stew

Friends from other countries don't know the thing
that Kimchi can transform to many different food.
From stew to soup, even can be fried rice,
with Kimchi can make a lot of different food.

7 Instant noddles

The love of Korean, noddles, have so many types.
Most popular one is Shin Ramyun(noddles in Korean).
Very important thing in cooking noddles, is the boiling method.
Masters have their own time, temperature and even ingredients.

6 Chicken and beer

Each one of them is already yummy food, 
but those two together is the best combination.
Friday night or weekend dinner, chicken and beer combination
 cannot be compared with anything.

5 Black-bean-sauce noodles(jajangmyeon)

At Chinese restaurant, we always have trouble selecting one
between Black-bean-sauce noodles and Spicy seafood noddles.
The appealing point of this food is taste, short waiting and low price.

4. Pork belly BBQ

Pork belly is loved by anyone, anytime.
With friends, family and company dinner, 
Pork belly is the perfect food that can enjoy together.
So this food is the best 4 Korean food.

3 Soft tofu stew

In Korea, soft tofu stew is the best lunch menu.
Hot and light soup is tasty, also with lots of ingredients
 it can be nice to everyone.

2 Kimchi

Maybe this is so natural, so could be little boring,
Kimchi is the most representative food.
In western restaurant, steak house and Japanese restaurant,
any place we can have Kimchi.

1 Hangover soup

The most representative food in Seoul is Hangover soup.
The day after drinking, everyone want Hangover soup.
For foreigners it can be for a meal.

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