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Yakson House main branch, Apgujeong

In a donwtown area, Seoul, I wanna go somewhere walking around the tree-line streets. When the leaves begin to fall in autumn, I think tree-lined street called Sinsadong garosu-gil let me stress out. XD  
This is a picture of garosu-gil in autumn. If I choose only one destination amongst the autumn colours out of Korea tourist attractions, I must say garosu-gil is considered the most beautiful with the  lined red and yellow trees.
 Along with the Garosu-gil, you can see 'Apgujeong Rodeo Street' where you can see leading fashion trends, customer friendly shops, foreign brand shops with high-quality good.   The young, who are passionate about fashion and trends, crowd Apgujeong's Rodeo Street like Hong Ik University. If you are looking for a new and unusual food, clothes. or accessories, this is a perfect destination for you.  
Also, there is a Yakson House main branch located in Apgujeong where you can get a massage and care program there. :D
For your interest in Korean culture…

[beauty tips] How to make a perfect face for photographs

Have you ever heard of a tearful face when you smile?  Then, I recommend to you the self-Golki massage to make your face smile naturally. 
After the massage, you'll make a shiny smile thanks to the soft face muscle!!

Partition your jaw into three parts and shake them up and down for a second with the use of your Gakgweon. in this order 4 times at your jaw.
 Partition your cheekbones into three parts and shake them for a second with the use of your Gakgweon. 4 times at your cheekbones Partition your forehead into three parts and shake them for a second with the use of your Gakgweon. When shaking your forehead, please pay special attention not to touch the eyebrow bones in a wrong way. 

[Beauty Tips] How to take a picture of yourself well

▲ Yakson House Celebrity Customer Jo Kwon
Many Korean celebrities like to take his or her pictures of themselves through SNS, like Twitter and Facebook. Does your face harden when you are in front of a camera?  Do you think changing your jaw will make your face look better, but you are afraid of any surgery?  ▲ Yakson House celebrity customer Kim YouJung 
We have prepared something for you not to feel bad whenever greeting strangers because of your face looking older for your age.  if you follow this secret to make your face look good in your way, you will enhance your beauty and self-confidence. 

Here comes to make your face vivid at first!! 

First off, twice at your jaw, the end of the jaw, and the corner of your mouth in this order, for 4 times.  With the use of your Gakgweon(make your fists on the picture above) (For more info, click this) Twice at the end of your nose, cheekbones, and temples  with the use of your Gakgweon in this order for 4 times
Twice at your eyebrows and at the ce…

[Yakson house program] Thighs massage

Have you suffered from thighs pain at one time? Well, When I had an excess weight,  my thighs took the stress and I felt acute pain from it. =(  Then, I searched for many different ways on the Internet to know what I can do for myself that can make a difference not to feel painful thighs problems. <3 People nowadays prefer healthy and firm legs instead of just thin and skinny legs. With the latest craze for healthy thighs, many women are trying to learn how to massage knees and thighs. With its special technique, Golki therapy (Golki therapy refers to bone therapy that stimulates bone and muscles using hands)  Yakson house will give you healthy and firm thighs though the massage. There are many reasons as to why people suffer from thighs pains.
Some of the main causes of thighs pain are:
I f you have fat and excessive thighs,  feel lack of elasticity on your thighs
Why don't you get a Thighs Massage at Yakson House? 
Yakson House will make your thighs healthy, firm and slim. 
▲Thighs Care Pr…

[Yakson house program] How to reduce stress through massage

How can massage actually reduce stress? 
How do you often get a massage shop?   Do you have stiff shoulders and neck all the time after work? 
According to a study, massage therapy has been shown to be a means by which stress can be reduced significantly on physical and psychological levels. 
As many 9 to 5 workers feel unfavorable whenever they do prolonged use of computers at work.  I think getting a massage is important because stress is considered a risk factor for many chronic diseases, and stress can make any symptoms you have worse. 

here is a massage program for you.  
Shoulder-Neck-Head Care!!
▲ Shoulder-Neck-Head Massage Program As you see the picture, this program is provided in turn : Shoulder care▶Neck care▶ Head care▶ Decorte care▶Neck relaxation care  Why does a person get naked?  Well... I don't know because I have to simply explain the massage program!!!! XD
The benefits of massage are: 
Relax your neck and shoulders
make your neckline longer and collarbone line much prettie…

[Yakson program] Clinical trial results of face resizing care

Yakson's masage has been proved by Seoul National University Dental School's Clinical trial! 

 More results! 
Face balance care to help become smaller face and jaw line will become sharpener.  This program include Pelvis care or leg care, back or chest care, decorate care, face bone therapy,  skin care and finish pack. We highly recommend the face reduction care who would like to have a smaller face.

[Yakson House Program] Toned legs: How to get shapely legs?

▲ After 10 sessions of Leg straightening care in Yakson House
Why do so many girls desire to get toned legs?
A pair of shapely legs is undeniably the best feature of a girl's physique.  Girls adore their legs much and they try out everything to make them look good on how to get toned legs. 
Especially, when my sister knew that her daughter was so bowed,  she was so worried about the legs because she was only 15 months, so she is still pretty young to determine if this is permanent or not. But I can't stop thinking about it because I've never seen her worrying all the time wondering if she can stay bowed as she grows.
According to a famous clinic website,  bow legs(genu varum) is a condition of legs when knees are wide apart when a person stands with the feet and ankles together.   (For more info, please click this)
▲ After 10 sessions of Leg straightening care in Yakson House
Yakson House tries to identify the problems behind your less attractive legs and
provide you the best Yakso…