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TGIF! Happy Friday beauties! There are many people in the world who are addicted to soft drinks. But as far as you know, soft drinks contain a lot of sugar so it's really bad for your health.

This summer, my family made a lemon sauce for homemade-lemonade. It would taste better(or sweeter) should we mixed a sauce with Sprite, but for our heath, we bought bundles of Perrier.

Not only lemonade, you might make diverse drinks with carbonated water. 

First, [kiwi+coconut water+carbonated water] would good for your diet because its high in minerals, and coconut water may make it taste sweet on behalf of sugar.

A combination of [orange+grapefruit+lemon+cucumber+carbonated water] contains a lot of vitamins, so it's good for your skin and works well on constipation.

If you want to enjoy the moods of a cafe, the visual of  [raspberry+strawberry+carbonated water] combination would be perfect for Instagram-worthy photo shoot.

A [rosemary+lemon+blueberry+carbonated water] would be another…


Morning, Yakson beauties! The autumn is just around the corner and because of the weather changes,  I had a cold during the weekend. It's easy to have a cold in autumn because the daily temperature range is huge in this kind of season.

 And also, our skin easily becomes puffy in autumn due to the weather changes. It will provide dead skins which makes you look worse.  You should use a peeling gel when you wash your face, and you will wake up the next morning with a fully-moisturized face if you put on moisture or nutrition cream before you go to sleep.

And I also prefer to put on a facial mask, two or three times a week to prevent your skin from getting dry. 

Drinking plenty of water is important for your health, too. It will help to moisturize your skin and especially in this kind of season. It would be better to drink hot water to avoid getting a cold. 

Drinking hot tea or milk would even help you sleep well. And don't forget to put on sunscreen every season. Whether you fe…


TGIF! Wonderful Friday beauties! Stress is chronic and a common disease in modern society. And stress might cause serious health problems and other complications so it's really important to relieve stress as frequently as you can.
Here're some ways to manage your stress.

1. Lower-body bathing. Lower-body bathing is more effective in relieving stress than just taking a shower. Put 2/3 water in the bathtub. And put the rest of the water after the water gets cold. The preferred temperature is under 40 degrees, and preferred frequency is 2~3times a week. 

2. Deep Sleep Plenty of sleep is the most important *key* to relieving our stress and recovering our health. How about having herb tea before going to bed?

3. Listening Music Music makes your muscles relaxed and brings mental stability. Quiet music will calm your mind and relieve your stress.

4. Growing Plants Plants have purification function so it helps you to relieve stress, improve your concentration and also improve your s…


Morning beauties! Korean biggest Entertainment Head offices are locating at Cheongdam-dong,   especially SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment. So nowadays Cheongdam became must-visit place in Seoul among the K-pop fans. Yakson has two branches in Cheongdam, Cheongdam branch and Cheongdam gold star branch. 

Dongdaemun branch Info.
      Master /Hoe-Yeon, Kwon  Available /10AM- 10PM (Sat: 9AM~6PM , National holiday: 10AM~6PM )

Contact Info.Counseling reservation Main Num. /  82+ 1566-8500 Dongdaemun branch /82+ 02-542-8540

Q. Who are the major clients of Cheongdam branch? Maybe due to our location....we have many celebrities, designers, CEO as our clients  Also, we have many male clients compare to other branches.
Q. What's the most popular program in Dongdaemun branch? "Small Face Care" and "Slim Body Care" for upper body/lower body/slim arm
Q. Where is the best spot in Dongdaemun branch? Powder room and flowers at the entrance.

Yakson Cheongdam branch, Korea 2nd floor, …


Yakson esthetic has 'Talent Donation Day', every 2nd Sunday of the month.  On that day, we visit(by turns) a Health Care Center for Elderly offering them shoulder massage and helping their meals.
Our 25staff from 8branchesgathered together to go to the center. And we had a meaningful day with them from the bottom of our heart. They greeted us as if we were their granddaughter.

We are providing scholarship, talent donation, donation to children in need as a way of social contribution. Hope to visit them again!

Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441  G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village.  Makati. Philippines  
Yakson The Star Vista Branch:6734-8333 #B1-24 1 Vista Exchange Green Singapore 138617
Yakson Habourfront Branch:6734-8555 1 Maritime Square Harbourfront Center  #02-17 Singapore
Yakson Wheelock Place Branch:6734-8777 501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place  #05-12A Singapore


Wonderful Tuesday beauties! Have a plan to visit Korea? Then, how about visiting Yakson Dongdaemun branch for your perfect trip?
Dongdaemun, which is well known for its DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza), is one of the famous places to visit in Seoul among the foreign tourists.
We have a lot of foreign clients in our Myeongdong branch and Dongdaemun branch. Now, please meet our Dongdaemun branch!
Dongdaemun branch Info. 
The Master /Son Esther Available / 10AM- 10PM (Sat: 9AM~6PM , National holiday: 10AM~6PM )

Contact Info.Counseling reservation Main Num. /  82+ 1566-8500 Dongdaemun branch /82+ 02-2272-7767

Q. What's the biggest concern of our clients? Our clients usually have concerns with their flat face profile, large face size, so they have a complex about taking pictures and usually put excessive effort to obscuring the sides of their face with their front hair.
Q. What's the most popular program in Dongdaemun branch? Our number one program is "Baby Face Care". You can achie…


A patient with MERSC, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, has appeared again last week since it first happened in Korea about three years ago.

MERSC, one of the deadly viruses in the world, has first occurred in 2012, in Saudi Arabia. The virus comes from a camel or the other animals and subsequently transfers to humans.

The symptoms of MERSC are high fever and difficulties in breathing. And some of the patients often suffer from diarrhea and throwing up. In the worst case, it would develop to the respiratory difficulty and renal insufficiency after 2~14days of latency and 70% of them might have to get the help of a respirator.

The reason of MERSC is not clearly defined yet, but most of the patients have been to the Middle East erea before they were infected by MERSC.
There is no method or any vaccine to cure this virus so far, so it is prevention that we can only do.

MERSC prevention 1. If your immune level is low(e.g. over than 65, pregnant, child, heart disease, diabetes…


Nowadays a lot of people are suffering from gastric problems or illnesses, especially businessmen and students who are apt to have an unbalanced diet or easily skip their meal. 
So let's find out some good food for stomach and gut.

1. Aloe Aloe is very helpful to cure skin irritation and also good at reflux esophagitis. It's super effective to relax esophagitis, however, aloe drinks that you can buy at the market contain a lot of sugar. So it would be much better if you could buy real aloe and squeeze the juice from it. 

2. Cabbage Vitamin U which is hugely contained in cabbages is really helpful to protect the gastric mucous membrane. It's also effective for chronic gastritis, indigestion, constipation. Actually, it's better to eat it raw than have it boiled.

3. Potato  Tannin acts as antioxidants, which mop up free radical particles harmful to cells. And because potato doesn't make a change on the temperature of your body, people who have high blood pressure and…