Thursday, March 29, 2018


In a wave of trends that change day by day, people are creating a variety of styles that reflect trends. They cannot ignore trends when they change their hairstyles. For example, it's the same context that people usually refer to the recent hairstyles of popular celebrities.
Today, let’s take a look at the hairstyles that will be popular in 2018 with Yakson House. Are you curious about the trendy hairstyles these days? Pay attention now!

Ash Colored Hair

Last year, primary vivid hair colors and bright pastel hair colors are loved by many people, and this year, the specialists are expecting that various colors mixed with the ash-based color will be the trendy hair color of the year. If you are considering what hair color to choose, I want to recommend an ash violet color (gray base + ultra violet) which is the trendy color of this year! Have unique look with a variety of colors that match with ash color in order to create mysterious and fashionable impression.

Short Hair and Shorter Hair

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who want to try fresh and cute “short hair.”
Many of the celebrities on TV also show short hair look, and it is fascinating many women's desire to change their look. This season, one of the best styles that are recommended is a light C-curled hair that has almost no wave. The light C-curled short hair is a hairstyle that is more likely to look good on most of the women and it can make a sophisticated and urban atmosphere. If you dream of transforming your look this season, why not try a bold transformation by having short hair style?

Long Wavy Hair Style

Would not it be nice to take a break from the long straight hairstyle? In 2018, it is expected that wavy long hair style will be loved much more than straight hair. In recent years, more and more ladies get their long hair permed. The stylish long-hair style with C-curl, the lovely hippy perm and so on… try different permed-hair style that suits you.

It is said that the completion of style/one’s look is the shape of the face. If you have a small, and smooth facial line, it will look great on any hairstyle. If so, how can I have the perfect facial shape that can keep my hair nice? Yakson has "Facial Balance Care" and "Face Resizing Care" that provides you the nice facial shape. You can meet genuine beauty and health in Yakson House!

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Monday, March 26, 2018


Due to the fever of K-pop and K-drama all over the world, Korean culture such as language, food, fashion, makeup, or the lifestyle also became to be spotlighted by a lot of foreigners. Many people started to follow Korean lifestyle such as the way Korean women put their makeup or the way they dress up with unique fashionable items. Today, Yakson will be sharing some interesting Korean cultures – food, fashion and makeup; and the trendy issues of each of the category nowadays.


Korean Food Which Are Steadily Loved by Many People
<Samgyupsal (Korean BBQ), Tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes), Bibimbap (mixed rice)>

There are signature Korean dishes which are steadily loved by not only most of Korean people, but also many foreigners. It is said that many Korean foods are spicy, but if you try one of them you will experience deep, detailed and various taste. The foods are also considered to be “beautiful” and “healthy” because Koreans love veggies and prefer less-fatty ones.

Korean Style Fusion Food Which Are Loved by The Younger Generation
<Jajangmyeon (Korean style Chinese noodle), Tonkatsu (Korean style Japanese pork-cutlet), Steak Pane Pasta (Korean style Italian pane pasta)>

Young people nowadays prefer Korean style fusion food. Such foods are based on specific foreign food but have been changed considering preference or taste of Korean people.


Lovely, Girlish, Chic and Comfortable

First of all, Korean women have excellent fashion sense overall. It is one of the areas that many foreigners praise for, aside from the makeup. Appropriate matching of colors and items show how sensible Korean people are. For their fashion, the priority is "comfortableness" and typical looks involve - cute and lovely look with short bottoms, feminine look with a simple and feminine long skirt, and chic yet stylish look with a simple mix match, etc.


Korean makeup emphasizes naturalness. It mainly focuses on expression of skin texture and eye makeup.

Koreans prefer straight or downward eyebrows because they like clean and young look. Also, many ladies in Korea prefer thin and downward eye line more than thick and cat's eye look eye line. Moreover, since East Asia women have less three-dimensional appearance/face than Westerners, they want their eyes to be clearly shown using eye liner and at the same time, they tend to brighten their eyes with bright pearl shadows.

Koreans prefer to have a natural skin and look through watery, moisturizing makeup. For the color selection of cosmetics, they prefer a coral color. The lip colors are mostly natural colors that match the color of their complexion/skin rather than the strong color such as red, and it is preferred to put gradation-look-lip which is natural than the fully-colored lip. For the blusher, they also use small amount of blusher which looks natural (pink or orange color) to make the overall look natural and clean.

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Friday, March 23, 2018


All woman dream of entering the wedding hall in the most beautiful look, but excessive diet or unreasonable plastic surgery plans could negatively affect your health.

The period for those who have similar beauty obtained by plastic surgeries or cosmetic injection needles, is gone.

Recently, a global aesthetic brand - Yakson House, receives lots of inquiries from prospective brides who want to maximize their healthy beauty before their wedding.

By using the principle of 'bone massage therapy,' the service of Yakson’s programs stimulates the bones with hands, that is different from the other massage which mainly focuses only on the muscles.

The care also stimulates the bones and muscles to be smoother so that the flow of blood and overall energy circulation will be fine. Moreover, the activities of the organs will be improved which leads to beautiful body shape, small face and flawless skin.

The new concept massage method that maximizes the natural beauty of each person, provides its customers big satisfaction, and it has fulfilled a number of regular customers with sincere service and guarantee policy.

This is the reason why the Bride Care program, which provides a healthy beauty considering the mind of the prospective bride who wants to shine on the wedding day. So the program has become a necessary course for marriage preparation, in South Korea.

In addition, Yakson House has proved the objective improvement of bone therapy by clinical trial with university hospitals and publication of Korean Society of Skin Care.

In order to show off the perfect wedding dress look, it is best to have Bride Care from three months before the wedding ceremony. “The happiness of preparing for marriage and the feeling of happiness for finding one’s natural beauty are the most maximized effects," the CEO of Yakson House KIM, Hyun-sook explained.

Kim said, "After confirming the effects of the health-beauty care of Yakson House through bride care, the customers are more likely to become our lifelong customers who continue to visit us to have other services too, just like: postpartum care, pelvic care and facial balance care. We are proud to say that the bone therapy of Yakson House is upgrading not only the health of our customers but also their quality of life".

Yakson House has 77 branches in South Korea, eight branches and affiliated academies in Japan. Also, it has branch in the United States, the Philippines and China. Yakson has kept the promise to its customers with the management philosophy of responsibility, honesty and transparency as a reliable company for a long time.

Kim said, "These days, healthy and beautiful women are also kind and nice, because the confidence of their appearance is linked to their inner self. I hope that everyone will regain their self-confidence and become kind through the bone massage therapies.”

Based on the corporate ethics of returning corporate profits to the society, Yakson House is donating a large amount of money to universities, multicultural families, and other public organizations annually, and has signed agreements with industry-academic cooperation.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


"Getting married first and then dating?"

Starting from March 3, MBC weekend special drama "My Husband Oh Jak-Doo" has been broadcast which is supported by "Yakson House" in the production.

"My Husband Oh Jak-Doo" is an inverse romance drama that begins with a mid-30s working woman living in an extreme reality, seeking a husband to obtain the social position of “married woman.”

Intention of Planning
The number of singles who are not oriented toward marriage is increasing in South Korea. However, living alone is uncomfortable. When replacing a light bulb, when the back is itching, even when having a meal, etc. Moreover, there are many unfortunate things for living alone. The Solo people get sad when they are hesitant about ordering delivery food or when they go on a trip or a meeting between couples. Also, it is scary to live alone. When one is very sick without even having energy to go out and buy some medicine, she would think - "It is the reality that I could die from the solitude which I could also be found after few days or even a few months since nobody would not know about my death."

If it is the case of a woman who lives alone, there is one more option. For a woman who lives alone, she would not be totally comfortable even in her own house because the society nowadays is considerably dangerous. It is a world full of crimes against women who live alone. Anxiety obtained by the idea that “one cannot be totally safe even in her own house” is a social penalty! It is the life of a woman who lives alone.

There is a woman here who chooses non-marriage life. Her life is so hard for the marriage and she also dislikes living with someone. However, she is sick of being alone and scared. She is hesitant about marriage but because of the physical discomfort and psychological fear that it has to suffer alone, she desperately needs her social position to be “married.” Due to her desperation, she chose to adopt her husband for prompt marriage which is extraordinary! This unique woman is named Seung-joo and the man she chose is Jak-doo. A new type of marriage is presented by the city girl, seung-joo and the country man, Jak-doo.

"This drama is about the true happiness of life and the meaning of love as the city girl - who are forced to live in this tough society; meets innocent country man – who has been lived for the opposite value."

<At the end of the drama, Yakson House logo is shown as a sponsor>

“My Husband Oh Jak-Doo” took a lot of attention due to the support of the Yakson House.

Although a scene of "Yakson House" has not been shown yet in the drama, it will show up soon!

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Monday, March 19, 2018


When you look over the internet, 
you sometimes find some Korean-English words 
that are not familiar to you, called “Konglish.” 
They are written in English but most of the people 
do not understand. No matter how much you think, 
these words have no notice of 
what they actually refer to.

Today, Yakson will be introducing 
the new beauty-related words of Korean people.


A jargon that refers to the body line 
from the back to the waist and pelvis, of a woman.

<Source: ;>

The silhouette of the body looks like 
the letter S when viewed from the front or side 
due to the slender waist and the wide pelvis.
It is a silhouette founded by Jacques Fath 
in France in the spring of 1954. 
The skirts were shaped like an alphabet S 
when it was seen from the side, 
and the so-called S curve line got started to be used 
in the Korean fashion industry. 
Eventually, it seems to have been established 
as a term for the line of the body.


It is the silhouette that reminds the alphabet V character. 
In fashion industry, it refers to the silhouette 
of the inverted triangle whose shoulder width is wider 
and narrower toward the end. 
Also, when referring to the face shape,
it usually refers to the slender and beautiful face shape.

It is close to an oval facial shape, 
rather than a rectangular one.
And a sharp jaw line and a pointy jaw 
are the marks of the V-line face.


Last year, the fitness trend among Korean women 
has emerged, called “apple hip” or “apple bottoms.”

The reason why it is called “apple hip” 
is that Koreans prefer to use the word ‘hip,’ 
more than the word ‘bottoms’ or ‘butts.’ 
Moreover, the overall shape of butts looks like an apple!

Rather than a preference for a thin and slender look, 
more and more women have been working out 
towards a healthy and sexy figure instead.
Handfuls of active women with more toned bodies 
have gotten much positive attention 
in light of this trend.

So far, you have learned about 
the funny beauty-related words of Korean people 
together with Yakson House. 
If you get familiar with these new words, 
you would feel closer to more trendy 
Korean beauty tips, right? 
Do not forget these words you learned today 
and be more gorgeous!

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