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Good Day! It’s Yakson Beauty :)

Are you a coffee person? How many times you drink coffee a day?
Aren’t you tired even though you drink a lot of coffee to get rid of your tiredness?

You should think about caffeinism.
Wait, if you don’t drink coffee, so you don’t worry about your caffeine intake? You should know that
Caffeine is not only contained in coffee, but also in various drinks such as coke and teas.

Today, I will introduce you about the caffeine intake tips.

Caffeine is a component contained in coffee trees and tea leaves and is widely used as a raw material for various foods and medicines.

In addition to energy drinks and coffee, caffeine is widely contained in many different foods/drinks such as chocolate and coke.

Maximum Recommended Daily Intake of Caffeine

Adult Caffeine - 400mg,
Pregnant Women - 300mg,
Youth (50kg) - 125mg,
Children (30kg) - 75mg

Caffeine in Food

Canned Coffee (one can) - 74mg
1 Cup of Coffee - 69mg
Green Tea (1 tea bag) - 15mg

Coke (250 ml) - 23mg


For all face types, our treatments can give  the face a gentle look with soft lines that make it smaller and more voluminous.

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Hi guys! This is Yakson Beauty :)

If you are soon-to-be married couples, you may have several worries about what to prepare for a new start. As it is our first wedding ceremony, you may feel that you don’t know what to do for the wedding.

The marriage preparation checklist should be divided by period and you should organize the roadmap, and then meticulously prepared.

So, today, I will let you know the basic preparation list for the wedding.

Marriage Preparation Checklist 1. Reservation a wedding hall
For a wedding hall where a lot of pre-married couples are looking for, lunch time reservations usually end 6-7 months before the wedding ceremony.
Therefore, if wedding date is caught, reservation of wedding hall should be top priority.
In particular, when choosing a wedding hall, both man and woman’s taste should be reflected.
It's a good idea to select a nearby location. Also, if your hometown is in the province, you should check the parking facilities.

Marriage Preparation Checklis…


According to Korean Statistical Information Service (KOSIS) in 2017, the number of general spinal operations is 164,471.
By month, there were 15,328 people who got hurt from a fall in January, 15,115 people in August, and 15,083 people in July.

Over 80s, if you feel a little bit pain on your back, please go to see a doctor and check it out.
Seniors should have a hospital treatment if they have just a little bit pain on their backs.
For the elderly, using a climbing stick or a cane is a good way to protect against any felling injuries.
If a person who over 80 has a damage on the back or spine, it is difficult to have a surgery and there is a higher possibility that the prognosis would be not good even after the surgery.
So, it is important that elderly people always should be careful. 

60 ~ 70s
Avoid holding heavy objects.
Generally, people feel some pain on their back after one-hour’s exercise.
In 60~70s, people should avoid holding any heavy objects or long time exercise.
Around 3…


Hello Yakson Beauties! It is summer! And the weather is getting hotter and hotter. People are working on a diet to go on summer vacations. The most difficult parts when people go on a diet is the lower body parts such as thighs, calves, and hips. In particular, lower body obesity is often regarded as a problem for many women. Therefore, for those who are worried about the lower body diet, today, I will introduce how to lose the weight of lower body parts.

Lower body diet 1.

In the case of the thighs, you can effectively lose weight through stretching.
In the case of thigh exercises, it is better to refrain from too hard exercising because hard exercise can increase excessive muscles on thighs. Thigh fats are closely related to lifestyle such as eating habits, so it is necessary to improve steady lifestyle.

Lower body diet 2.

Gait, posture, wrong eating habits, and lifestyle can be related to calf shapes. 
To remove unnecessary calf fat, stretching using a tool such as foam roll…


Potato can be used in many ways!

1. Dark circle remover

Do you often wake up with dark circles under your eyes? Or Do your eyes are sunken and ringed with dark circles?
Potato is a safe and natural way to brighten up dark circles.
Cut potatoes in slices and keep them in the fridge.
And put them on your skin around the eyes for instant soothing and bright effect. 

2. Brighten Skin

Soak a tissue, paper towel, or thin cloth in potato juice. 
And drape it over the face for making a flawless complexion. 

3. Reduce dark spots and scars

Mix honey and potato juice.
And apply it to your skin with a brush. 
After 20 minutes, wash your face :)

4. Acne Fighter

If you have an acne on your face, apply potato juice directly on the acne spot.

It is also good to use potato juice as a skin toner.

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