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[Yakson House] About Golki Therapy/ What is Golki Therapy?/Advantanges of Golki Therapy

Many people used to wonder about advantage of the Golki Therapy before they started to our program. Golki Therapy's effects are immediate and long lasting. It not only make your body healthier and beautiful but you will feel much better in your heart. Also, Yakson House's Golki therapy is practiced with complete integrity and responsibility system. No other Golki Therapy is equal to Yakson House's Golki therapy.

[Yakson House] How to make your face smaller/ face care program

Facial Balance Care  It has been proven statistically that those with unbalanced faces tend to leave poor
impressions on others. We highly recommend this program for those preparing for important appointments such as a job interview. we will provide you with the best professional facial balance care.

Problem Solving

Duration/ Cost
 During 2 hours - 2 hours 30 minutes, Total body treatment from head to toe is USD 3,600 for 20 sessions.

[Yakson House] Special and Unique Therapy program: Salt Therapy/ Stone Therapy

Today's recommended body care

1) Salt Therapy

 The salt therapy uses the salf which was burned in 1050 Celsius degree for 48 hours by
Lee Byung Chul president of Yakson House. It cleans the heavy maetals, posions and
posion gas in the body.

2) Stone Therapy

 The method of stone therapy is that firstly use warm stone to stimulate the blood
flow and use cold stone to clean the wastes. It has good effects on face and belly by
keep switching those warm and cold stone massages.

More detailed information >

[Yakson House] Yakon House Branch - Guangzhou, China / China beauty trip/ China travel

Hello, everyone! Spring is coming! Because of warm weather, I really want to go trip abroad. Some of you are planning overseas travel already, right? If you decide to go to China, Stop by at our Yakson House branch(Guangzhou)!

This picture is taken in front of entrance. Many customers like our exterior&interior design!

[Yakson House] Groom care/ bride and groom care/care for wedding

Are you dreaming Romantic wedding? You need to make clear skin and good body shape for your perfect wedding! There is a program for wedding, especially groom, it helps to relieve your wedding stress.

"Groom Care Program" <Problem Solving>
1) Problem
- Groom getting married
- Not photogenic
- Rock-faced
- Stiff shoulder
- Large pores
- Dull skin

2) Effect
- Photogenic
- Smooth-faced
- Pore minimized
- Brightening skin
- Shoulder relaxing

Back resilience care > arm relaxing care > collarbone & shoulder care >
face expression relaxing care > Facial mask pack

<Program duration/cost>
During 1 hour~1 hour 30 minutes, program for best skin condition and photogenic on wedding day for groom is USD 380 for 4 sessions.

[Yakson House] Everything for Manhattan branch/Yakson house branch abroad

Manhattan is the most densely populated of the five broughs of NYC.
The borough is coterminous with NYC, an original country of the U.S. state of NYC!

There is a Yakson House branch in the city!
Today I'm gonna introduce Yakson House Manhattan, hot place for beauty!

Manhattan USA President: Choi Changgyu Address: 38W 32nd St. #601 New York NY 10001 Time: AM 10 ~ PM 10 Telephone: 212-564-7474

[Yakson House] Everything for L.A, USA Branch/ Yakson House branch abroad

Today our branch I will introduce is L.A, USA! This branch is opened last year but lots of people visited at our branch. Especially, american was interested in facial re-sizing program, one of our care programs.

L.A USA President: Jena Lee Address: 2560 W Olymplc Blvd # 102 Los Angeles CA 90006 Time: AM 10 ~ PM 10 Telephone: 213-387-7900

[Yakson House] The 6 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Tips

The 6 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Tips

1. Miranda Kerr uses lip balm as a shimmery highlighter around her eyes 2. Catherine Zeta-Jones keeps her hair looking hot by dousing it in beer 3. Snooki swears by kitty litter to exfoliate 4. Denise Richards puts avocado on her hair for deep conditioning results 5. Jennifer Love Hewitt calms zits with toothpaste 6. Lady Gaga uses tape to remove eye make up 7. Sienna Miller fixes hair color flaws with ketchup 8. Lisa Rinna uses cinnamon oil for a plumped-up pout 9. Teri Hatcher adds red wine to the bath to soften her skin 10. Miranda Kerr uses a spoon instead of an eyelash curler for a wid-eyed look

Source: Women's Health(

[Yakson House] Face Resizing Care/ angular line/small face

Face Resizing Care Program

I experienced 20 sessions of face resizing care at Yakson House. Originally, my face was wide with angular line which looks like bigger. After 20 sessions, I got small face I really want and I usually show my appearance through a mirror!
If you're worried about your face size, I strongly recommend 'Face resizing care' , Yakson House's program!

Yakson House official website:

[Yakson House] Abdominal Massage/ How to perform self abdominal massage

Massage is extremely beneficial for the body and therapeutic for the mind.
Especially, Massaging the abdomen offers a dual action approach to supporting digestion.

Abdominal Massage: How-to
1. Start below your sternum, with one whole hand, move down your abdomen with
a downward stroke and follow with the other. Cycle one hand over the other and continuously repeat the motion in a backwards bike-pedaling motion.
This will encourage the movement of waste down into your bowels.

2. Use your fingertips and massage in small circular motions. Move from the sides of your abdomen inward and downward.
 Go progressively deeper with your fingertips but always keep it comfortable.

Yakson House - Abdomen Care Program

> Duration&Cost: During 30 minutes~1 hours, program to relax back muscle and make your back slim is USD 500 for 10 sessions. > Official web site:


[Yakson House] Spreading Golki therapy/news article/Special body care

[Life Team] Global esthetic brand Yakson House opened their new education center-Yakson House Academy in Azabu Juban, Tokyo, Japan.

Yakson House Academy Japan was opened on February 12th, 2013 and it is the second education center after Yakson House Academy in Seoul Gangnam, Apgujeong. The academy will provide systematic education about Golki therapy in Japan.

New academy in Japan is an education center that provides classes even to public about Golki therapy and it is in Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo nearby exit number 4. It is located at Dakaden Azabu Juban building 5th floor.

Yakson House professor Kim Hyeon Sook says “Yakson House continues research and education for customer’s satisfaction. Recently, there is increasing number of people from foreign country come to Korea to learn Yakson House’s beauty technique. That’s why we decided to open new academy in Japan”

And, Yakson House launched in 2001 in Korea provides differentiated education system including basic quality educatio…

[Yakson House] Everything for Philippines Branch/ Yakson House branch abroad

Many people asked me where Yakson House is! so, from today I will introduce information on our branch abroad. First is Philippines Makati, the most popular branch!

President: Kim, Yu min
Address: G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village. Makati. Philippines
Time: 10am-08pm (MON to SAT), Sunday:close
Telephone: 02-892-9441

[Yakson House] Leg care Before&After/Leg straightening care/Attractive leg

Hello! everyone! Almost our customers are interested in leg straightening care. so, I will introduce leg straightening care program with before&after photos today!


<<PROGRAM DURATION/COST>>  During 40 minutes, intensive program to straighten bowlegs or knock-knees is USD 1,100for 10 sessions

 When your legs are not pretty, it's not just about esthetic attractiveness but about overall health of your body. It is important that your legs are given systematic care for keeping them healthy and beautiful.

[Yakson House] Unbalanced Face/Experts Column/ beautiful face shape/balanced face

[Experts Column]
Unbalanced Face

 Many people inquire about unbalanced face. Unbalanced face is not a recent problem. There have always been people with unbalanced faces.

 This is just an indication that people in the 21 Century have become more aware of esthetics and health. While heredity does play a role in unbalanced face, the biggest cause is diet. It can also be caused by stress or by some problem in other organs.

 Virtually nobody on earth has perfectly balanced face. But if the imbalance on your face is clearly visible, the experience is far from pleasant. In fact, many people around you would see the imbalance on your face and get stressed by it.

 There are many ways to treat unbalanced face. For some, cosmetic surgery might be the only option. But for most of us, improving blood circulation of the face is good enough for restoring the balance. Altering the diet can also be an excellent way.

 At Yakson House, we restore firmness to the bones of the face and relax the facial mu…

[Yakson House] Skin care Tips for Spring/ How to take care of skin in Spring

As a new season is approaching, lots of us start making a variety of changes in our routines. Preparing our skin for the new season is essential in order to be able to look our best at any given moment.

 Moisturizing is by far the most important aspect we should take care of.
Although moisturizing regularly is just as important during spring as it is during winter,
it is generally smarter to switch to a lighter moisturizer.

 Also, Those who have oily skin might want to invest in a mattifying gel, as it might serve as a good base for a long lasting make up.

 Last but not least, paying attention to your exercise and diet regimen and striving to make better choices is another aspect that will have an impact the way your skin looks.


[Yakson House] Shoulder-Neck-Head Care/wrong postures/unhealthy lifestyle patterns

Hello, everyone! How was your weekend? I went watched the movie with my friend last weekend. The movie was really interesting!

<<Problem Solving>> <<Process>>

<<Program duration&cost>> During 40 minutes, intensive program to straighten bowlegs or  knock-knees is USD 1,100 for 10 sessions.
Today's program I introduce is "Shoulder-Neck-Head Care" program. Once stiffness in your back, shoulders, neck, larynx and head are relieved, you will feel very refreshed, as if moving past closed doors and breathing in fresh air.

[Yakson House] Postnatal Care/Care program for pregnant/ how to make S-line

Hello, everyone! There are frequent cases of people looking less attractive after the surgery. The main reason for this is poor management of the swelling in the parts treated.

Problem Solving

Program Duration/Cost
 During 2 hour~2 hour 30 minutes, program to correct the body fatigued with childbirth and to build your body confidence is USD 4,500 for 20 sessions. Also, body including face is USD 5,400 for 20sessions.