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Good morning Yakson beauties! It's F R I D A Y<3
We are delighted to announce that our new branch has opened in Shenzhen, China. It's the 123th branch of Yakson in the world.
↓Please meet our Yakson family in following pictures↓

We look forward to seeing you at Yakson Shenzhen branch in near future. Experience Kbeauty's famous Golki therapy and a sincere commitment for your well-being with us!

Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441  G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village.  Makati. Philippines  
Yakson The Star Vista Branch:6734-8333 #B1-24 1 Vista Exchange Green Singapore 138617
Yakson Habourfront Branch:6734-8555 1 Maritime Square Harbourfront Center  #02-17 Singapore
Yakson Wheelock Place Branch:6734-8777 501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place  #05-12A Singapore


Hello Yakson beauties I always take photos anywhere and anytime, not only when I'm traveling but when I have lunch with my friends too. My friends and I enjoy taking photos together to leave our memories with it. To take better photos, be reminded of the following tips.

1. Take a photo in horizontal composition Set the borderline between sky and ground on the horizontal line. The photo will be much stable.

2. Sit and take it Place one's foot on the downside of the photo, and put one's face in the middle of a viewfinder. If it's little difficult for you, just take the upper side of the model leaving a little space for thighs.

3. Place your leg in a diagonal way If you take a photo in front of the wall, lean your back on the wall and put your leg front. Your legs would be elongated in your picture.

4. Give a focus to the background If you are on a vacation in a beautiful city, put the focus on the background.

You could leave your memories of the vacation with a nice pho…


I have a short neck and maybe it is caused by my bad posture. These days, it's easy to cause a short neck(text neck) syndrome because people spend over their half of days using their computer and mobile phone. And it makes many people suffer from neck pain. So now I'm trying to figure out this problem.

1. Put the sunblock on your neck when you go outside.  It will prevent your neck from aging

2. Do not use a thick pillow during your sleep It will give you neck pain the next morning. Instead, use a very thin pillow. Or just put a rolled towel between your neck and bed is OK. Sou I use no pillow and just use a towel for bedtime.

3. Do simple neck exercises in your office every day Slowly move your head up and backward as far as you can comfortably go. Next, gently guide right ear toward right shoulder with right hand. 

4. Have a massage care at YAKSON Actually, there's a limit as to what we can do for ourselves. So I mad a reservation to Yakson this weekend to take care of …


Do you enjoy eating oatmeal? I think oat is not a familiar ingredient in Korea.
How's it like in your country? I think it's a familiar ingredient to people who are on a diet or wanted to eat healthier food.
Oats are the whole grains which come from the seeds of the oat plant, while oatmeal commonly refers to the cereal.
Oats contain plenty of dietary fiber, so it's effective in reducing cholesterol, preventing from constipation and it's good for losing weight.
And oats also contain lots of fatty acids so it helps our blood pressure to go down. It's amino acid essential accelerate growth of youth.
I usually eat oatmeal in the morning with yogurt because it's easy to prepare when I'm busy. And I think it makes me feel full enough too.
You know what? Oats would be perfect material for making facial pack if you mix them with yogurt. It will protect your skin from all the troubles you would have at the change of seasons.
I prefer eating oats rather than putting…


If you live alone, it's hard to eat all the foods in your refrigerator in its originally given expiration date. But you should know that the expiration date only means the period which keeps the foods in "the best" condition. So it's no matter with you to eat the foods after their expiration date has finished. 

1. Tomato
The riper tomatoes are, the sweeter they become. What's more? Even more nutritious.
And it's just OK if they have some crease on their peel. But you'd better throw them away if they smell like alcohol.

2. Egg
Eggs are okay to eat until 3weeks from their originally given expiration date had passed. If you want to make sure whether it's in good condition or not, just put it into the water. If it sinks down it means that they are still okay to eat.

3. Yogurt and Cheese
 As yogurt and cheese are fermented food, there's no big problem if you miss its expiration date. Of course, you'd better throw them away if they are covered with…


Hello, Yakson beauties<3 Now it's becoming cooler than last week.  But it's still hot outside and the heat is strong so you'd better watch out for the sun until autumn comes to us eventually.

And regardless of the how weather, it's better to put on your sunblock every day. Only the light of the lamp in your office can hurt your skin. If you are planning to stay long outside,  you must put on your sunblock at least SPF30 to 50 with PA++. Or if you stay indoors, put on the sunblock which is about SPF10 with PA+.

You should use 0.8g of sunblock at a time, which is about half length of your finger. And you also should put sunblock on your body not only on your face.
Generally, the effect of the sunblock runs for only 1-2hours  so you'd better put it again if you have lots of outside activities.  The most important thing is to cleanse after you come back home. If you don't, it'll cause serious trouble like accelerating your aging. We recommend you Yakson Cos…


Hello, Yakson beauties :) Yesterday, I watched a TV show whose panels were foreign idols who are working in Korea. A Chinese idol that it was difficult to drink cold water at the restaurant.  When she came to Korea for the first time because they usually have some tea during their supper. Cold water makes it easier to have a stomachache.  So it's better to drink hot tea for our health.

Green tea blocks fat absorption and also has an anticancer effect. I also like green tea but don't drink it before you go to bed. It contains a lot of caffeine and will make you stay up the whole night.

 Dates contain lots of vitamins. So it's good for recovering energy and appetite. And it's also effective for anemia. 

Ginger is well known for its effectiveness on the cold constitution, too. So if you are suffering from cold hands and feet, drink ginger tea before you go to bad. 

Take cares<3 

Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441  G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village.  M…


Hello, Yakson beauties! What do people on Earth do for relieving a hangover? Can't understand why God mad hangover.
Drinking with friends and family is always big happiness but the very next morning I can't regret yesterday's drinking.
In Korea, we eat Haejangguk which means hangover soup or some people take the hair of the dog but it might work only in your twenties. 

In China, they eat congee when they try to relieve a hangover or when they are in a bad condition.

The Japanese usually eat umeboshi (pickled Japanese apricot) as a side dish. It seems pickle is good for the health.

And now it's clear that why the Poles drink pickle juice for relieving their hangover.

 We all know that Italians love coffee. They also have some cups of coffee to get rid of a hangover. Caffeine makes our brain to wake up.

In Bangladesh, they enjoy coconut water which helps restore the moisture in our body. 

Always take care of yourself after heavy drinking.

Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441 



Losing weight always has been a hot issue for females all around the world. And you can't talk about diet without reducing your daily calorie intake.

But if you reduce your calorie intake more than your body needs without advice from a professional trainer, it's easy to lose your health.

Over reducing your calorie intake will make your body feel tired easily and your body's metabolism will slow down.

If our body's metabolism broke down, it's easy broke down, it's easy to gain back all the weight we lost. Then, what can we do? In fact, the ideal calorie intake gap between regular day and a dieting day is about 500 calories. 

For reducing them, first, change your breakfast. Start your morning with cereals and berry juice which have much fiber.
Fiber has zero calorie so the food which contains much fiber has low calorie. And fiber also makes you feel full and it will help you eat less.

Don't leave your dish empty after your meal.…