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A Face Massage to look balanced and beautiful in Yakson House

Your hectic lifestyle, inadequate sleep, pollution wreak havoc on your skin resulting in lackluster skin and early appearance of wrinkles on the face. Only massage comes to help you in this condition which relaxes your skin from the deep inside and facilitates blood circulation. Face Massage imparts a luminous glow and dewy, youthful look to your face and wards off the untimely wrinkles which invade your face.  Facial massage is relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating for the face and body. When blood is allowed to flow properly through relaxed muscles, nutrients can be brought to skin tissue, which increase its natural elasticity and glow. Korean Face Massage, Facial Balance Care goes further to restore and balance the face's energy with acupressure. The combination of these vital elements creates a most relaxing treatment that feels like having a full body massage for your health and beauty.
RECOMMENDED TO MANAGE: Facial Balance Care, Face Resizing Care
 We all know that face massage …

How to take selfies with Yakson House self massage ideas

Self-portrait photos, or ‘selfies’, are huge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Sharing what you’re doing and where you’ve been with your friends and followers has become fun, easy and virtually instantaneous. 

In Korea, also we'd like to share the selfies with our friends and family as well to enjoy taking and shooting 

What if there're some ways to get a nice look in front of your camera? 
Yakson House'll let you know how to take #selfies well with a facial massage

1. with your fists, massage around your jaw upwards and downwards for 1 sec
2. Then divide your cheekbones into 3 parts and massage there in turn upwards and downwards for 1 sec 

3. In the same way, split your foreheads into 3 parts to shake there upwards and downwards with your fists *be careful to press the bone area over your brows! 

Thank you for reading!  I hope you can take good selfies in front of your camera!  Hope you like them..:D
Yakson House 

Achieve a slimmer and smaller Face!

Hey everyone,

Quite a few people have recently asked me about how to make my face look sharper these days and also asked if I've lost weight. Some even made accusations that I've had botox. While these two are very valid reasons for obtaining a slimmer face, I have to say I have not lost a single pound nor had any form of botox. 

And, please don't misunderstand this video as a message to be ashamed of your face shape. I'm very happy with the face shape I was born with. My face is considered quite round and I've seen it as a blessing because round face girls tend to look younger and more innocent. 

The video is split into 3 parts. To me, What I share in this video is going to define your natural face shape! No matter what face shape you have, you CAN make your face more defined and sharp. :D 
1) With your thumb fingers, had your hands along with the sides of your jaws. and push them upwards for 4 secs
2) With your thumb fingers on the jaw, massage there for 2 secs 3) Last…

Massage Tips: Be Blessed With Lips Naturally

Massage your lips! 

Massaging your lips every day is a very good habit that helps in lighten dark lips, in a short span of time. Make a lip shiny and beautiful, and massage your lips with that every night for a few minutes before going to bed. :D
With your fists, massage your lips upwards and downwards, from side to side to loosen muscles around your lips 
 This massage strengthens the orbicular muscles and prevents wrinkles from forming around the mouth. recommend to you massaging horizontally 15 times

 And reversely place them between your lower lips and chin and massage there the same way.
With thumb and index finger tips, pull your upper lip from inwards to outwards 

With the same finger tips, pull your lower lip from inwards to outwards 
recommend to you repeating 15 times

Thank you for reading! :D 

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Yakson House Beauty Tips: How to Give a Self-Face Massage

Yakson House Facial Massage to make a beautiful face
This is a follow along video to show you how to give a facial massage. You have probably heard of many different types of massage such as Japanese massage, Thai Massage. But here is Korean massage called Yakson House for beauty and health.  Visit Yakson House's website at;
follow this sequence after cleansing your face. All the exercises are easier to do sitting down. Step 1: Take the bottom part of both your hands to the edge of your ears and press gently but firmly toward the face.   Step 2: Take the edge of both your hands to the cheekbone, grab your head, and massage there downward and upward

Do you want Small and Balanced Face?

“My face became smaller and lifted, and my jaw line got sharpened. I look younger!” This is a testimonial by a young woman who experienced Yakson House’s Bone Therapy. Many of you might think it is impossible to make your face slimmer without plastic surgery, but this is no longer true thanks to Yakson House’s Bone Therapy.
Invented in 1979, the therapy promotes efficient blood circulation by relaxing bones and skin and ultimately helps you to attain a smaller face and beautiful facial structure. Among the more than 20 programs that Yakson House in New York offers, Unequal Face Care and Face Reduction Care are particularly popular. Unequal Face Care treats the pelvis and face and fixes imbalanced body parts. One client confesses, “The result was astonishing. It's hard for me to believe that the shape of my face and legs have now become similar to what I saw in before and after pictures. Not only do I look better in the mirror, but I feel a lot healthier, too.” 

Face Reduction Care …

Benefits of Massage to be slimmer and more beautiful at Yakson House

So many of us think that taking the time and money to get a massage is a luxury. The reality is massage is extremely good for your health in so many ways you may not have realized. We have many services that will help you feel relaxed and revitalized to be slimmer and more beautiful, here is at Yakson House. :D  The massage for your beauty and health  promotes blood circulation, nourishes your body and prevents the lack of body elasticity and unbalanced body,  making your body line slimmer. 

Pretty Body Shape Care
We will restore overall balance and firmness to your body making your body line stand out in any outfit. The term ‘Body Care’ often entails the concept of weight loss. However, as aggressive weight loss programs often do more harm than good, professional and systematic care for the overall balance of the body while maintaining health is quite important.
Our massage treatments we'd suggest for those looking to increase their bodies health:
Muscle lifting Balanced body S…

Calves Massage Therapy for your health and beauty with Yakson House

Don't forget that I have a range of different massage sessions available within Yakson House. This massage session really makes your thighs slimmer, firmer and helps lift muscle on your thighs. So go to Q&A experts to book in for a session  regarding an invigorating legs and thighs massage.  :)  Thighs are one of the greatest places to get a massage. They are some of the most important body parts to appear healthy and firm as well as slim to other people. And anything that makes the relax will feel amazing. The thighs have the body’s most powerful muscles including legs and relaxation massage will always be of a great help. The great thing about thighs massage is that you can do almost any technique.   The big muscles in the thighs and calves should be massaged by rubbing them between your hands. Deep finger pressure can also be applied in these muscle groups.The calves and thighs are in a relaxed state while your sitting on a bed or couch, with the legs bent at the knees.  Thighs …