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[Yakson House] Power-ip lifting Care/Antiaging/V-line shape

Are you looking for professional anti-aging shop or program?
then, you have to choose Yakson House!
we have aggressive and systematic lifting care program for keeping your face firm and slim with a V-line around it to keep your youthful look.

Problem Solving


Program Duration/Cost
 During 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours, intensive firming and sculpting treatment for more lifted muscle and skin is USD 2,600 for 20 sessions.

[Yakson House] How to reserve Yakson House's program/ How to care your body

How can I do reservation?
I'm gonna let you know how to reserve our program!

First, You can use telephone booking

** Phone number information

Second, Visit at our official website!
you can reserve a program online easily and get some information you wonder.

** YASKON HOUSE official website

[Yakson House] Special Bridal Care/Wedding photo/Wedding make-up

Have you ever dreamed Romantic wedding?

All the women dreams to be in her best for her wedding photo shoot and her wedding.
Fair skin and the beautiful line extending from the shoulders to the back are the perfect
elements of a beautiful bride in her wedding dress.

If you want to get more information, please click the below link!

[Yaskon House] Causes of Lumbago/Expert's Column/Poor blood circulation

[Causes of Lumbago]

Causes of Pain
1. Poor blood circulation
2. Injury of ligaments or soft tissues
3. Bones stimulated by stress caused by staggering of joint surfaces
4. Expansion of soft tissues by inflammation
5. Muscle cramps
6. Rupture of soft tissues

Pain is more common when the posture is poor.
Standing or sitting in the same posture over long hours(students, heavy computer users, etc)
Pregnant or wearing high heels
Sudden movement without proper stretching(especially golf)
- People with poor posture as listed above are likely to suffer from bending of the spine.
This leads to compression of nerves by vertebrae, overloading of the weight on discs, protective
convulsion of lumbar muscles, and narrowing of the spine chloasmata.

** Yakson House expert's column :

[Yakson House] Breast Care/Pretty Care/How to care breast

As breasts change widely in size and shape by weight, hormones, aging, etc, adequate care is necessary for your own case. Yaskon House has a world-class professional program for pretty breast! If you are worried about your breast shape, Visit at Yakson House right now!




 During 30 minutes~1 hours, adequate care program to be necessary for your own breast is USD 1,200 for 20sessions.

[Yakson House] Stone Therapy/ good effects on face/ cold stone massages

<<The method of stone therapy>>
 This method is that firstly use warm stone to stimulate
the blood flow and use cold stone to clean the wastes. It has good effects
on face and belly by keep switching those warm and cold stone massages!

<<The main effects of stone therapy>>
1. Gives more elastic skins
2. Gives more blood flows on the face
3. Gives relaxation by resolving stress

[Yakson House] Global Beauty company "Yakson House"/ Online channel / body solution

Do you know Yakson House is global company?

There are lots of Yakson House's branches abroad and foreign women who visited at our branch are really satisfied with special program.
And, Yakson House is doing communication on a variety of online channel such as Facebook, Google blogger.
Through these channel, many people ask us body&face solution!

<Global Yakson House Branches>

the information of branch >
Yakson House Facebook >
Yakson House Google Blogger >

[Yakson House] Korean Wave/Korean beauty/body care/facial care

The Korean Wave has definitely influenced the kind of look that people
are striving to achieve. so, these days not only women but also men visit at our Yakson House. Many of them have been inspired by boy bands, particularly Korean boy bands, which have popularised a more feminine aesthetic for men.

[Yakson House] Pretty Body Shape Care/Weight loss/Body line/Body Balance

 "Pretty Body Shape Care"
 For a great body shape, you often try to lose weight harder than past. But, aggressive weight loss can be
harmful to your health. so, Today I'm gonna recommend professional and systematic program of Yakson House!

<<Program Duration/Cost>> During 1hour 45minutes-2hours, total body care for pretty body shape and muscle lifting is USD 2,400 for 10sessions. Also, body including face is USD 2,800 for 10sessions.

[Yakson House] No.1 Hot place - Yakson House LA/Body care/Face care/LA Yakson House

 Yakson House has two branches in U.S.A.(New york, LA).

Do you know the fact?
 Especially, lots of women visit in Yakson House LA that opened a few months ago.
They said that the programs of Yakson House are better than other shops and there are many experts who care body&face.

If you live in LA now and want to be more beautiful, visit our Yakson House LA right now!

** Yakson House LA  Information**
주소2560 W Olymplc Blvd # 102 Los Angeles CA 90006시간AM 10 ~ PM 10전화213-387-7900

[Yakson House] Self massage video/ Self massage/ beauty tips/ massage

Self massage is a great way to reduce stress and relieve tension. Also it is very good for blood flow that can lead to healthier body!
Just follow this video for your beauty!!

[Yakson House] Golf Care/ Body care for children/ Bone-stimulating golgi therapy/ how to improve concentration

Is your child underperforming in academics despite the amount of time they spend studying? Then, maybe the problem is probably with their concentration and health. Children who are easily distracted usually suffer from low calcium levels; it's important to do activity. so, today I'm gonna introduce the Golf Care for your child!

[What is your child health problem?]

1. Unbalanced body
2. Shoulder pain
3. Crooked back
4. Always tired
5. Poor posture for golf swing

[The effect of Golf care]

1. Slim arms
2. Balanced body
3. Good posture for golf swing
4. Healthy
5. Feeling fresh in the morning

[The process of Golf care]

[Program duration/cost]
During 1 hour, body care for good posture and best condition is USD 1,400 for 10 sessions.

[Yakson House] Interview care/ how to make good appearance/ First impression / good impression

 First impression is very important when meet someone. Especially, when they meet as interviewer and interviewee,
Interviewee should try to make a good impression on the interviewer. There is a special program for getting a professional and good appearance in Yakson House.
Many people could be more confidence through this program and get good result on interviewing.

Let's check it out!!

** Program Duration/Cost** During 1hour 30minutes~2hour, program to makes favorable first impression for successful interview is USD 1,170 for 10sessions.

Yakson House - How to walk proerly/bow legs/good walking postures

Wrong walking posture often make our body shape unhealthy and feel pain according to situation.
I also have experienced this pain 3 years ago because always wear high-heeled shoes whenever I go to school.
So, I registered in Yakson House right away and follow the below video everyday!
If you have the wrong walking posture, you had better to show this video!

[Yakson House] Facial Resizing Care/ Big face/ face care/ To be a small face

These days, the definition of beauty is a small face and a V-line facial shape.
so many women ask for an information about Face Resizing care.

Yakson House has a professional program to care face resizing!
We will make your face smaller and slimmer than the way it looks now.

** Program duration/ Cost** During 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours, face and body treatment for small and beautiful oval-shaped face and attractive and balanced facial features is USD 2,600 for 20 sessions.

Yakson House Beauty Editors in Philippines: Editor 'HANA' - Yakson House Makati Update: 7th Session Done!

Name: HANA
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At Yakson House Makati, Philippines I am finally done with my 7th session! Huzzah! \(`0´)/ Three more sessions to go! So far, it’s been the usual session with the back massage, facial care and massage, and then the application of the mask. Sometimes, the facial massage comes before the mask application, and sometimes, it comes later. But recently, they have introduced two different types of mask, and even a chest + belly massage! For the masks, they have the 30 plants pack which is made of 30 different herbal ingredients from Korea. It’s supposed to tighten the face and keep it firm. When applied, you slightly feel the tightening and stretching effect of the mask on your skin. 30 Plants Pack — Sorry for the unflattering photo, but this is the only photo taken of me with the mask The other mask is the white mask, which I think is called the molding pack. It’s cold when applied to your skin, which s…

Yakson House Beauty Editors in Philippines: Editor 'HANA' - My 2nd-4th Facial Massage Session at Yakson House, Makati Philippines

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Yakson House Makati Celebrates Its 4th Year Anniversary! Hey everyone! I know you guys have been waiting for more of my review on Yakson House Makati’sFacial Massage clinic. Just last November 15, 2013, Yakson House Makati celebrated its 4th year here in the Philippines! And another good news is that, according to Ms. Kim, they were recently featured by Jessica Soho on GMA7. Congratulations, Yakson House Makati for the wonderful feature! WatchYakson House Makati’s Jessica Soho feature below (Yakson House feature starts at 4:25): I’m sure a lot of you guys still have questions about the massage, even after watching the feature. I did have my doubts too, so I looked around online for any clients who’ve posted a testimonial or a feedback on Yakson House Makati’s services. I found these:
Girltaker Absolute Carla writes about her Yakson House Makati experience Wow! Here’s a testimonial that just by massa…

Yakson House Beauty Editors in Philippines: Editor 'HANA'- Yakson House Makati Face Reduction Care Review

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YaksonMyunga Yakson House in Makati City, Philippines One of the things I’ve always felt insecure and unhappy about my face was that it was too round. Blame genetics because it’s something my mom has, too. Dieting didn’t really help with the cause of making my face more angular, because even when I have already become skin-thin, my face only slightly changed from its round shape. I swore I’d have it fixed, but undergoing plastic surgery for my face just wasn’t practical. Plastic surgery would cost a fortune, and cannot guarantee success.

Yakson House for the Skin Which is why I was extremely happy when Yakson House appointed me as their Beauty Editor and invited me to try out their treatments for ten sessions and write about my experience with them. At first, I was not familiar with Yakson House, but I had high hopes that it wasn’t an ordinary massage clinic. Upon my first visit, I found that my e…