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[Yakson House] Face Program Review / Before&After / Pretty Face

Here are some review for you guys to see the difference after the face program. As you see, there is a huge difference between before and after.

Before, the client's facial features were quite pretty, the face was generally wide and features were widely spread apart.The mandibular joints were spread apart and the chewing muscles were well-developed, making the face appear large and square. 
After, the program narrowed the widened cheekbones and mandible together, pushing the mandibular joints upward toward and nose and pressing the protruding areas inward. The care also helped relaxed the overdeveloped muscles to restore firmness and create a V-lined face. Through care, the face became noticeably smaller, especially; the client had intensive reduction of the chin area, smoothing out the chin line.

Before, the client's face although the overall length was short, the maxillae, zygomatico, and temporal bones that make up the cheekbones were spread widely apart, This made the face ap…

[Yakson House] Golki Therapy / Face / Shape / Pretty / Small Face / Review

Golki TherapyThe Golki Therapy is new field of an aesthetic therapy that was created by the combination of the bone treatment which was invented by the president of YAKSONMYUNGGA and health beauty programs. The Golki Therapy uses the handcrafts to stimulate the blood flow efficiently. Those stimulated blood flow by the Golki Therapy perform its ability of nature healing by providing nutrition and cleaning the body wastes. The Golki Therapy is a natural therapy that makes healthy beauty of face and body shapes. YAKSONMYUNGGA completed its own unique healthy beauty program with experiences and know-how.

The main effects of the Golki Therapy: Take care of O-Shape legsTake care of unbalanced face and pelvisMakes the natural beauty shape of small face

Before, the client's forehead was tilted backwards, making the forehead look wide. The face shape looked wide and saggy.
After through care, the forehead became better defined and centered. The widely spread apart and sagging muscles around …

[Yakson House] free massage/ event/ free massage event/ blog/ power blogger/ beauty editor/ asian massage


Facial balance & Pretty leg care!

9 JULY ~ 23 JULY for the branches in Makati, Manhattan and L.A If you have blog, you are ready to be Yakson Editor!
*Facial balance & Pretty leg massage*

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* Philippines : []

[Yakson House] Salt Therapy / Face / Skin / Beauty

The salt therapy uses the salt which was burned in 1050 Celsius degree for 48 hours by Lee Byung Chul president of Yaksonmyungga. It cleans the heavy metals, poisons and poison gas in the body. The salt therapy uses the principal of osmotic pressure that consumes waters from cells and takes the carbon dioxide out from the body.The salt can be used directly for massaging the face or mixed with distilled water. It is mostly used for guests who have red face or gas in the stomach.

The main effects of salt therapy: Reduces the swelling of faceGood for minimizing skinsGood for skin beauty due to the absence of carbon dioxide

[Yakson House] Leg Care / Beauty / Massage / Pretty Legs

Legs can become bowed and ugly by various lifestyle factors such as the way you walk and the way you sit or stand. When your legs are not pretty, it's not just about aesthetic attractiveness but about overall health of your body. It is important that your legs are given systematic care for keeping them healthy and beautiful.

[Yakson House] Neck Pain / Relieve / Neck / Massage / Yoga

Neck pain is a common problem however, it is also a serious problem. This can cause due to an inappropriate posture. 
So, here are some yoga poses that everyone can try to remove or prevent from this problem.

[Yakson House] Fishtail-Braid / Hair / Beauty / Hairstyle / Easy

This is few steps that you can follow for fish-tail braid.
It will be very easy once you fully understand how to do it.
First, divide your hair into two sections. Then, take a small outer piece from either sections of your hair and cross the small piece over and add it to the inside of the other section. This piece you have crossed will now become a part of the other section.  Eventually, take a small piece from outside and put it in the middle section. Then, do the same thing on the other side and repeat.
For the better explanation, i will post a picture as well.

[Yakson House] Hip/ Hip-up/ Widened pelvis/ pelvis care/ Hip-up care

Our Hip-up care program will restore health of your pelvis and make your hips firm and so that you will look attractive in your stylish clothes.

<Program duration & cost> During 40 minutes, program to make your sagging hips up and firmer is USD 800  for 10 visits.

[Yakson House] Interview / Interview care/ Job interview/ Good first impression

<Interview care program>

These days many people say appearance is one of the most important abilities in success.
 First impressions are everything. Job interviews can be nerve wracking but a professional appearance not only can boost your confidence, it can help put your qualifications and skills in a great light.
 Here is our care program in achieving a professional look and a lasting impression.

<Program duration & cost>
During 1 hour 30 minutes~2 hour, program to makes favorable first impression for successful interview is USD 1,170 for 10 sessions.

[Yakson House] Face / Berries / DIY Mask / Skin / Healthy / Beauty / Pore / Simple

Today, i just want to show you how to make DIY yogurt berry mask. 
It is very easy and simple to make.

Did you know?
Berries are big on antioxidants.
Also, yogurt for skin is valued as a great way to clear off acne and pimples.

Put 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and 2 table spoons of honey in a blender.
Add 1/4 cup of mixed berries and blend them then, add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

*** make sure it is not too thin and watery because it will be harder to apply on your face.
*** berries are easy to mash, so don't need to blend them, you can use a spoon.

Apply the mixture to your clean and dry face. Let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes then rinse your face thoroughly with warm water.

I hope this helped all of you and hope you all have beautiful and healthy skin!!!

[Yakson House] Hip Up/ Pelvic Tilt / Exercise / Healthy / Fit / Pretty

I brought some poses that you can do at home easily without using equipment. You don't need to go to the gym, don't need to have a running machine like those fancy people. You can just have nice hip like them if you just follow these poses which are good for your hips. 

Repeat A and B slowly about twenty times. Raise your right leg out and back and do the same thing for your left left. Concentrate on your motion and keeping your weight centered.

Above image is an example of what tight hips can do to your pelvic tilt. This causes serious back pain, knee discomfort, posture issues as well. It is important to make good shape for pretty appearance but it is also important to make them for your health and body.

Here are some good poses and simple stretches for relaxing your body and prevent body discomfort that we all can try at home.

I really hope theses poses helped you guys and have a great day! 

[Yakson House] Lifting care / Massage / Young Face / Beauty / Facial / Skin

Hey guys~
Keeping Skin Healthy is very important. If you look at any movie stars or any other people on TV have a great skin. I think this is what makes them good looking and pretty. Makes sure you make your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and provide the vitamins and minerals that your skin needs. Lastly, always make sure you put sunscreen everyday. For caring your skin properly, avoid using hot water and try to use warm or cold water instead.
[Yakson House] Lifting Care

Program Duration/Cost is during 1 hour 30 minutes- 2 hours, intensive firming and sculpting treatment for more lifted muscle and skin is USD 2,600 for 20 sessions.

Have a great day guys :)

[Yakson House] Back Care / height / taller / pretty / posture / straight

Hey guys, I spend my time sitting for more than half of the day. So recently, i felt the pain on my neck and back. It had been awhile but recently, i realized that this is a serious problem because whenever i look at myself, i see that my posture is not straight like others so I tried to massage my self but of course, it wouldn't work. So, today i just want to tell you the solution.

Lack of Exercising?Sitting for a Long Time?Exposed to Stress?Spending many hours in front of Computers?Studying for a Long Time?
Here are top 5 tips for back-strengthening exercises and for a healthy back! Never twist and bend at the same timeAlways bend your knees and your hips, not your backExercise your back regularly such as walking and swimmingavoid sling bagswhen lifting objects, try to lift them close to your body

Easing stiffness of your shoulders and neck  and make your back slim and smooth!

Program Duration/Cost is during 1 hour, program to relax back muscle and make your back slim is only USD 50…

[Yakson House] Recruiting - "Beauty editor 4rd " - Free massage event!

FREE MASSAGE EVENT - Facial balance & Pretty leg care!
9 JULY ~ 23 JULY for the branches in Makati, Manhattan and L.A If you have blog, you are ready to be Yakson Editor!

*Facial balance & Pretty leg massage*
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Philippines : []

[Yakson House] What's in my bag? / make-up / bags / summer / beauty / pretty / tips / fashion

Hey Guys~
I just want to talk about stuff that i carry in my purse. All the pictures are from their websites  because mines are all "dirty" & "old", doesn't look good lol
So, the purse that i have been loving is my Michael Kors, Zip-Top Satchel in large. This is very easy to match with and it's not too square or too round  so i think it will look good for all different ages.
Also this one has many colours but i chose black  because it is very simple and easy to match with my everyday look.

My wallet is the MCM wallet.  It is called, Ivana Bloom.  Mines the long one and  i love this because my cash doesn't get crumpled. I also love the design, very simple and calm. I guess i love black :p

I am just going to show you some make up  that i carry in my purse and make up that i use everyday.

So, for my face, i am using Innisfree, long wear cushion.  This one has SPF 50+/PA+++, you don't need to wear sunscreen.
In the summer time i love wearing something very light  becau…

[Yakson House] Yoga / everyday life / summer / bikini / diet / health

Hey guys~ It's July! I am pretty sure everyone wants to go swimming  with your family and friends and wear bikini.  So, today I want you guys to try yoga.  I do yoga everyday and  honestly, i think it's the best exercise for me.
Yoga improves your posture, your muscle tone and strength.Yoga lowers blood pressure, so if you have hypertension, this is yours (:Yoga helps loose weight, obviously!Yoga lowers stress and makes you calm and happy!Yoga makes your body flexible and relax.

I will post some basic poses that you can easily follow.

source: popsugar                                                                                                                                                                             
▶ Start Today and Live Longer ◀

[Yakson House] Facial balance care/ face care/ pretty face/ face

Facial balance care is absolutely necessary not just for esthetics but for your health.


Resting your chin on your arm or chewing food with just one side of jaws may create facial unbalance. It has been proven statistically that those with unbalanced faces tend to leave poor impressions on others. We highly recommend this program for those preparing for important appointments such as a job interview.  we will provide you with the best professional facial balance care.

[Yakson House] stone therapy/ special therapy/ Yakson House/ stone / therapy

What is Stone Therapy ?

Have you heard about Stone Therapy? You can experience a professional stone therapy in Yakson House!

 The stone therapy is originated not only from ancient American Indians’ folk remedies Nevada of United States but also the natural power of stone was used for massages in the ancient East Asia. The stone therapy was created as in the field of aesthetic treatment since early 1990 and developed into a therapy through aesthetic beauty salon guests. The stone therapy uses special stone to stimulate blood flows and clean the wastes with body rhythms by relaxing the muscles. Whinstone on the ground appears as black color and allows more infrared rays than any other stones. Another sort of whinstone under the sea level have green color and clean the wastes in the skins because of its cold presence. This green stone often used for stimulating the blood flows and clean the wastes on the face skin.

The method of stone therapy is that firstly use warm stone to stimulate the…

[Yakson House] Groom/ Groom care/ skin care for men/ men care

These days, men also want to be more handsome and have good first impression.
so, lots of men usually visit at our yakson house for care!

Especially, Our facial expression care makes groom photogenic in wedding.
This program is for groom. Men who are getting married need special care because many of them don’t know how to take care of their skin. You may worry about unnatural facial expression in wedding photo.
If you take this care with your fiancé, it helps to relieve your wedding stress.

<< Program duration & cost >> During 1hour~1hour 30minutes, program for best skin condition and photogenic  on wedding day for groom is USD 380 for 4sessions.

[Yakson House] Be a woman with beautiful legs/ beautiful leg / leg / leg care

1. Legs Massage

Consider doing an herbal oil massage on your legs at least once a week to have pretty legs and glowing skin. Also if you can do, wash your legs with an herbal or a mild soap when you return home from your office
in the evening and apply an herbal moisturizer right after that.

2.Keep your legs moisturized

Moisturizers keep your legs soft, smooth and free of flaky skin. Consider using a moisturizer that contains skin-tightening properties.
Apply it whenever you get time and especially after each shower to get beautiful legs. It also helps to maintain your tan.

3. Foot bath

You can also try foot bath for your legs once in a month. Take a bucket of lukewarm water, mix a little shampoo in to it and add two to three drops of oil. Immerse your half of legs into the lukewarm water for about half an hour.
Thereafter, clean your legs gently using a pumice stone or scrubber. Moisturize your legs immediately after that.