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[Yakson House] Happy Paris Trip

Travelling to Paris is of course a great way to discover history and culture. 
With its big boulevards, all the bridges, monuments, its sandwich sellers, 
Paris seems to be so familiar. We have the picture in our head of the Light city 
who is most of the time similar to the real city. And we love it on the spot!
But Paris isn't only about museums, sightseeing and the Eiffel tower. Paris is a city that breathes, who has a pulse.

So, Yakson House walk in the city without trying to understand wandering 
and observing, feeling the flow. 

Walking in the streets of Paris leads to meeting its people, 
its history and its uncommon places. 
We had to attend plenty of good music shows below

The person standing in the middle is our Yakson House Chairman :) 

The weather was cool and a bit rainy,
 but the sites were incredible and the art was amazing as expected. 
Looks like I also wanna go there :D

[Yakson House Program] Head, Neck, and frozen shoulder massage to relieve pain

Yaskon House offers you head, neck, and frozen shoulder massage to feel refreshed and relive pain
Many people suffer from head, neck or shoulder pain with daily.  Especially, workers  with 9 to 5 jobs want to reduce stress and release tight muscles around head.   Wrong postures, unhealthy lifestyle patterns, prolonged use of computer, and so on.. These all cause stiffness and pain in around neck, head. 
 Massage will provide more flexibility and blood circulation is improved on your neck.  If you get a neck massage to relieve tension and stress, you will feel more relaxed which will give you an overall calming feeling.   shoulder pain is the second most common cause of occupational injury claims. And it's also a major complaint for individuals seeking healthcare. Because of the shoulder's unique anatomy, it's easily over stressed or injured through acute and repetitive over activity. For frozen shoulders, treatment should always be directed by a trained health-care practitioner a…

[Yakson House Program] Weight loss benefits of massage through Golki therapy

Yakson House provides you with "weight loss massage" through Golki therapy  After this, you can get a lot of benefits from the massage. 
I agree that many people think getting shape isn't easy.  There's no other way to say it.  Shortcuts? Fad diets? They usually don't last.  Do you live with a lot of stress? Wanna chill out? When it comes to taking it easy, massage can be a very useful tool to improve your life as a whole.   When giving a massage, therapists usually use their thumbs because they're very handy little tools. Also, let's go of any worries you have regarding your body when going in for a massage in Yakson House  you can address weight loss with a self massage starting with your thumbs and massage your extremities. However, Yakson House massage therapists can understand what exactly you need if you ask any questions on the massage. Having someone with this can provide you with professional service with the parent company behind them.  As for weight lo…

[ABDOMEN MASSAGE] Prevent Abdominal obesity, extra flesh on your abdomen through the massage in Yakson House

·We will help lose the extra flesh on your abdomen and improve your health by tackling the fundamental causes of your weight gain through ourYakson House ABDOMEN MASSAGE!! :D      Hello, Already getting cold in the morning? Have you gotten cold?  Actually, I got the flue and had a hard time to get it over. :(  Please DO NOT catch a cold.  Anyway, today I wanna talk about the abdomen massage!  Have you heard of Abdominal obesity which is called visceral fats?  It can have serious effects on your health as it continues. 
 And one crucial parts of fats is, to protect the internal organs. So, your body accumulates more fats to protect them if you have problems with intestine, lung, etc.  According to brighton beach and somerville, it's very important to be conscious of our posture, and introduce activities into our daily life that counteract the necessary movements of a busy life. Also, there are more detailed info on The Benefits of Abdominal Massage
The Abdomen massage in Yakson House is per…

[Yakson House] breast enlargement with a massage for its beauty without surgery through Golki therapy in Yakson House.

Breast massage in Yakson House is provided for those who are worried about the shape of your breasts along with the chest line. 
 For moms or girls aged 20 to 30 are sometimes worried about how to massage their breasts to be beautiful and pretty along with their upper body. 
Some women are getting smaller and or sagging on their breasts. As a result, it's getting worse if you just let it go and stop thinking about. Everyone wants to have beautiful breasts, right? 
It's natural in Korean for most of girls to wear clothes that emphasize the breast line or the cleavage as there are increasing interests in chest or breast massage. :D 
For inquiries about the breast massage, or consultation for your breasts, why don't you go to Yakson House?  If you have small and sagging breasts or worry about your breasts after the breast plastic surgery, worry no more!
You can get an effect of your bigger breasts and relaxing muscle after the massage. :) 
The process is categorized in 3 ways for al…

[Yakson House] The global aesthetic brand, Yakson House soaring into the world

The global aesthetic brand, Yakson House is soaring into the world!
Stories of miraculous encounters are always wonderful, wherever they are in the world.  The meeting between Chairman Lee Byung Chul and CEO Kim Hyun Suk is one of them.  Chairman Lee Byung Chul was famous for the Golki therapy in Masan 30 years ago. 
 CEO Kim Hyun Suk then running her own skin care shop, head of his fame and visited him. That was the moment when qi(energy) met beauty. With respect to the reason why Korean unique emotion "Yakson"is also loved abroad, Chairman Lee Byung Chul said,  "We apply tailored management programs by figuring out locals' features of each country." 30 years has passed since the establishment of the Yakson House, which now has 77 domestic branches and 10 overseas ones: one branch in New York, one in the Philippines and seven branches and an academy in Japan.

 Moreover, the Golki therapy course was opened as a regular program in the United States, specifically in th…

[Yakson House] Yakson House Academy toward the future of Yakson House

Yakson House' growth engine, The Yakson House Academy! 
The Yakson House Academy, the future of Yakson House, is where the company and staff members learn and grow together. 

The strict education centered principle of Yakson House comes from the belief of CEO Kim Hyun Suk, "Every good thing is derived from 100% learning. Such enthusiasm of Yaksonmen toward learning makes it possible to predict the globalization of the Golki therapy. :) 

 Passionate Academy!!
The Yakson House education happens from 8:00 p.m. on Saturday to 5:00 a.m. on Sunday. From the day you enter the company, you do not only receive education to cultivate leadership.

You will also tackle topics ranging from basic education on customer management to Golki therapy techniques steadily upgraded by the research team. 
 In addition, Yakson House manages its customers in a more effective way based on a fundamental understanding of the human body through education on anatomy, physiology, etc. 
During the massage education…