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[Yakson House] Sneaky sodium traps sabotaging your looks

Salt is so in right now as in, in everything you eat. As any healthcare professional will 
tell you, our sodium intake is out of control. 
Salty food is not doing your looks any favors. 
Besides contributing to heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity, to name a 
few, OD-ing on salt dehydrates skin, which means more wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark 
circles. It also can make you bloated, which we don't have to tell you

Cutting back on your salt intake isn't as easy as putting down the salt shaker, or 
avoiding the obvious culprits, like Pretzels and chips. Salt is sneakier than you'd think, 
and it's hiding in many of the foods you'd least expect. 
I will tell you some food that have been tricked you all this time. 

You will find this very surprising.

1. California Roll  

With all those omega-3s, sushi falls under the healthy column.... if you stick to sashimi.
One ounce of imitation crab, the bread and butter of popular California rolls, packs a 
whopping 238 m…

[Yakson House] fight your spring depression

Spring's arrival puts most people in a pleasant mood, but there are some who 
experience the opposite feeling. 
For those of you who experience feeling down and depressed, the longer days and 
warmer weather in the spring can actually send their bodies and emotions into a 
In general, as the seasons change, so do our behavior, energy levels, desire to 
socialize and sometimes sleeping patterns. 

Spring based depression can be particularly troublesome because while most people 
are enjoying the increased amount of sunlight and higher temperatures, those 
suffering from it are feeling overwhelmed.

You might feel anxious and sad, trouble sleeping at night, lose interest in normal 
activities and even lose interest in normal activities and even lose appetite. 

Healthy diet and regular exercise are known to help you with depression. 
Let me tell you what kind of food are really helpful to fight depression. 

1. soy products, fish, meat

Protein contains a good source of the m…

[Yakson House] Water soluble vitamin supplements

Do you take vitamin supplements daily?
Vitamins are necessary 

Vitamins are organic compounds which are needed in small quantities to sustain life. 
We get vitamins from food, because the human body either does not produce 
enough of them, or none at all.  
On the market today, So many different forms of vitamin supplements came out. 
Water- soluble, chew-able, powder vitamins and etc...

Among those different kinds of vitamin supplements, 
I am going to talk about water soluble vitamin tablets. 
These are hot on the market in Korea right now. 

These tablets dissolve quickly in water and is now as simple as drinking your water.
Especially, they come in a variety of flavors to suit your taste buds. 
However, Just because they taste great, doesn't mean you can overdose the vitamins.

I am going to list few cautions when you drink this water soluble vitamin tablets. 

1. Check out the ingredients on the label. 
Some products contain more sugar, sodium and preservatives than other produc…

[Yakson House] Food that will cure your insomnia/

Sleep is an essential part of life. 
some of you have hard time to fall alseep at night?
This condition can be caused by many factors. 
Stress, medical condition, too much caffeine and etc...

It is painful when you can't sleep at night. 
Next morning, You might get headache, you feel exhausted and can't focus on your 
study or work. 
I am going to list some food that will help you sleep better.

1. Banana
Bananas contain tryptophan, an amino acid that's valuable in your effort to get to 
sleep. Tryptophan converts to serotonin, a sleep promoting neurotransmitter, and is 
the cause of the post thanksgiving "turkey fog" you might experience. The fruit is also 
a source of melatonin, which is often known as the "sleep hormone." The dose of 
melatonin causes you to feel drowsy, and as a result, help you fall asleep. 

2. Garlic

No scientific studies about garlic being sleep inducer has been published. 
Some scientists say to avoid garlic because garlic contain…

[Yakson House] Bad habits that will make your face big/face resizing/

Today, I will talk about some Habits that will make your face big. 

Habits are something that you do without realizing it. 
But Pay attention to your movement once in a while. 
Get rid of bad habits that are not good for you. 

1. Lack of sleep

2. Chewing food on one side of a jaw

3. No facial expression

4. Salty food

Yakson House offers face resizing care.

We will make your face look slimmer and smaller than the way it is right now.

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[Yakson House] Prevent wrinkles/antiaging

Your skin, a living organ, will start to show signs of aging as early as your 20s; but 
with some extra care, you can slow the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
A good skin care regimen should focus on hydration, as aging facial skin can lose the 
ability to retain moisture, which is essential for fighting creases. Consistent topical 
care and strengthening the skin on a cellular level are two additional ways to avoid 
unwanted wrinkles. Start your war on wrinkles as early as possible to get the best 
looking skin.  


I know you are thinking, well of course! Everyone knows that a good skin care routine 
can help fight the signs of aging. All those commercials and skin care products exist 
for a reason, right? But, I just wanted to reiterate that even if you don't use any 
actual anti aging products, a no frills routine with a simple cleanser and moisturizer 
will be better than doing nothing at all. 

You don't need the latest breakthrough skin…