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NEW STAFF in Manhattan branch! One day trip in NY with Mr.Choi manager :D

Last 25th, Our new staff from Korea has arrived in Manhattan!  Welcome, Welcome! 
the manager of Manhattan branch Mr.Choi took her  for a little trip around New York :) 

Welcome :D

sweet Hershey's 

One of large department stores in NY, Macy's!

Look at the lights in Empire State Building!

Time square!

This is the manager, Mr.Choi :P

Yakson House Massage Questions or Consultation with Massage Therapists

Good day! I'm going to post some of the frequently asked questions about Yakson House Massage.This question have also been asked and answered. So, feel free to visit our Expert Q &A board should you have any questions regarding our massage! 
Hi. I am from Kazakhstan! I want to straighten crooked legs. 1) How much does it cost? please write in U.S.! 2) Why does the site says, "PROGRAM DURATION / COST During 40 minutes, intensive program to straighten bowlegs or knock-knees is USD 1,100 for 10 sessions. " You have written a 10-session - 700,000 won = $ 653 In Korea is the same price everywhere? 3) What about the housing that suggest? 4) Price in Makati how much? 5) When will I get for 3 treatments per week, how much should I be with you 20 session? last question: Why did not lay out new photos of "before - after" legs? Please lay out new photos! Thank you very much! =)

Answers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi.…

PRETTY BODY MASSAGE for health and beauty

You can feel so great! it would be fabulous, if you just had your first Korean massage. Why did it take me so long to discover this?(Yakson House) Having had one, you may now know that this is one of the more modern-day massages - Pretty Body Shape Care It was developed in Seoul, South Korea just several decades ago. It relieves tension by rubbing muscles in the direction of the blood flow. This is in order to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and make your body look more attractive. Yakson House will restore overall balance and firmness to your body,making your body line stand out in any outfit. The term ‘Body Care’ often entails the concept of weight loss. However, as aggressive weight loss programs often do more harm than good, professional and systematic care for the overall balance of the body while maintaining health is quite important. You can directly go to experts - have any questions regarding the massage.
Muscle lifting Balanced body Slim arms & legs Slim wais…

WEIGHT LOSS MASSAGE to keep your body look attractive and beautiful

Do you feel that your exercise plan is not working very well and that all your efforts are going in vain? It will be a good idea for you to engage a massage therapist to help you get the maximum benefit from your exercise, especially like weight massage There is a common misconception that massage can reduce fat and that it is possible to get specific areas of your body massaged in order to reduce fat in that specific area. However, there are many additional advantages to getting massaged.  And The purpose of going to gym is to lose weight and feel good. Simple body massage is a very time-saving and cost-free regime to maintain a healthy body. Massage involves the direct, hands-on manipulation of tissue to promote health and well-being. Massage also helps reduce soreness by stretching, kneading and rubbing the muscles and keeping them loose. Massage can have a positive effect on your muscle building capabilities and fitness levels, which in turn increases your capacity to lose weight.


Shoulder, Neck, and Head Massage for 9 to 5 jobs

Living in this metropolitan city, stress is no longer a 'stranger' to us. And I can say that, stress can be our so-called 'best-friend'. Stress that we lived with everyday can bring a lot of disadvantage to our body. it can makes us to look older, can lower down our body immune system, hormone imbalance, and sometimes it can affect your relationship with friends and family members.  it can makes us to look older, can lower down our body immune system, hormone imbalance, and sometimes it can affect your relationship with friends and family members.    weekly head massage is recommended to restore and maintain the balance of the body’s systems. It can be designed to relax and create a feeling of peace or stimulate and energise. A clarifying and healing experience, this convenient treatment fits easily into your busy schedule to relieve upper body tension RECOMMENDED TO MANAGE: Headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder stiffness, dandruff, sinus problems, facial tension, stres…

[Yakson House Program] face massage for beauty treatment

What is the first thing you see in the morning when you look in the mirror? Your face! That is what everyone else sees when they first see you. Do you feel like time has treated you badly? Or maybe you just feel like you need a refreshing look.   Is your skin dry and tight? Do you have that dreaded high school reunion coming up? Here's what you need! A facial massage !!  Facial massage is done to rejuvenate and feel relaxed. Massage helps the skin to get fresh oxygen that is excellent for repairing the dead cells and stimulate the live cells. In addition it also cures many diseases. Hence, it should be carried out for attaining good health and striking looks. Self facial massaging is simple to execute. It can be done on own with simple facial massage techniques. We will make your face smaller and slimmer than the way it looks now. wanna see it?  then go to before & after pictures after the massage
In this day and age, beauty is defined by a small face and a V-line facial shape. …

TRY BACK MASSAGE for a break if you need

TRY BACK MASSAGE for your healthy and beautiful life! :D
In modern society, you use your back a lot! Over and over, you pick heavy things up - children, groceries, backpacks - to name but a few! Surely you feel a slight pain in your lower or upper back, perhaps your shoulder blades. Not only you, but your friends(girls) probably has the same symptoms. You deserve a back massage. Do you know the benefits? I do. The benefits are so numerous, and deal far beyond what you would expect.
Yakson House offers more than just a back massage from back to head. We tend to neglect our backs, even though we are always using them. They are used even more than our feet.  I feel that a back massage is most beneficial.

A masseuse will help navigate you through the world of massage. There is a variety of options for you to choose fromhead to hand, from finger to toes! My first massage was so great. My back felt so good, and it wasn't just a short relief. It is still great, even after a few weeks.

Place …