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As the new year, 2019 started and many people decided to lose weight, but most of the people’s resolutions longer than a few days. Now, Spring has come, people now realize that now is the real time to prepare for the coming summer!
The hardest part when you go on a diet is probably the belly fat. Modern people usually work in office. So, most people have a sedentary lifestyle, working in office. This sitting posture is not good for blood circulation, and bad blood circulation may be the reason of gaining your belly fat.

Yakson Beauty provides Tummy Care to remove the root cause of getting fat and help you lose the belly fat. Why do we need it? Abdominal fatness, especially excessive fat on the organs, can harm your health. The rold of fat on an organ is to protect it, and thus, if our liver, gall, heart, small intestine, spleen, stomach, lungs, large intestine, kidneys, bladder, or other organs are not in a good state, our body produces more fat to protect them. If such a situation con…


‘2019 Korea Innovation award’ was held at Korea press center in Jung-gu on March 21th by ‘Money today’. Yakson Cosmetic (CEO Hyun-Sook Kim) won the grand prize for cosmetic.
Yakson Cosmetic is known as cosmetic that all family members can trust and use and all Yakson branches use the cosmetic. Yakson Cosmetic has been qualified in safety, product quality, and ingredients, and has received the attention of not only national but also international buyers.

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Several people pay particular attention to hydration and detoxing.
Some recommend people to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. What if you’re sick of drinking water every day? How about trying fruit water detox?

Let’s look at how to make fruit water that helps in detoxing. If you blend fruits to make juice, the nutrient may be less absorbed than just eating them. Blending also destroys the nutrients. The nutrients from fruit water may not be totally absorbed to human body, but it contains rich vitamin B, C, and minerals that are effective enough to increase the body’s nutrient absorption.
Also, fruit water does not contain any sugar, it is good at quenching your thirst.
Fruit water recipes. It is very simple to make fruit water. First, cut fruits and vegetables to small size or slice them. Then, put them in a glass bottle after sterilizing with hot water and store it in a refrigerator.
If you are the type that swells easily. Try Watermelon-cucumber water!
Ingredients (for 1L of glass bo…


We’re supposed to spend a third of our life in sleep. If you realize it, you probably would get serious about your sleep.
Sleeping time, which is a necessary part of life, not only has a significant impact on the life of a person, but also has many correlations with one’s appearance.
How can you live well? It is important to sleep well if you would like to live well and have beautiful appearance.

▶ The Importance of Sleep
We spend around one third of the day and life to sleep. Depending on how you spend your sleeping hours, your life style would be changed.
Our genes are structured to make us sleep, and there are body functions that only happen when we sleep. Therefore, sleep is a necessary part of survival. It also restores the metabolism throughout the human body.

▶ Ideal Sleeping Time
Generally, during the night, REM occurs about once every 100 minutes. The brain is very active during REM sleep. Thus, when you set up the rising hour, it is best to wake up before or after a deep sleep, b…