Monday, October 30, 2017


"The difference between the two sides is too much."
"I have different eye shapes or different shapes of double eyelid."

Today, this post would help for those who have a lot of problems in makeup because of the different symmetry of their faces!

Today, Yakson will be introducing imbalanced face correcting make-up.

The first is eyebrow!

If one brow arch is higher, use the eyebrow shaver to adjust the thickness of the lower part of the brow arch and arrange the upper part to align the brow arch.

Moreover, when you draw your eyebrows, adjust each shape of the eyebrows to be equal to another, so that they will be perfectly symmetric.

The second is eye makeup!

There are a lot of people suffering from “mismatched eyes” or in other words, they are concerning their eyes that are irregular in size.

Especially if you have double eyelids only on one side, or if you have small/inner double eyelids, you may feel a lot of difficulty in putting your eye make-up.

If so, let me tell you how to solve such problem!

The correct answer is not the eyeliner but the “eye shadow!”

Apply light brown shadows on an eyelid with small double eyelid which helps to make the symmetry between the two eye shapes.

Then, as you draw the eye line, apply dark brown shadow. Draw thinly and closely to eyelash mucosa, on the eyelid that has bigger double eyelid. And on the side of the small double eyelids, apply the eye shadow as you draw your eye line, slightly thicker, to make a symmetrical eye! It's not difficult!

If make-up is not enough, it's a good idea to have help from an expert!

Balance your face with Yakson’s program

If your jaw is asymmetric,
If your eye shape is different,
If your cheekbone is asymmetric,

We are providing you the confidence in your appearance with balanced body and face!

Do you know that it is easy to distract the balance of your face, such as supporting the chin in one’s hands or chewing food on only one side?

Balanced beauty is created in the way that usual lifestyle habits and if you need help, Yakson House is always here for you!

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Thursday, October 26, 2017


Alternative Food Diet TIP

Are you planning to go on a diet?

From the moment one decides to go on a diet, she/he tends to get more appetite than ever..!

Moreover, she/he even feels tired all the time with lack of energy.

The balance of calories and exercise are not always easy.

But do you know that if we take care of a few of the foods we eat in our daily lives, we can reduce calorie intake without much effort?

One of the media in UK introduced that we can lose 10 kg without dieting even if we only change the type of food we eat.

Today, Yakson will introduce the alternative food diet for the many dieters. Let's take a look!

Sirloin Steak → Tenderloin Steak

Protein content of the two meats are similar, but the difference of fat and calories is big.

Moreover, it is a fact that the iron content is more than 25% higher in tenderloin steak!

Latte → Black Coffee

The calories we drink unintentionally are higher than we thought.

We often do not consider beverages as high-calorie food. However, for example, the calories of caramel macchiato are about 200 calories.

Drinking black coffee instead of such beverages is a good alternative because it has only little calories.

Sweets → Fruit or dark chocolate

Sometimes you want to eat sweet foods after having your meal.

Then, try to eat fruit or dark chocolate at this time because you can lose weight and it is also good for your health.

Fruits have a lot of fiber, so it keeps the feeling of satiety longer.

Dark chocolate also has rich antioxidant so it is also good for your health!

Yellow Bell Pepper → Green Bell Pepper

The green bell pepper has a lower potassium content than the yellow bell pepper, but has more than twice vitamin A and vitamin B6 content as it helps to strengthen the immune system.

Even with the same amount, the green bell pepper is 13 calories lower than the yellow bell pepper, so do not forget about this fact!

What bell pepper to choose? “Green bell pepper!”

Orange Juice → Tomato Juice

Although the difference in calories is not great, tomatoes are rich in lycopene and antioxidant, which is better for dieting and for preventing cancer and heart disease.

Tomatoes contain less vitamin C than orange, but more potassium and beta-carotene.

So, we now learned about dietary substitutes with Yakson House.

So what are some other good dieting methods together with these alternate food diets?

Easy and comfortable diet! Introducing the S line body care of Yakson House.

Professional and detailed care will create a beautifully balanced body line overall.

Still having hard time doing the diet?

With Yakson House,

Try to achieve slim body line,

Beautifully and comfortably!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


When talking to the acquaintances, it is noticed that many people suffer from uncomfortable insomnia.

What is insomnia?
It is a sleep disorder where the beginning of sleep or maintenance of sleep is difficult or not restored.

In the worst case, the use of medicine is needed to treat the insomnia.

Have you heard that sleeping is good nutrition for your health?

Our bodies organize activities while sleeping and rearrange the energy needed for the next day.

In addition, the secretion of the immune hormone called melatonin helps our body protect against various diseases.

If insomnia hinders this function, then the body balance will surely be destroyed.

Today, for those who suffer from insomnia, the magic breath of self-relief therapy called “478 breathing methods” will be introduced!

478 Breathing is a treatment for insomnia that cures the insomnia, proposed by Professor Andrew Weil from Harvard Medical School.

It is effective in being able to calm the anxiety.

478 Breathing Method

Keep your back straight while lying down.
Then, press the palate right behind your front teeth using the tip of your tongue, and now you're ready!

While keeping this posture, keep your mouth closed and inhale through your nose for 4 seconds.
After that, hold your breath for 7 seconds, then exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat this routine.

If you try this breathing method, you can fall asleep in a minute without a sleeping pill!

It supplies more oxygen to the lungs to stabilize the parasympathetic nervous system, alleviate stress, and helps to cure the anxiety disorders.

Practice this breathing exercise at least 2 times in a day for 6 to 8 weeks and you will be successful in sleeping in 1 minute.

Moreover, if you cannot sleep at night, slow down your breathing and breathe enough to get enough air into your diaphragm and lungs.

At this point, if you double your breathing speed, you will see greater effect!

This breathing makes one calm down as the heart rate and blood pressure slowly decreases.

Those who struggled to count the sheep every night with insomnia! Try 478 breathing to treat insomnia and sweet dreams tonight!

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Monday, October 23, 2017


It is considered to be troublesome to pick what to wear in the busy morning, especially for the female office workers.

They sometimes spend pretty much time to choose their outfit.

The most basic item, shirts match nicely with any other outfits and it has high usability for all seasons.

The white shirt provides various atmosphere depends on how you match it.

A woman who looks good with her white shirts is considered to be an unchanging ideal type of many men.

Today, Yakson House will introduce you how to match and style the white shirts.

Feminine Look

If you want to emphasize your feminine or lovely charm, try to wear long and boxy white shirts with the skinny jeans that reveal your body line.

In addition, if you finish your look with high heels, you will find a look that captivates men’s attention and liking.

If you want to appeal your sexy charm, try on destroyed jeans and loose white shirts.

If you want to wear your shirts casually, try layering with a sweatshirt or sweater.

If you mix and match the toned down shirts with sweatshirt, you can maximize the active and comfortable feeling.

Simple Styling of White Shirts

White shirts are items that look stylish as you basically match it.

The fact is that if you are having simple, point-based shirts such as a basic white shirt or a punching-detailed shirt rather than a colorful frill or a lot of lace items, the beauty of refinement will be upgraded.

The look that matches the skirt with the white shirt or the punching detailed shirt completes the office woman fashion which is feminine and sensuous.

If you are striving for a casual look, try on denim pants in a white cotton shirt.

Match casual and active denim pants with a thin white shirt to create a casual look that utilizes a chic mood.

If you insert the shirt inside the pants and roll up both sleeves little bit, you can maximize stylishness.

Point to White Shirts

If you want to give your white shirt look a point, use cardigan.

If you wear a pastel-colored cardigan over your shirt, you can finish your look with a youthful atmosphere.

A woman with white shirts that look clean and innocent are often considered "men's ideal type."

So far, you've learned the romantic styling know-how of white shirts

In addition, another 'like of men' is the clavicle line of the woman.

The straight and sharp clavicle line reveals the feminine beauty and appeals the sexiness

Do not be frustrated with the invisible clavicle even if you try to obtain it.

The body line care of the Yakson will find and manage the hidden line.

The line care of Yakson will make beautiful upper body line starting from the neck to the shoulder collarbone.

Take the body line program of Yakson House and achieve a pretty and straight neckline and a beautiful collarbone.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017


Have you dreamed of a ‘holiday romance'?

Is it possible for you to find a lover in a trip like a romance movie star this summer and have a passionate 'holiday romance'?

Let’s talk about the secrets you can prepare for a sweet romance in a tourist destination. In addition to the styling that attracts attention from the others, "Yakson House" will tell you the various enjoyable vacation tips.

"The place, attire, and attitude that the person's charm stands out, is the key!"

If you dream of a movie-like romance at the place of your vacation, you need some effort. Opportunity is not for the ones who just wait for it, but the ones who have been preparing for it.

Let 's start by choosing the tourist destination you want to leave first. It is better to choose a place that you like and enjoy. You can enjoy it naturally, and there are many opportunities to appeal your own charm.

Famous hotels, sky lounges, coffee shops and wine bars in your chosen tourist destination are places where you can meet the others freely. It is good to refer to this tip since you can have natural opportunities to talk to strangers with music, simple drinks, and nice mood.

It is also important to dress appropriately for the vacation spot. It is necessary to choose cloths that match your look, body and mood rather than very colorful or fancy clothes. Even if you wear a pair of shorts and a simple T-shirt, for example, it is important to maintain harmony and you should be able to express your own style.

You should consider not only a dress that you wear but also your hair and make-up. The casual attire looks good with natural hair, whereas the more formal and fancy costume will look better with a tied hair or neatly arranged hair. As such, the style that fits into the vacation spot can be the first step to prepare for the holiday romance.

If you've completed your own styling that made you more attractive, you'll need an attitude that is appropriate for it. As you meet new people in new places, you may need a look/attitude that attracts more attention than the others.

When talking to the other person, it is one of the important things that the opponent can have a good feeling, by showing big gestures and bright and cheerful face expressions. It is also a way to show a confident smile and/or a positive reaction.

If you encounter your ideal type of person, it is good to try eye-contact with the person. This is not only a part of showing your care or good feeling, but also a basis for forming relationships based on your sincerity.

Travel is one of the valuable experiences to look back on yourself. What a dramatic event it is, to be able to meet a loved partner through your travel! Those who dream of holiday romance, seize the opportunity and make it yours.

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