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TGIF! What do you plan for tonight?

Hello, YS friends visiting here. :) Thanks god it is Friday. I am glad weekend is in front of me. In my case, I was crazy to work which means couldn't exercise or care myself at all. That is why I am glad to see weekend!

What about you? Do you have any plan for tonight?
You did a great job during last week,  hopefully,  have a good rest, nice weekend! 
Oh, do not forget always love yourselves.

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How much do you drink coffee in a day?

How much do you drink coffee in a day?  In my case, I drink one cup a day in average and it is like habit.  Even I don't feel tired, I feel like to drink it.

Anyways, have you ever heard of that?   Coffee has two sides of the same coin. 

One side. 
Coffee helps your diet! 

Caffeine which is contained in coffee breaks down fats and rises sympathetic nerve.  (However, if it is with too much sugar,  it is going to be another story.) 
It prevents us from cancer!
Polyphenol in coffee is playing a role  preventing combination of proteins which boost cancer cells. 

The other side. 
It interrupts calcium absorbed from our body.  And also it is said to be diuretic.  So, it really helps to have milk after coffee.  (If so, Latte or Cappucino is scientific drinks!)  

So, in conclusion, I would say the most healthiest way to drink  it is to keep suitable amount of a day, avoid sugar.

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Cograts! Donganingirl in Apgujung Branch Opened! :)

Donganingirl(동안인걸) is esthetic shop specialized in Skin care, established by Yakson House. 
We are happy to introduce you that Apgujung branch opened its business.

▲  Reception Desk 

▲ Seats for waiting

▲  Room 

▲ Sink 

If you plan to come Korea, why don't you visit here to experience our exclusive service?

Here is how to get there. The address:  22 Gangnam-daero 78-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea (830 Yeoksam-dong)

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How to lose your weight, The best way of losing weight

We will identify causes of your weight gain and help lose your weight without yo-yo effect using Beauty golki therapy.

If you tend to gain weight easily compared to the actual food intake, it is likely that yo-yo effect has become chronic in your body as energy consumption by the muscles exceeds fat decomposition due to frequent weight loss attempts. You may actually lose attractiveness of your body if you work too hard to lose weight without adequate management. Therefore, it is necessary to have an efficient weight loss program while keeping the muscles firm and the overall body shape attractive

Any question about this program, please don't hesitate contact us or leave comments here. :)

Book Signing in Gangnam

Hyunsook Kim, CEO of Yakson, signed autographs for their fans.
She published a self-help book that includes her story to success. 
This event was held in Kyobo Book store in Gangnam where the heart of the city,  it had a constant stream of visitors.  

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YS customer from South America

Yakson House Review in New York Branch 

Hi Choi Just to thank you for the attention, I felt very comfortable and in only three sessions my legs are much better (incredible!!). I will be returning for sure in July for at least 10 more sessions to try to finish treatment. Thank you a lot and have a nice day

Violeta Lagos Senior Manager - International Corporate Tax

Buenos Aires - Argentina

She visited Yakson house in New York from Argentina for bow legs correction. After treatment of 3 days, she sent us email complimenting and satisfying our service. 

Thank you Violeta, we are looking forward to seeing you again. :)

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Yakson House

Girlsday's First Album has been released

Girlsday's first full-length album will be unveiled with a title 'Expectations' Dream Entertainment announced that the concept of this album is black and red. 
Check it out through this video on TV Show.

It is good to see they is flourishing day by day. Hopefully, this album will be widely popular!

▲ Girlsday of Yakson Festival 2011 

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Birthday party for Yakson CEO and staff

Happy birthday to Yakson CEO and our staff
In last week, there was birthday party for Kim hyunsook yakson CEO and staff attained a birthday in March. This event was held with our regular staff meeting at the same time.

▲ Happy birthday! :)

▲  A cake with a message for Kim 

▲  Such a nice smile! :)

▲ Staff are gathering to celebrate. 

▲ One of presents.  Toes opened heels of Chanel. Doesn't it look nice? :)

Anyways, happy birthday to all of staff. Hope every thing you wish come true!

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Leg straightening care

Many customers have recently asked about our Leg straightening care program. 
Legs can become bowed and ugly by various lifestyle factors such as the way you walk and the way you sit or stand. When your legs are not pretty, it’s not just about esthetic attractiveness but about overall health of your body.
If you have bow legs or pigeon-toed it is essential to proofread it. This can cause perceived exercise barrier or injury. 

It is important that your legs are given systematic care for keeping them healthy and beautiful. 

For further information, please leave a comment. Our staff will respond it ASAP.

Thank you. 

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The best Bibimbab place in Seoul

Good afternoon! How was your weekend?  In Seoul, weather was quite crazy nice only on Sat.  The temperature went up to 71.6℉.  I can't not believe it because it snowed just 2 weeks ago. 
Anyways, it was such a nice day for the people who don't work weekends indeed.  For me as well. I went to go out without any hesitating.  Me and my near acquaintance went Namsan to have Bibimbap. 
It took 10 mins by car from MyeongDong station to there.  (You can walk but I wouldn't recommend since road is quite steep)
First, the building was quite impressive, isn't it?  Traditional Korean-style house was waiting for us!

We ordered Bulgogi Bibimbap and Korean Beef Tartare Bibimbap.

※Did you know that? Bibimbap is really good for beauty and our health! 
Bibimbap is called as 'perfect food' because it contains every essential nutrient we need. More than 5 of vegetables with vitamin and minerals, rice with carbohydrate,  beef with protein, fat and vitamin B.  Since its nutrient is bala…

Food Compatibility

To eat well is important for making our body healthy and beauty. Have you heard about 'Food Compatibility?' Compatibility doesn't mean the good match for couples. Especially in Oriental medicine, it is considered importantly to have the food as well as  what kind of food we eat with.
Last time, I had smoked duck and chives.

▲ Chives
▲  Smoked duck

Duck has a temper making our body cold, so it is known as health food for those who has much heat on their body.
On the other hand, Chives is called as 'hot food'. Chive contains ingredients making heats, so it helps increase our body temperature.
This is food compatibility.  Once the foods which have totally different temper meet, it can boost the positive effect that food has to our body. 
To state it differently, if we don't care about the food compatibility, the foods will have a bad influence to our health.

Here is a list ofthe best food matching.
Corn - Milk Coffee- Cheese  Potato- Cheese Port -  Shiitake Law f…