Tuesday, September 19, 2017


The latest fitness trend among women in Korea has emerged – apple bottoms.
Rather than a preference for a thin and slender look, more and more women have been working towards a healthy and sexy image instead. Handfuls of active women with more toned bodies have gotten much positive attention in light of this trend. Completion of women's fascinating figure depends on the apple hips and the sexy and healthy apple hips in jeans are the goal of many women.
Apple hip is the most important part of completing the so-called 'S line', which refers to the shape of the apple-like shape of the buttocks. Especially when wearing tight skinny jeans, the importance of apple hip is more emphasized.

From now on, the global beauty esthetics – Yakson, will give you tips on how to make a perfect apple hip and how to manage it.

As a woman gets older, her hips become flattened. This is because the menstrual and reproductive cycle are repeated that the hipbone gets larger. Also, walking pigeon-toed is a major cause of flattening the buttocks.

Women office workers who sit long in front of the desk for a long time also have weakness in the pelvic muscles, which can lead to wider and flattened hips. If the pelvis is not contracted again, it may cause butt-sagging or fat accumulation. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper posture and care for the pelvis in everyday life.

To make pretty and perfect apple hips, it is a good idea to keep doing bottom-up stretching regularly. Hold the chair (use the navel-high one) and hold your legs together and lift one foot to the side while keeping your ankle at 90 degrees. From that position, move the legs up and down 30 degrees and repeat the set 5 times 30 times.

Next, (1) put your hands just below the shoulder, (2) kneels down, and (3) lie face down. After that, stretch one leg straight and start moving up and down the leg so that the pelvis is stimulated. Repeat this procedure for several times. For this workout, it is important to give strength to the abdomen and to be careful about stimulation on the hip.

Yakson’s Program
Hip-up Care - Proper management of the pelvis to make nicer style of dressing and to make alive, resilient and balanced hip and butt. The pelvis and pubis are formed nicely and it’s around muscles become resilient.

Moreover, by creating an ideal apple hip, you can even have a long-lasting effect that your lower body looks longer than before. Above all, it is effective in preventing female diseases.

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