Thursday, April 25, 2019


Hello guys, this is Yakson Beauty.

How many hours do you #sleep on average?
For your #skin health, #sleeping well is as important as eating well. 

Especially modern people are usually #sick and tired of #beingtired. So people are getting more and more interested in the importance of a deep sleep.

So, I will tell you about the way to sleep well!  

What makes you can’t sleep well?
The biggest reason is #stress.
The person who has a lot of worries, also can has a restless night because of the too much #thoughts. 

And also many people use their smart phones before they sleep, this habit effects on the quality of the sleeping as well. 

Sleeping is very important to maintain the body’s #metabolism, main #organs, and balance of the body. 

Needed sleeping hours are different by each, but on average, a person should sleep for at least 7 hours a day. 

Then, I will let you know some tips for deep sleep.
For your comfortable sleep, you shouldn’t do any acts what can prevent your sleep before you go to bed.

First, please minimize the use of #electronic devices such as TV and smart phone in the night.
Also, it is good to get some sun in the daytime.
Employees who work inside cannot easily get #sunning, but please get some fresh air and some son during the #lunch time.

If you are still having a problem of your sleep even if you’ve changed your #lifestyle in a good way, there is Yakson’s care program.
#Yakson Beauty’s program can release your stress and #tiredness.
After receiving Yakson’s care program, you may feel you are in a good condition.

I hope you can sleep well. Have a good #night ;)

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