Many people skip the breakfast as their daily lives are so busy.
But some people try to have light #food in the morning for their health.
Did you know that there are some #foods that are not good to eat on an empty stomach?
Let’s find out what foods are bad to have on an empty stomach!

#Banana contains a lot of #magnesium.
Eating #bananas on an empty #stomach will increase your magnesium level in blood, unbalancing potassium level.
This will adversely affect your heart, so stay away from bananas when you have an empty stomach.

#Tomatoes contain large amounts of #tannic acid.
Eating tomatoes can increase the #acidity of the stomach and, in severe cases, can even lead to stomach ulcers.
It could also cause indigestion or pain as pressure inside the stomach increases.

Sweet Potato
#Sweetpotato contains collagen and tannins.
This ingredients stimulate the stomach wall, releasing more stomach acid.
That is, like tomatoes, it has a bad effect on the stomach.
Sweet potato is good food for d…


Menstrual Cycle Diet!

Usually, female’s body is changing on 28 days’ cycle.
Estrogen and progesterone hormones are changing because of menstruation cycle.
Have you heard that it is better to go on a diet using menstruation cycle? Today, Yakson Beauty will introduce menstruation cycle diet.

There are 4 categories of body rhythm by menstruation cycle.

1. Menstrual period (From beginning day of period to the end day)

Estrogen is estradiol, and it is active during the periods. In the periods, you may look pale and anemia and menstrual pain may occur. In the period, you may feel stressful and women in the period may suffer reduced stamina. It is not recommending to do excessive dieting. The important thing in this period is a smooth emission of period blood. For that, women in the period should take an enough rest.

It is good to relax and keep the body warm.
Somebody think that they can lose their weight if they start a diet in the period.
But it is wrong.


She said,
I am bride-to-be in this autumn in the late 20's.
There are several things I have to care about such as home, furniture, household items, and etc. The most annoying thing among them is trapezius muscles.

It might because of my wrong posture, my trapezius muscles are getting tightening and bigger.

Sometimes, I feel like I am an athlete. Others usually take care of their clavicle line, actually, there are some wedding dress that can hide the clavicle line, but it is difficult to hide trapezius line even if I wear turtleneck.

I know there is a Botox shot to reduce the size of trapezius muscles by paralyzing muscles. But I am a little bit worried about it.
Can I reduce my trapezius muscles by massage treatment? I have just a few months to wear a wedding dress and I would like to make a perfect wedding dress line for my wedding day.
Yakson Beauty said,

Before marriage, many brides-to-be are worried about upper body line. Usually, people want to be looked beautiful at the most specia…