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The menstruation comes once a month to women. Menstruation, which is annoying and painful every month, is a problem for many women. More than 65% of menstruating women are suffering from premenstrual syndrome, that is PMS.

Today, I will introduce to you how to prevent the premenstrual syndrome that comes once a month. People who have excessive menstrual symptoms are likely to have problems with the uterus or pelvis.

Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

- Depression
- Emotional ups and down
- Lethargy

- Strong improvement of appetite
- Nervousness
- Skin problems

- lower abdomen, back, breast pain
- Decreased concentration

- Insomnia or sleep time increasing
- Anxiety
- Edema
- Tingle of the whole body

These symptoms are typical, and there are various symptoms for individual.

Especially depression, helplessness, and improvement of appetite appear to many women!

Causes of PMS
The exact cause is not certain.
However, there is a tendency that the change of hormones changes the flow in the body and affects the biorhythm. In addition to this, there are various reasons such as genetic influence, pelvic deviation, a phenomenon that menstrual impurities stimulate the pelvis.
In cases of severe premenstrual syndrome, it is important to identify and cure a definite cause.

How to prevent PMS
Before menstruation, it is recommended to make your body warm by taking a shower with warm water because a woman before menstruation sensitive and it is easy to get cold.

If you feel pain, steaming with a hot pack is also very helpful for pain relief and blood circulation.

It is said that eating iron-rich foods and healthy foods also helps relieve symptoms.
nutrient-rich foods also make your body healthy!

In addition, re-positioning the unbalanced pelvic by pregnancy, childbirth, and menstruation may prevent the PMS and is effective for prevention or relieving the PMS.
So what are some programs to make the balanced pelvis?

By Yaskon Beauty’s pelvis care, you could have improved pelvis, resilient muscles, heart-shaped rear look of lower body, and prevent of female disease.

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