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Toothpaste will be a perfect cleanser for all the dirt in the home not only for 
                                                    cleaning teeth. 

It's hard to remove bad smells after eating a fish, garlic and other smelly foods. Putting a little amount of toothpaste when washing hands will remove the bad smell of foods.

        Cleaning headlights of a car, bathtub, sink, and toilet with toothpaste will remove                                                   slime and dirt on them. 

If you want to make white shoes and shirts clean, brush them with toothpaste. Toothpaste has a bleaching effect, so it will turn them back their original-white fabric.

Cleaning the LCD of smart phone with a toothpaste will make it much clear than cleaning it with your clothes. Using it for cleaning a watch will work well, too.
It would be better to use a toothpaste which has passed its expiry date rather than throwing it away.

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How do you spend your weekend?👀 If you are an indoor person just like me, you would like chill at home  watching drama, movies, and so on💤
I will spend this weekend with Netflix dramas that I had recommended. And I love to share my "to-watch-list-on Netflix"🎥

The first one is "To All the Boys I've Loved Before."💕 It's a standard teen romantic comedy, based on a novel📚 of the same title by  Jenny Han. 

It's a love story of Lara Jean (acted by Lana Condor) and Peter (acted by Noah Centineo)👫

It's a mega-hit drama💥💣

Another one is, Netflix's latest teen flick, a love story happening at Stanford Univ🏫

I saw a short trailer of it on Instagram and it seemed like fun. I think the trailer-editor in Netflix Korea is good at hooking users🎣

Exactly, I do not enjoy romance drama or movie usually💔 However, my friend also recommended to me, so I'll try to watch it this weekend🙆

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[YAKSON MAKATI] Beauty Editor's real case study: Small Face Care(10sessions)

Good morning💜💨 Yakson beauties! 💓love to share Yakson Makati's beauty editor's desired result  after 10sessions of her small face care🙆

#Repost @sharmainder • • • Smaller face achieved without surgery!
After I completed the 10 sessions of @yakson_global’s Small Face Care program, I must say that their services are really effective!! As a proof, we compared my face before entering their small face program with gypsum mask and the mask after 10 sessions. My face has become smaller and more symmetrical.
I definitely recommend Yakson House’s services to anyone who wants to achieve smaller face in a natural way. 🌝💕 Kudos to director Kim yu min and her staff for their wonderful service! Thank you Yakson Makati! ❤️ 

Her cheekbones appear well-positioned in relation to each other and in fact, quite charming!👍 Rather, the widening of the gap between the temples (temporal bones) may be of greater concern💦
Chronic back stiffness and a sustained, protracted scapula/widening betwe…


Do you know the famous Korean food tteokbokki? It's a rice cake boiled with sweet and spicy sauce.  Normal tteokbokki is not that spicy to Koreans, however, the franchised tteokbokki restaurant name YUPDDUCK is known for its hot and super spicy tteokbokki💥💣

Because of its super hot and spicy flavor, many Koreans love YUPDDUCK and it's especially popular among  young Koreans👅
Better to try YUPDDUCK when you have a chance to visit Korea. Don't worry if you are not good at eating spicy food. there are several levels of spiciness: spicy-original-less spicy😈
They have 127 outlets in Seoul💖  click the URL to get more branch information!

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Looking for a traditional-mood tour spots in Korea? Speaking frankly, you can find many fancy tour spots in Seoul, like cafes whose ambiance is perfect for SNS uploading (especially for Instagram👀✌) and also you can find many franchised-shops and brands.
However, Seoul is not a super proper city for a tourist who wants to enjoy a unique mood of foreign country-traditional buildings, streets etc.

Still, you can enjoy antique buildings and streets in Seoul, especially at Bukchon Hanok, Korean traditional buildings, Village! There are Hanbok, Korean traditional costumes, reantal stores so you can take photos wearing Hanbok and Hanok as your background💥

There are also some cafes and quest houses using remodeled Hanok used to used as a commercial place.
So you could enjoy the romantic mood of Korean antique residence in Seoul💖😎

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Our eyes easily get dry, especially in weather changing seasons. Dry eyes is a chronic and prevalent concern in the modern workplace.
The ultraviolet rays in autumn and winter are not weaker than those in summer. If you have had Lasik surgery before, dry eyes could become worse than before.

Why does dry eyes arise in weather changing season?
Symptoms of dry eyes and dry eye syndrome include: itchy eyes, sore eyes, aching sensations, photophobia (light sensitivity), easily fatigued eyes. It tends to get tired should you have active in the afternoon.

Then how can we get rid of dry eyes? Keep desirable indoor humidity, preferred humidity is about 60-70%. Should you use an air conditioner or heater for a long time, you have to air your room frequently.
Reduce your smartphone-using time and also remove your eyes from television and computer. Your should take a rest while using your smartphone.

Put artificial tears frequently so your eye could stay moist. I had Lasik surgery before, so I t…


Good Friday everyone! For Shanghai residencies,  I want to share information of Shanghai Hongguan Branch 😸
We also have Gubei branch in Shanghai, so will post it someday:)

The waiting area is very spacious and convenient😍

The ambiance is really great. The place is neat and relaxing 😄

Experience the consummate union of Korean glamour and a sincere commitment for your well-being! 

Visit our website for more branch info.

Tel. 021-5484-7782
2nd Floor, Jingting Tiandi Shenghuo Guangchang, Blk 8 1078 Hongquan Rd, Minhang Dist, Shanghai, China

Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441  G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village.  Makati. Philippines  
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Hi, Yakson beauties! I'd love to share our newly filmed branding video. please check it out on youtube :)
Yakson offers you special Korean massage (bone therapy) Visit our website for more information!

Singapore : The philippines  :

Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441  G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village.  Makati. Philippines  
Yakson The Star Vista Branch:6734-8333 #B1-24 1 Vista Exchange Green Singapore 138617
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Hi, Yakson beauties! I love to share my first-beauty expo experience ♥

Last month, I went to K-beauty Expo, which was held at Kintex, Ilsan Gyeonggi-do. The traffic is not much easy to go to Kintex from Seoul and it took even about 3hours from my home. 

However, it was rewarded. We were surprised that there are so many people and companies in the world who have deep interest in the K-beauty industries.
So many corporations including skin care brands, cosmetic brands, massage machine brands, also hair salons and make-ip aesthetics participated in the event.

We could get pamphlets of each brand and also had chances to have a simple test for each product(dry shampoo was most interesting :) ) could get samples of facial sheet mask too.

We could buy the products for a wholesale price. Thinking about the admission fee which is 5000KRW, it's pretty cool though! It was quite a great experience until it was a tiring day to have a round trip to Ilsan.

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[YAKSON EDITOR'S REVIEW] Yakson House Small Face Care: 4th to 6th Session

original post: Sharmainder: Yakson House Small Face Care: 4th to 6th Session
TGIF beauties~! I'd love to share Yakson Makati's beauty editor Sharmainder's 3rd review.
last post: Sharmainder: Yakson House Small Face Care: First Session Sharmainder: Yakson House Small Face Care: 2nd and 3rd Session

Time sure flies so fast!! I'm already halfway through my Small Face Care Program!

If you guys are following me on instagram and view my ig stories, you may be aware that I'm a very foodie person like I eat a lot, when I say a lot, it reallyyy is A LOOOOT. lol My body don't get fat that much but it goes all to my cheeks lels. I think its because of my 7 to 8 hours commute a day that I'm always hungry :(. I live in Malabon and work in Mckinley hahaha good thing Yakson is located in Makati because it is on the way to work. I feel guilty because of that since I want to have slimmer face but I eat too much. But I am really amazed with Yakson's Golki therapy since it f…