Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yakson's Celebrity Customers

 Lots of Korean celebrities visit Yakson House 
as customers since its launch.

Celebrities who is acting as 
  Actors and Actresses, Announcers, singers, Comedians 
visit us and were satisfied with our services.

 Narsha, Brown Eyed Girls 

Chaewon Moon

 Hara Gu, KARA

 Hanbyeol Park

 Girl group Secret

Seongkyung Kim

Siyoung Lee

Who is going to be the next?  :)
Anyways, Thank you for giving interests in our services.
We promise that will keep try to the best for better services. 

And you can check a list of more celebrities this link.

yakson house

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How close is your face to the golden ratio?

Golden Ratio in your Face



Discovered in nature, the golden ratio implies perfection of nature.
It is known as an aesthetic ratio giving maximum comfort to human eyes.

The golden ratio is also found on the facial features.

Regardless of ethnicity, culture, gender or age, 
the most beautiful face is always close to the golden ratio.

It is not the appearance of individual facial features 
but the overall harmony which determines the image of the face.

Two persons may have identical facial features but the positions, 
distances and angles of the features can make the faces look completely different. 

Ratio are one of the most important elements that 
determine the overall impression of the face.

How close is your face to the golden ratio?
Check it out here.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Self Face Massage

Here is another video of self massage that you can do easily. :D 

Self massage is a great way to reduce stress and relieve tension. 
Also it is very good for blood flow that can lead to healthier body.

 Step 1. 
Self Face Massage  
Sit down and straiten your back.

Step 2.

Relax your tense muscles around mouth

Step 3.
   Self Face Massage

Rest your chin on your hand and lift up your chin with the other hand

Step 4. 

Similar with Step4.
Just make a fist lightly and lift up one side chin.

Step 5. 
Self Face Massage

Done for today!

I can't say this massage will absolutely help your face line more beautiful
I can say steady and slow wins the race! :)

Should you keep following this video,
you will see the change!:)

You can also check
Youtube video.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

[Tips] How To make your face smaller

Yakson house is going to give you a tip about..

"How To make your face smaller"

Reliving swelling and tension of shoulders has an effect on face size.

So, here is a tip how to relieve swelling.

1. Sit down with straighten your back.
Pull your side neck with right hand to the right side.
Keep posing for 5 seconds

2. Second, repeat the other side.

3. Lace fingers behind your head and lower your hands slowly.

4. Massage your shoulders.

5. Fold your hands and push your chin to the top.

Here is full video. ;)

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Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Choose Bang

Fashion isn't the word just for clothes or accessories, it can be for your hairstyle. The reason why is that hair style can make a decision personal image.

#1. Rounded Face 

There are many cases for eastern people with this type. Bang isn't good solution for cover their shape. In this case, it is better to make much longer bang

#2. Angular face

First, part your hair at the side, make a wave to cover chin line.

#3. Long face 

If you have long face, bang style is perfect solution! 

Which case among three are you belong to? :D 

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yakson House Cosmetic, Chungryu Pack

Yakson House Cosmetic, Chungryu Pack

Eos beaute(Yakson House Costmetic Brand) Chungryu Pack

Yakson House Cosmetic, Chungryu Pack

Chung-ryu’ 30 plants pack (Tube Type)

Size: 200ml

Price: $60

Yakson House Cosmetic, Chungryu Pack

How to use: Apply face avoiding the eye area after toner and then rinse off after 15 ~ 30 min.

 Yakson House Cosmetic, Chungryu Pack

Yakson house`s ‘Chung-ryu’ 30 plants pack will help your skin look healthy and very effective for skin lifting and tightening. Korean traditional ingredients revitalize skin's appearance with advanced lifting and firming technology. Good thirty kinds of herbal ingredients in the skin helps firm up your skin. It contains oyster powers that will work great for aging skin and revitalize skin.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rainbow Girl Group, Rainbow Korean Girl Group, Rainbow Jissok

Rainbow Girl Group, Rainbow Korean Girl Group, Rainbow Jissok

Rainbow Jissook step by Yakson House Apgujeong branch

Rainbow Girl Group, Rainbow Korean Girl Group, Rainbow Jissok

Rainbow Jisook

July 18, 1990 (age 22)

Main vocalist, 164cm, 41kg

Awards Won:

Cyworld Rookie Of The Month

2011 Most Photogentic Award (2011 Korea Visual Arts Awards)

26th Golden Disk Awards (Disk Award)

New Star Award (2012 Asia Model Festival Awards)

Rainbow is a 7-member South Korean girl group and they debuted in 2009 with first single “Gossip Girl”. These girls are full of talent! I asm so excited to see them soon because acoording to Rainbow agency, they will make comeback next month. I hope they do well!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yakson House Yeoksam Branch

Yakson House Yeoksam Branch

Yakson House Yeoksam Branch

Yakson House Yeoksam Branch

Yakson House Yeoksam Branch

Yakson House Yeoksam Branch

Yakson House Yeoksam Branch

Yakson House Yeoksam Branch

Original Message

I am a massage mania, so I go to spa at least once a week. Also, I’m a loyal customer, so once something-- the bags, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, restaurant, shops--, reaches my satisfaction, I tend to stick to it.
Before I’ve been to Yeoksam branch in 2010, I was a frequent visitor of the H-something hotel spa. However, once I received a face balance treatment at the Yeoksam Yakson House, I decided to change my place.
Although the amenities are not first rate, and they don’t have Jacuzzi, pool or individual spa room, they have well-trained and cheerful staffs who can take my rigid muscles away and revitalise my body. Not only that I am surprised to find that my face bone shape is actually changed just like I received a cosmetic surgery. All of my colleagues and friends asked me whether I got Botox even. :D
I’ve travelled around world for the business. Since I’m a massage mania as it is told above, I visit the spa place every time I travel. However, nothing completes my satisfaction, because none of them couldn’t loosen my rigid “I-need-a-massage” spot. If I go to the Yakson House with my tense shoulder, the staffs relax it until it gets soft. I can say the Yakson House is one of the reasons that I don’t want to leave Seoul. :D
I think I am indeed lucky enough to visit the Yakson House in 2010, and as long as I stay in Korea, the Yakson House is the ONE and ONLY place for massage where I can thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my visit.

Reply Message

Dear SB,
The one and only Yakson House!! You might like gossip girl. So do I. ^^
We’e honored to hear you and thank you for sharing your experience on our website.
I envy that you’ve travelled around world and visited so many spa places. ^^
I’ so appreciate you think Yakson House is the best.
You've recieved our facial balance care for about 3years.
We used our special Golki therapy technique to reshape your face into a V-shaped baby face
by pressing down bones and rejoining the gapped bones, particularly temporal bone area.
Your steady visits have resulted in a fine face contour and symmetrical face.
We will continue to do our best for your beauty and health.

Looking forward to your next visit!
From MyungSook, Back
Yakson House yeoksam branch
Seoul, Korea

Yakson House Yeoksam Branch 

President: Bak Myung Sook
Address: #602, Sin-Hong bldg. 739-1, YukSam1-dong, GangNam-gu, Seoul
Hours: 10am-10pm (9AM~6PM on Saturday, 10AM~6PM on holiday)
Telephone: +82-2-501-7761

Subway: Get off at Yeoksam Station on Line #2 and take Exit #3. Walk up toward Kraze Burger and enter the alley between Gangnam Finance Building and Mirae Asset Building. Yakson House is next to Seven Eleven with yellow sign. 

yakson house

Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441