Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Hello! It’s Yakson again.

The gorgeous and colorful makeup is popular in a summer season, and the lip colors are especially considered to be the main point of makeup!

The choice of lip make-up determines the completeness of your make-up.

There are different colors to perk out your lip, such as red, orange, pink, peach, coral, burgundy, matt, gloss, pearl and so on.

But sometimes, there are some colors that you think they are so pretty, but when you actually try them, they don’t look nice on you.

If the colors look nice ONLY when you just look at them, what is the use of it?

If you choose the color that best matches your skin tone, it will definitely boost your charm, right?

Today, let's find out the lip color that matches your skin tone.

1. Choose When No-Makeup

To find a lip color that suits you, it is suggested to choose the lipstick when you do not put any make up.

The lips of each person have slightly-different-pinkish-color, so their lip colors considerably influence their appearance when they are wearing lipstick.

It is also important to choose a lipstick that fits your lip color.

Pale lips are suggested to put bright colors such as beige, sandy pink and coral pink. And lips in medium tone are suggested to put brown or red color lipstick.

Moreover, purple lipsticks are recommended for those who have dark-color lips.

2. Pick a Lip Color That Matches Your Skin Tone

1) White Skin
General color to vivid color. Fair skin is blessed to match most lip colors!
The red color makes the person look well and lively, and it is also good to emphasize the lip with hot pink color, after adjusting the texture of your skin.

However, the nude color is no-no! You might look sick.

2) Yellowish Skin

Yellow skin tone is the representative skin tone of Asian people!
Yellow skin looks good with red or orange, and red tones make skin fresh and glow.

At this time, it is the point that you adjust the skin tone and make it clear using foundation.

3) Dark Skin

Dark skin is luxurious when it matches with light or nude lip color, and lipstick of cocoa and wine color will look good as they combined with the dark skin tone and create a sexy and fashionable look.

Do not make a mistake when choosing your lip color and try to find the best color for yourself! :)

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Nowadays, men also need different cares. So, the easiest ways to make men's skin flawless, will be introduced in this post. Yakson will be telling you male skin care routines for today!

Men's skin is rich in sebum secretion, and its thickness is twice thicker than the women’s.
Therefore, you should keep your skin clean so that you can maintain healthy skin without skin troubles.

Cleansing Needs to be Different in the Morning and Evening?

In the morning, wash your face using water only and try to end up with the cold green tea water.
It is effective for cleansing the skin and eliminating swelling, so you can feel great refreshment and moist in your skin.
In the evening, sebaceous secretions, body wastes, and various kinds of dust are attached to your skin, so it is essential to thoroughly wash it.

Try to use cleanser or moisturizing cleansing foam with a good cleansing nourishes and end up with used water from washing rice, for whitening and moisturizing.

You could feel light and moist skin!

Reduce Irritation Caused by Shaving

If you experience skin problems by shaving, use an electric shaver and apply plenty of shaving cream.
Open the pores prior to shaving with a warm towel that can reduce irritation.

Moisturizing Your Skin

It is also recommended to moisturize your skin with a moisturizing mask pack, especially when long time of ultraviolet rays exposure that involves a lot of sweat.

If you are embarrassed to use the mask packs, it's a good idea to use this simple method!

It is a simply pack which is that using moisturizing serum or toner on cosmetic cotton. Put on the areas of the face that are stimulated by heat for a long time, and it acts as a pack to provide moisture easily.

You will feel much moisturized skin than usual moist mask packs.

Sebum Management in Daily Life

Every day, you would see much oil secretion on your face.

It is advisable to wipe away the oil that causes the conditions that the dusts and body wastes, stick on your skin.
Try to tab the oily areas using oilpapers to wipe away the oil on your skin.

The skin will be light, shiny and smooth.

Tip: Do not rub the pores with the oilpapers at this time because they can be widened.

Special Day Skin Care

Get help from a specialist.
Yakson’s special skin care is a special management program for men.

We will concentrate on the shoulder and back which are knotted due to the stress caused by the usual work.
Through this care, the upper body and facial muscles are softened so that the impression becomes softer and the overall look becomes nicer.

Depending on the condition of your skin, we also offer customized skin care such as whitening and moisturizing.

So far, you have learned about the men's skin care routines together with Yakson House.

Have smooth and flawless skin with Yakson.
And grow your confidence.

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Friday, November 17, 2017


There are a lot of people who are throwing off their uncomfortable shoes and looking for comfortable and cool sandals.

But it is dangerous to just buy and wear those fashionable sandals!

The editor also once tried the gladiator sandals and strapless sandals that are so popular but the result was terrible.

Today Yakson will introduce tips of choosing sandals according to your body shape that maximizes your charm.

Those Who Have Short Legs, Get Sandals Revealing the Top of Your Foot

If you are struggling with short legs, choose a strap sandal that reveals the top of your foot a lot.

If you choose well-visible-foot-designed sandal, like toe-open sling back, or a skin-color sandal with a strap on an X-shaped or diagonal line, your legs will look longer and thinner since people avert their eyes to your toes.

Those Who Have Leg Muscles, Get Low-heeled Sandals

If the calf muscles are developed, the muscles seem to become more visible when you wear high heels.

Therefore, thin heels are recommended to avoid and it is recommend to wear wedge hills or sandals with 3 to 4 heels.

When you want to wear high heels, choose chunky heels.

Those Who Have Big Feet, Get Sandals with Straps That Embrace Your Foot

If you have a wide range of feet, a medium-thick X-shaped strap sandals are recommended.

It is because there is a visual effect that spreads the gaze of the other people and it also covers the wide foot.

In addition, if you wear sandals with colorful patterns, the attention of the others will focus on sandals instead of your feet.

Those Who Are Short, Get Platform Sandals
Are you obsessed with kill-hills because you want to be tall?

Now, try to rest your legs.

Platform sandals with a high-heeled front and back automatically provide a tall-look effect.

Depending on your preference, there are a variety of choices such as wooden heels, jelly shoes that are suitable even during the rainy seasons!

Hold on!

If you want to look nice with any sandals?

Try to have Pretty Leg Care / Slim Legs Care in Yakson House!

We manage with lower body size and weight mainly, and make slim and pretty legs that would boost your confidence.

So far, you have learned about the selection of sandals according to the body shape with Yakson.
You have wide feet and thick legs that are troublesome?

Try to refer to the tips of selecting sandals that are mentioned today, and also try to have the programs of Yakson!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Your emotions are depressed, angry, sad, happy, joyful, and change for thousands of times a day.

If you cannot control these various emotions on your own, it might cause a sickness and harm on your health.

Today's Yakson story is about self-emotion control method.

Yakson will be introducing the self-emotion control method that can influence your feelings that change for thousands of times.

Be a Master of Your Self-esteem

Three Steps to Eliminate Depressed Emotions

A depression can make a person down and digs deep into their own sad emotion!

If you cannot resolve your depression for a long time and always feeling depressed, you are not be able to deal with your feelings!

Remember 3 things when you feel depressed.


Pull your lips up and make them into bright smile.
The facial expression is connected with emotions, so it is a great help.

Walk with Lively Steps

It is NO NO to walk slowly without any energy because of your depressed mind.

Straighten your back and lengthen your stride! Walk with energy and stand firmly.

Use Positive Words

"I'm tired of it"
"I think I'm going crazy"
"I’m so exhausted"

Such habitual negative words we use dominate our feelings unconsciously!

Use positive words instead of extreme expressions or negative words.

Through this, I can become a positive icon.

Control Your Prompt Anger

When you cannot control your anger, just hold on for 30 seconds.

30 seconds, it is short but is actually time to think a lot.

When you are angry, your whole body gets a lot of stress.
Think about it for 30 seconds to see if it is worth getting angry even though it harms your body and health.

Let It Go Without Regret

For example, you think you want to achieve 100 points or perfect score. However, when your ability is only 70 points, you get stress and tend to have negative thoughts because of the missing “30 points.”

But if you set your goal to 80, the difference is only 10, so you're less stressed!

It is wise to discard your greed for things you do not have and to realize your current situation.

Eat Sweets And Make Your Body Comfortable

When you fail to control your own emotions, try to heal with food.

When you are obsessed with gloomy emotions, warm milk, fatsia, and wild chive calm your nerves.

Or have sweet chocolate or candy.
Chocolate helps stimulate the central nervous system to make you feel better.

When You Are Upset, Have Some Care to Calm Your Body

As soon as we get angry, our body may have blood circulation disorder as well as muscle stiffness and headaches.

Massage care is very effective to smooth blood circulation and loosen muscles.

Body Golki Care

Body Golki Care of Yakson House, stimulates shoulder and neck to resolve the stiffness. Moreover, the muscle hardening will be softened and beautifully managed.

For modern people who are not in good posture and stressful, it is very necessary care!

It is also loved by many office workers who want to receive the care during the lunch time!

It’s time to care for yourself. Invest some time for you!

So far, you have learned how to cope with depression and self-control.
Try to be aware of the tens of your emotions and adjust them by yourself.

Friday, November 10, 2017


[ How To Deal With Stretch Marks ]

Good Day Yakson Beauties!

Stretch marks are commonly seen in puberty women and women after childbirth.

Why do stretch marks occur?

Stretch line is a shrinking linear line that appears on the skin that is damaged by the pulling force.

At first, it appears as a red line, which looks different from normal skin. Moreover, a little bend can also be seen.

Stretch line is caused by puberty and childbirth, because of sudden fattening and in the process, some collagen fiber bonds are even destroyed.

Sometimes, it is impossible to know when stretch marks appear. In addition, there are many cases where it is difficult to treat stretch marks easily because it’s been a long time already.

The most important thing in managing stretch marks is to constantly check and treat.

When you are overweight or pregnant, apply sunscreen and moisturizing cream time to time, and also massage the stretch marks with oil and cream.

[ Effective Treatment For Stretch Marks ]

The most important thing in managing stretch marks is “water supply.”

After taking a shower, make sure to apply body lotion or cream for hydration.

At this time, use a product with contains a lot of oil and moisture, then it is going to be easy to take care of your body skin in everyday life even if you do not spend your extra time to see your dermatologist. Try to apply more on your back, belly, hips or thighs.

In the early stage of stretch marks, if you manage it personally, using the stretch-mark-treatment cream that is found in the market, the stretch marks will not get worse.

If the stretch marks have already existed for a long time, you should get professional stretch mark care.

If you have very old stretch marks, they will not be improved. So, the only way to get rid of it is using laser treatment, especially a carbon dioxide laser, microelectronics or high-frequency treatment in a dermatology clinic or hospital.

So here,

For preliminary moms who are experiencing such changes in body and mind due to pregnancy, Yakson will be introducing intensive program that is suggested for them, called “Postpartum Care.”

Stretch marks usually occur before and after childbirth of women. As the body changes, the surface of the skin becomes dry and the tissue layer collapses.

So, as mentioned earlier, it is difficult to recover the stretch marks. Therefore, it is most effective to prevent it through steady hydration, skin protection, and special pregnancy program.

Yakson’s Postpartum Care

Before giving birth to a child, a woman's body experiences various problems such as lower body edema and sudden weight gain, which can be stressful.

The most important thing in giving birth to a beloved baby is the mother's body and Yakson’s programs will provide great positive effects.

So far, you have read about stretch marks with Yakson.

The best way to manage the stretch marks is to check in advance and try to prevent them. And try to steadily have the programs of Yakson House.

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