Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bow Leg Straightening, Leg Straightening Massage

Yakson House / Leg Straightening Care / How to Make Pretty Legs / Straight Legs

< Leg Straightening Care – total 30 sessions>

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Leg Straightening Care

Leg Straightening Care

Leg Straightening Care

Leg Straightening Care


I go twice a week to get a massage at Yakson House.I already undergone 10 sessions for my legs and I would like to share my experience for you guys. I did 10 sessions and at about session 7 started feeling different my legs. Way way different. You may feel a bit tired after the massage and the soreness. I think this is completely normal. After-massage care by gently wiping down the participant`s body with a warm towel. It was so relaxing and peaceful. Their service is the best!!!

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