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As you grow older, have you ever thought that your face line is not distinct, or the center line of your face is off the center? Or haven't you seen a picture of you that you actually tried to smile brightly but just your one side of the end of your lips turned up? Today, YAKSON introduces the causes and solutions of an unbalanced face, which is acquired or worsened, and how to make a balanced face.
<Habit of creating an unbalanced face>

1. Open your mouth widely. If you open your mouth too large, the maxilla and the mandible are displaced and your face become asymmetric.
Resolution >>> When you eat food, you should put a small amount of food and eat it with your mouth closed. It is also better to open your mouth small when you  It is better to open your mouth small when you yawn.

2. Use only one side of your body. If you continue to use your body on only one side, cross the legs, such as chewing on one side or using only one hand, your body may develop asymmetrically and i…


Cinnamon Cinnamon stabilizes the stomach which is a digestive system of our body. And it helps to digest. Cinnamon also lowers cholesterol levels, so it can be used to prevent stroke, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. It is rich in potassium and is effective in releasing sodium.

Carrot Carrots are the target of green and yellow vegetables and are high in carotene, vitamin B, C, and E, potassium, calcium, sulfur, minerals, enzymes and dietary fiber. It's also high in sulphation, which helps eliminate the harm of active corals. It contains a lot of dietary fiber that excretes triglycerides in our body, which also has the effect of lowering blood pressure.

Strawberry Strawberries were also used medicinally in ancient Roman times for their vascular health. It helps release wastes and salts in the blood and is rich in potassium, so it has a sulfated effect and it helps boost immunity. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps to release inflammation of blood vessels. It lowers blo…


Hi, This is Yakson Beauty. Last August, 30th(Friday), an instructor from ‘Bacon Korea’ visited Yakson Academy and  gave a lecture with the theme of ‘The power of self-esteem and positive energy’ for 3 hours.

We talked together about what the words and actions that reduce or increase self-esteem are, what the factors that prevent positive energy are, and a right way to treat others.

Through the 3 hours lecture, we were able to think more about our colleagues and ourselves. We promise to be a Yakson person with higher self-esteem and positive energy.
Thank you.

3 steps to increase low self-esteem
Forgive yourself
A person with low self-esteem will have a hard time overcoming themselves when they make a mistake. Mistakes are the actions of all human beings, and it’s already in the past. The mistakes cannot dominate your entire life. It is important to forgive yourself and try not to make same mistakes again.
Think positively
If you think pessimistic, it is likely to be realized. For e…


Here is a Yakson Beauty’s Health tip! Today, I will introduce how to take care of health in daily life for #workers who spend most of their day in the office.
It is difficult to take time to take care of your health, I will introduce simple and easy ways to take care of your health. If you are an office worker, please do it in your daily life. Wash your hands often.

The first health tip is #hand washing.
Keyboard, mouse, telephone, which are directly touched by hands are full of germs.
It is necessary to wash your hands often to prevent #infection.
It is better to clean up the area with wet wipes time to time.

Take health #supplements
It's good to eat #nutrients with #food, but it's hard for office workers who are chased by time.
So it is better to intake lacking nutrients by having health supplements.
Of course, it's not good to eat every kind of health supplement.
There are a lot of nutritional supplements on the market such as calcium, vitamin, protein, minerals, etc. So find th…


If you're a #worker, you may feel easily #tired every day. Look around. You may see that #coffee is rolling on your #desk ! Are you tired of your day and overcome with #caffeine ? Do you know that not only coffee but also a variety of #drinks in everyday contain caffeine ?  Unconsciously, maybe you are a person who cannot live without caffeine!!!

Today we will look at how to take caffeine. Caffeine is a component of coffee trees and tea leaves, and is widely used as a raw material for various foods and medicines. In addition to #energy drinks and coffee, #chocolate and coke also contain some caffeine. 
Maximum recommended daily #intake of caffeine
Adult caffeine 400 mg, Pregnant women 300 mg, 125 mg of adolescents at 50 kg, 30kg children 75mg
Caffeine in Foods
Canned coffee (1 Can) 74 mg 1 cup of coffee 69 mg Green Tea (1 Tea Bag) 15mg Cola (250ml) 23mg Chocolate (30g) 16mg Energy drink (250ml, 1 can) 62.5mg
Side effects when overdose caffeine
1. Brain Awakening It can cause #insomnia, behavioral anxiet…