As promised, I am going to share with you my experience on the Face Resizing Care program. It is one of the most popular programs of Yakson House and it may be the secret of many Koreans for their good skin and body shape. (This I will have to find out! *wink, wink*) 
They have around 80 branches in Korea that’s why Yakson House and its very unique Golki Therapy must really be a hit there! If you weren’t able to read my previous post, here it is Achieving Natural Beauty without Surgery at Yakson House Makati. Golki Therapy is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure used by Yakson House in its treatments.
I am actually contemplating if I should try their other programs because I am intrigued about the benefits of Golki Therapy to the bones and the whole body. Even if it’s exhausting to brave the Makati traffic, I look forward to each and every appointment I have with them. 
My classes have already started (all 21 units!) and I am struggling to manage my time wisely so I can squeeze in my appointments with Yakson House Makati; attend my classes, study (I study from 4:30am-7:00am and every other chance I get), take care of Cee when she’s here (thanks to my mom for babysitting 2-3x a week), follow my skin care routine, make sure we get to include veggies in our weekly menu, make sure my husband doesn’t eat hotdogs, junkfood and other processed meats (at least under my watch) plus all other endless wifey-mommy concerns! Whew. But once I arrive at Yakson House, I feel a sense of peace and calm. 
Nawawala lahat ng pagod ko! This is a must-try for busy mommies like me because we deserve some pampering, we really do!
Plus, the staff are very welcoming and sincere in their smiles. I feel like they really know, like and enjoy their work as therapists..
So there, when I first stepped in Yakson House, I actually liked the simplicity of the place. But I think many Filipinos would expect a more sophisticated, high-end interior design because of the price range of the programs.
The place looks simply cute and cozy, probably just how they want their establishment to be.
Here’s a selfie :p
Before going to the treatment room I asked to use the washroom and restroom, the floral wallpaper is too cute I had to take a picture!😉
When I entered the treatment room, the staff asked me to wear a robe and shorts. Director Yumin Kim, the owner and manager of Yakson House Makati went in and took “before” photos of my face (which I will share with you together with my “after” photos once I finish all my sessions.)
Then Miss Lisa introduced herself as the massage therapist, patiently answered all my questions before she started giving me the back massage.
Cute floral wallpapers again!🙂
I actually asked Miss Lisa what the massage is for and how long will it take? If my program is face resizing, why do you have to focus on my back? (not that I am complaining, I am just curious)
Ms. Lisa told me that the massage is an introduction to the Golki therapy which I will have later on. She massaged my back, shoulders, arms, neck and face for better blood circulation so I can achieve the best results during Golki Therapy. All these took around 1 hour and 30minutes!
There was a bit of pain here and there because they are using a different massage technique but it was still one of the most relaxing massages I have ever experienced in my entire life!
I had to put on stickers because I’m shy, haha!
I really liked the face massage, which is part of the Yakson House skin care. Unfortunately, Ms. Joana, the other massage therapist, was already busy so nobody was available to take my photo while having it. I thought the face massage was already the face resizing Golki but Ms.Lisa told me Director Yumin Kim will be the one to administer the main massage.
First things first; they made a plaster model of my face so that I can make a comparison once the entire procedure of 10 sessions is done.
At this point, I was anxious to experience Director Kim’s Golki massage, she has gone to Korea for trainings and a few months ago a Korean therapist stayed to teach them. I was also pretty nervous, in the back of my mind I was thinking my facial bones might break! Haha!
When it was Director Kim’s turn, I was comforted by the fact that she has been doing Golki for more than 5 years! She also told me that her study of the Golki Therapy is an endless learning process because as a therapist, they are required by Yakson House to update their knowledge and they are always taught the latest techniques. Awesome right? I’m in the hands of an expert!
photo grabbed from their main website
I am now on my 4th session and the results are evident, my observations so far?
  • After the first session, the sides of my face felt saggy! I really felt the changes but I was worried about the excess skin. I was happy and looking forward to have more defined V line. But how about my loose skin?
  • My questions were answered during the next session, I asked them about the sagging skin and I was told that they will use a suction machine and slimming mask to address these concerns. Now on my 3rd and 4th session, no more saggy skin! I was advised to maintain my improved face shape with proper diet and exercise.
  • Golki Therapy is painful, but rewarding! I have high pain tolerance but sometimes my eyes form tears from too much pressure from all the bone-pressing!
  • A lot of the clients in Yakson House Makati are foreigners probably because the quality of Golki massage is just the same as other branches worldwide but the lowest rates are here in Manila, why? I think the rent, staff pay and other bills are way cheaper here in the Philippines. Let’s take advantage of this!
On my next post I will share more of my experiences! I highly encourage you to try the programs of Yakson House Makati, it is quite pricey for many Filipinos but it is definitely worth it.
Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441
Address: G4 Perla Mansion 117, Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village Makati City