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Hi Yakson Beauties :)

Holiday season is coming and many are being on a diet for a perfect summer vacation!
Most people want to have slim forearms, thighs, and belly, but it is really difficult to make them slim.

Especially, when you wear sleeveless, the flabby forearms are annoying.
For reducing forearm fat, many try several ways but it is too difficult to get a satisfied result.

If you want to lose your weight but also have a beautiful upper body line that considers your body health. To have a satisfied result, continued care is needed.

Today, I will introduce how to reduce forearm fat and Yakson Beauty’s arm care.

How to lose the weight of your forearms: exercise with dumbbells.
Dumbbell exercise is well known way to lose your forearm fat.
When you do a dumbbell exercise, it is important to balance the weight and frequency.
The point is to make the dumbbells’ weight be light and do many times.
In particular, dumbbell exercise is a way of burning fat by muscle movements, it is advisa…


Hi Yakson Beauties :)

Have you ever visited Korea before? Or are you planning to visit Korea soon?

If you are coming to Korea soon, there are a lot of places you have to visit!

For today, I would like to introduce the hottest place in Seoul, Garosugil :)
This is the place several travelers' must visit place in Korea. It's because this is s spot a lot of celebrities come, there are many shops that sell unique clothes and accessories.

Especially, Garosugil is not only a famous place  for shopping, but also it is a place that has unique, trendy, and delicious food from the globe.

If you are missing Mexican food when you are in Korea? Or are you a bubble-tea lover? Don't worry, you can see every global food and beverage in Seoul.

Come to Seoul and visit Garogugil. And enjoy shopping and delicious food too!

Also, YAKSON BEAUTY is in everywhere in Korea :)

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