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In the summer, clothes are mostly thin and it is not enough to hide fat that is in collected in many parts of your body.

There are many people who plan to go on a diet or to achieve their desired shape.

Do you know there is a way which only requires eating the same, exercising the same BUT can burn more calories and have faster slimming, by promoting your metabolism?
Today, we will be introducing smart diet tips and how to lose weight more quickly.

Eat Your Three Meals in a Day Well

Skipping a meal does not result losing weight.
If our body feels that food supply is scarce, it will slow the metabolism to save some energy.

Therefore, methods such as one-food-diet or starving can be counterproductive ones.
If you do not have time, try to eat nuts and fruits to avoid skipping meals. It is an effective tip for many dieters.

Work Out Your Muscles
Muscle exercises strengthen muscular system which results burning more calories.
If you have dumbbells in your home or office, you can exercise your muscles time to time, or you can build your muscles with without-tool-exercises such as push-ups, squats, and lunges.

Reduce Salt Intake

Sodium in the salt causes swelling of the body organs.
Daily intake of sodium is 2400mg,
Be sure to also check the amount of sodium in snacks such as soup, canned foods, beverages, chips and pretzels as well as just salt itself. Referring this tip, try not to exceed the allowable sodium intake.

Sleep Enough
If you do not get enough sleep, your weight will increase.
Research have showed that women who sleep less than four hours a day have a slower metabolism than women who sleep more than eight hours a day.

Exercise in the Evening
Exercise helps lose weight one at any time.
Especially, nighttime exercise is more effective because metabolism slows down at night.
Aerobic exercise for 30 minutes before dinner increases metabolic rate and keeps it for 2-3 hours.
Therefore, the calories consumed at your dinner are not accumulated but are consumed well!
(Source: US portal site

Take Therapy from Yakson House
Yakson’s Pretty Body Care makes the overall body line balanced and resilient in any dress that you wear.

For office women who are always sitting in a chair and working in that posture for a long time, the blood circulation is not smooth and the muscles become tangled and tired easily.

Pretty Body Care takes this point into consideration and it goes beyond simple body weight loss. This therapy helps the balance and circulation of the body, making healthy, elastic, and beautiful line.

So far, you've learned about smart diet tips and how to lose weight faster, together with Yakson House.
Are you planning to go on a diet?
Get easy and comfortable weight loss with Yakson’s care!

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