Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Good Day! It’s Yakson :)

The fatigue from your work is getting bigger and bigger!

Look around.
Coffee cups that are tumbled all over your desk!
Aren’t you tired of overcoming your fatigue with the caffeine?


Caffeine is not only contained in your coffee, but also in various drinks that you consume in your daily life.

Today, Yakson will introduce you about the caffeine intake tips.

Caffeine is a component contained in coffee trees and tea leaves and is widely used as a raw material for various foods and medicines.

In addition to energy drinks and coffee, caffeine is widely contained in many different foods/drinks such as chocolate and cola.

Maximum Recommended Daily Intake of Caffeine

Adult Caffeine - 400mg,
Pregnant Women - 300mg,
Youth (50kg) - 125mg,
Children (30kg) - 75mg

Caffeine in Food

Canned Coffee (one can) - 74mg
1 Cup of Coffee - 69mg
Green Tea (1 tea bag) - 15mg

Coke (250 ml) - 23mg
Chocolate (30g) - 16mg
Energy Drink (250ml, one can) - 62.5mg

<Side Effects of Caffeine Overdose>

1. Brain Awakening

It can cause insomnia, behavioral anxiety, and emotional disturbances.

2. Palpitating

It increases your heart rate that might cause rise of blood pressure.

3. Others

Caffeine disturbs iron and calcium absorption, which can lead to anemia and growth inhibition, especially for the adolescents and children.

Caffeine is effective in temporarily keeping you awake and improving your concentration, but after a while, you would lose concentration and get more tired!

There is no problem with a cup of coffee, but the problem is that you are also having cola, chocolate, and etc.
Moreover, another problem is that if you try to combine the caffeine in your daily food that you eat, it will be able to exceed the desired amount of the daily caffeine intake!

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So far, you have learned caffeine ingestion tips together with Yakson.

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