Friday, January 5, 2018


In the environment of high temperature and humidity, it is easy to get tired, not only physically but also mentally!

You feel like you are choked because of the heat and are easily irritated by it!

Also, you can’t sleep because of the heat until late at night so you might get tired the next day.

So today, let’s find out how to overcome the summer heat with Yakson House!!

Are you ready? Let's take a look!!

1.) Cool Breathing - Sitali

Yoga breathing method to cool the heat of body and to find a calm breath in the mind!

Trouble sleeping in the tropical night!
If you move even just little bit, such as drinking water to cool the heat, your body will heat up again.

Try Sitali breathing in a relaxed posture.
It will be surprisingly effective to cool down the body heat!

Sitali Breathing Method

Sit in a comfortable position.
(If possible, take a meditative posture.)

Stick your tongue out and rolls it round, and then inhale through your tongue.
During the process of inhale through your tongue, the air becomes cool!

Breathe long, close your mouth, and then exhale through your nose.

Repeating 20 times is recommended.

Resting Posture That is Good with The Sitali Breathing

Corpse Posture (Savasana)

It is given name because one should put his body on the floor like a dead person.

The method is relatively simple.

1. Lie comfortably on the floor.
2. The legs should be wide about shoulder width; arms should be slightly apart from the pelvis.
3. Down your chin little bit and smile.
4. Totally relax!

2.) Before Going to Bed, Take Half-Bath

In the night when you cannot fall asleep because of the summer heat, try to take half bathing in warm water (28 ~ 35 degrees) for 15 ~ 20 minutes rather than in hot or cold water.

Especially, lavender is good for insomnia.

If you drop a few drops of lavender oil while taking the half-bath, it is very good!


There are various effects in each kind of herbs, so be aware of this fact!
For rosemary, it is recommended not to use it at night because it wakes up the mind and improves the ability of concentration.

3.) Heat Management

In summer, one’s skin is exposed to sunlight by going out even just for a while. The heat needs to be managed because it promotes the aging process of our bodies.

Do not let your skin dry during the summer and do care for your skin in the evening or at night!

Perfect and meticulous cleansing is especially more important in summer.
If you are a type of person who sweats a lot, pore-minimizing-care is recommended. And if you are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, try to use a moisture sheet mask.

4.) Have a special balance management from Yakson

The biorhythm is fragile in hot summer.

It is also a good idea to have special balance management in Yakson House to help you recover from the heat and to optimize your body balance.

By concentrating the balance of the body, we will create a beautiful balanced body line.

With a special balance care, you can create beautiful and balanced body line that is light and comfortable even in summer.

So far, you have learned how to overcome the summer heat.

During summer! It's easy for your body and mind to get tired.
Make healthy and pleasant summer by overcoming the heat with what you have learned today with Yakson!

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