Wednesday, January 17, 2018


The skin of each person has a tone.

There might be a case that you have tried on popular cosmetic the same way with the others, but actually it doesn’t look good on you!

Even if it is the same lipstick, it often markedly differs depending on the person’s skin tone.

Is it because of that person’s pretty looking?

You only need to know exactly the difference between the color tones and the color tone you have, so that you can find nice and suitable make up for yourself.

It's not just white or black.

It is important to know the color tone that suits you!

Today, you will learn what is your skin tone and makeup tips for cool tone vs. worm tone.

Cool Tone VS. Warm Tone Self-Diagnosis

Your skin tone is easier to distinguish through colors that match you rather than your original skin color.

If you look good with warm yellow, gold, and green colors, you are “Warm Tone.”

If you look good with cool blue, silver, and purple, you are “Cool Tone.”

A good match or look means that the skin tones look bright when the color is applied to the skin.

The color that makes you look well, healthy and lively is the color that is suitable for you.

Know Whether You Are Cool Tone or Warm Tone Using Pink Lipstick

If orangish or yellowish pink suits you? You’re Warm tone!

If whitish or bluish pink suits you? You’re Cool Tone!

Simply put, when you try on a once-popular strawberry milk-colored lipstick, then if you just look like a primitive woman, you are warm tone!

Cool Tone VS. Warm Tone Makeup

Cool Tone
Cool tone looks better with cooler color, rather than warmer color.

Even though cool tone person uses lipstick only, it can make a clear impression.

If you belong to cool tone type, natural makeup base and foundation are suggested to achieve transparent skin.

The foundation should be applied evenly on the forehead, chin, cheek and nose to make it as thin as possible.

Warm Tone

A yellowish base/foundation is suitable for warm tone person.

It is recommended that you use a combination of orange and brown color cosmetics to produce a healthy and vibrant look.

Darker lip colors can make skin tones look darker, so it is recommended to emphasize your femininity with peach, orange or nude-tone color lipstick.

So far, you have learned about cool tone vs. warm tone with Yakson.

This summer, boost your beauty with the perfect make-up that is suitable for your skin tone.

Do you want to know how to be gorgeous, luxurious and beautiful by making your skin tone glow and lively?

Yakson’s Facial Balance Care

It creates clear and well-defined three-dimensional face shape. It will also improve your skin to healthier and livelier skin.

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