Thursday, January 11, 2018


If the collarbones are well-defined and pretty, the girl looks more beautiful.

Especially, pretty collarbone line is a charming point for female celebrities!

Today, Yakson will be introducing some ways to make the straight clavicle, just like the entertainers’ beautiful collarbone line!

The forms of clavicle line can be classified into four: wing clavicle, M-shaped clavicle, well-shaped clavicle, and straight clavicle.

The most ideal type of the collarbone is the 180-degree horizontal straight one.

When the collarbone is in the shape of a straight line, body wastes are smoothly discharged.

On the other hand, if the collarbone is raised or V-shaped, the hole will become narrower to disturb waste discharge.

Therefore, it can be said that only a healthy person can have the straight-line clavicle.

People who have unhealthy kidney, bladder, or circulatory system usually do not have beautiful or good-looking clavicle.

Lifestyle That Makes Beautiful Clavicle

In everyday life, try to rub the lower part of the clavicle by your hand.

Use your fingers to press the lower part of the collarbone evenly. After stimulating, rub along the collarbone from outside to inside.

This clavicle part is able to smooth the blood circulation when it is stimulated (ex. by rubbing), since lots of lymph are concentrated here.

Yakson’s Program That Helps to Make Beautiful Clavicle Line

" Yakson’s Body Golki Care "

Thin, long neckline, straight collarbone line are created by Yakson’s special care. The neck, collarbone, and the body's spine will be well-balanced through this care, so that the whole body line can be beautifully balanced.

The neck, back, and clavicle are intensively released to smooth the blood circulation. Moreover, for those who have turtle neck and raised shoulder can have the advantages to create ideal shape.

So far, you've learned how to make straight clavicle line with Yakson House.

From head to toe, make a healthy beauty with Yakson!

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