Friday, November 17, 2017


There are a lot of people who are throwing off their uncomfortable shoes and looking for comfortable and cool sandals.

But it is dangerous to just buy and wear those fashionable sandals!

The editor also once tried the gladiator sandals and strapless sandals that are so popular but the result was terrible.

Today Yakson will introduce tips of choosing sandals according to your body shape that maximizes your charm.

Those Who Have Short Legs, Get Sandals Revealing the Top of Your Foot

If you are struggling with short legs, choose a strap sandal that reveals the top of your foot a lot.

If you choose well-visible-foot-designed sandal, like toe-open sling back, or a skin-color sandal with a strap on an X-shaped or diagonal line, your legs will look longer and thinner since people avert their eyes to your toes.

Those Who Have Leg Muscles, Get Low-heeled Sandals

If the calf muscles are developed, the muscles seem to become more visible when you wear high heels.

Therefore, thin heels are recommended to avoid and it is recommend to wear wedge hills or sandals with 3 to 4 heels.

When you want to wear high heels, choose chunky heels.

Those Who Have Big Feet, Get Sandals with Straps That Embrace Your Foot

If you have a wide range of feet, a medium-thick X-shaped strap sandals are recommended.

It is because there is a visual effect that spreads the gaze of the other people and it also covers the wide foot.

In addition, if you wear sandals with colorful patterns, the attention of the others will focus on sandals instead of your feet.

Those Who Are Short, Get Platform Sandals
Are you obsessed with kill-hills because you want to be tall?

Now, try to rest your legs.

Platform sandals with a high-heeled front and back automatically provide a tall-look effect.

Depending on your preference, there are a variety of choices such as wooden heels, jelly shoes that are suitable even during the rainy seasons!

Hold on!

If you want to look nice with any sandals?

Try to have Pretty Leg Care / Slim Legs Care in Yakson House!

We manage with lower body size and weight mainly, and make slim and pretty legs that would boost your confidence.

So far, you have learned about the selection of sandals according to the body shape with Yakson.
You have wide feet and thick legs that are troublesome?

Try to refer to the tips of selecting sandals that are mentioned today, and also try to have the programs of Yakson!

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