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Hello! It’s Yakson again.

The gorgeous and colorful makeup is popular in a summer season, and the lip colors are especially considered to be the main point of makeup!

The choice of lip make-up determines the completeness of your make-up.

There are different colors to perk out your lip, such as red, orange, pink, peach, coral, burgundy, matt, gloss, pearl and so on.

But sometimes, there are some colors that you think they are so pretty, but when you actually try them, they don’t look nice on you.

If the colors look nice ONLY when you just look at them, what is the use of it?

If you choose the color that best matches your skin tone, it will definitely boost your charm, right?

Today, let's find out the lip color that matches your skin tone.

1. Choose When No-Makeup

To find a lip color that suits you, it is suggested to choose the lipstick when you do not put any make up.

The lips of each person have slightly-different-pinkish-color, so their lip colors considerably influence their appearance when they are wearing lipstick.

It is also important to choose a lipstick that fits your lip color.

Pale lips are suggested to put bright colors such as beige, sandy pink and coral pink. And lips in medium tone are suggested to put brown or red color lipstick.

Moreover, purple lipsticks are recommended for those who have dark-color lips.

2. Pick a Lip Color That Matches Your Skin Tone

1) White Skin
General color to vivid color. Fair skin is blessed to match most lip colors!
The red color makes the person look well and lively, and it is also good to emphasize the lip with hot pink color, after adjusting the texture of your skin.

However, the nude color is no-no! You might look sick.

2) Yellowish Skin

Yellow skin tone is the representative skin tone of Asian people!
Yellow skin looks good with red or orange, and red tones make skin fresh and glow.

At this time, it is the point that you adjust the skin tone and make it clear using foundation.

3) Dark Skin

Dark skin is luxurious when it matches with light or nude lip color, and lipstick of cocoa and wine color will look good as they combined with the dark skin tone and create a sexy and fashionable look.

Do not make a mistake when choosing your lip color and try to find the best color for yourself! :)

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