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[ How To Deal With Stretch Marks ]

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Stretch marks are commonly seen in puberty women and women after childbirth.

Why do stretch marks occur?

Stretch line is a shrinking linear line that appears on the skin that is damaged by the pulling force.

At first, it appears as a red line, which looks different from normal skin. Moreover, a little bend can also be seen.

Stretch line is caused by puberty and childbirth, because of sudden fattening and in the process, some collagen fiber bonds are even destroyed.

Sometimes, it is impossible to know when stretch marks appear. In addition, there are many cases where it is difficult to treat stretch marks easily because it’s been a long time already.

The most important thing in managing stretch marks is to constantly check and treat.

When you are overweight or pregnant, apply sunscreen and moisturizing cream time to time, and also massage the stretch marks with oil and cream.

[ Effective Treatment For Stretch Marks ]

The most important thing in managing stretch marks is “water supply.”

After taking a shower, make sure to apply body lotion or cream for hydration.

At this time, use a product with contains a lot of oil and moisture, then it is going to be easy to take care of your body skin in everyday life even if you do not spend your extra time to see your dermatologist. Try to apply more on your back, belly, hips or thighs.

In the early stage of stretch marks, if you manage it personally, using the stretch-mark-treatment cream that is found in the market, the stretch marks will not get worse.

If the stretch marks have already existed for a long time, you should get professional stretch mark care.

If you have very old stretch marks, they will not be improved. So, the only way to get rid of it is using laser treatment, especially a carbon dioxide laser, microelectronics or high-frequency treatment in a dermatology clinic or hospital.

So here,

For preliminary moms who are experiencing such changes in body and mind due to pregnancy, Yakson will be introducing intensive program that is suggested for them, called “Postpartum Care.”

Stretch marks usually occur before and after childbirth of women. As the body changes, the surface of the skin becomes dry and the tissue layer collapses.

So, as mentioned earlier, it is difficult to recover the stretch marks. Therefore, it is most effective to prevent it through steady hydration, skin protection, and special pregnancy program.

Yakson’s Postpartum Care

Before giving birth to a child, a woman's body experiences various problems such as lower body edema and sudden weight gain, which can be stressful.

The most important thing in giving birth to a beloved baby is the mother's body and Yakson’s programs will provide great positive effects.

So far, you have read about stretch marks with Yakson.

The best way to manage the stretch marks is to check in advance and try to prevent them. And try to steadily have the programs of Yakson House.

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