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Nowadays, men also need different cares. So, the easiest ways to make men's skin flawless, will be introduced in this post. Yakson will be telling you male skin care routines for today!

Men's skin is rich in sebum secretion, and its thickness is twice thicker than the women’s.
Therefore, you should keep your skin clean so that you can maintain healthy skin without skin troubles.

Cleansing Needs to be Different in the Morning and Evening?

In the morning, wash your face using water only and try to end up with the cold green tea water.
It is effective for cleansing the skin and eliminating swelling, so you can feel great refreshment and moist in your skin.
In the evening, sebaceous secretions, body wastes, and various kinds of dust are attached to your skin, so it is essential to thoroughly wash it.

Try to use cleanser or moisturizing cleansing foam with a good cleansing nourishes and end up with used water from washing rice, for whitening and moisturizing.

You could feel light and moist skin!

Reduce Irritation Caused by Shaving

If you experience skin problems by shaving, use an electric shaver and apply plenty of shaving cream.
Open the pores prior to shaving with a warm towel that can reduce irritation.

Moisturizing Your Skin

It is also recommended to moisturize your skin with a moisturizing mask pack, especially when long time of ultraviolet rays exposure that involves a lot of sweat.

If you are embarrassed to use the mask packs, it's a good idea to use this simple method!

It is a simply pack which is that using moisturizing serum or toner on cosmetic cotton. Put on the areas of the face that are stimulated by heat for a long time, and it acts as a pack to provide moisture easily.

You will feel much moisturized skin than usual moist mask packs.

Sebum Management in Daily Life

Every day, you would see much oil secretion on your face.

It is advisable to wipe away the oil that causes the conditions that the dusts and body wastes, stick on your skin.
Try to tab the oily areas using oilpapers to wipe away the oil on your skin.

The skin will be light, shiny and smooth.

Tip: Do not rub the pores with the oilpapers at this time because they can be widened.

Special Day Skin Care

Get help from a specialist.
Yakson’s special skin care is a special management program for men.

We will concentrate on the shoulder and back which are knotted due to the stress caused by the usual work.
Through this care, the upper body and facial muscles are softened so that the impression becomes softer and the overall look becomes nicer.

Depending on the condition of your skin, we also offer customized skin care such as whitening and moisturizing.

So far, you have learned about the men's skin care routines together with Yakson House.

Have smooth and flawless skin with Yakson.
And grow your confidence.

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