Your emotions are depressed, angry, sad, happy, joyful, and change for thousands of times a day.

If you cannot control these various emotions on your own, it might cause a sickness and harm on your health.

Today's Yakson story is about self-emotion control method.

Yakson will be introducing the self-emotion control method that can influence your feelings that change for thousands of times.

Be a Master of Your Self-esteem

Three Steps to Eliminate Depressed Emotions

A depression can make a person down and digs deep into their own sad emotion!

If you cannot resolve your depression for a long time and always feeling depressed, you are not be able to deal with your feelings!

Remember 3 things when you feel depressed.


Pull your lips up and make them into bright smile.
The facial expression is connected with emotions, so it is a great help.

Walk with Lively Steps

It is NO NO to walk slowly without any energy because of your depressed mind.

Straighten your back and lengthen your stride! Walk with energy and stand firmly.

Use Positive Words

"I'm tired of it"
"I think I'm going crazy"
"I’m so exhausted"

Such habitual negative words we use dominate our feelings unconsciously!

Use positive words instead of extreme expressions or negative words.

Through this, I can become a positive icon.

Control Your Prompt Anger

When you cannot control your anger, just hold on for 30 seconds.

30 seconds, it is short but is actually time to think a lot.

When you are angry, your whole body gets a lot of stress.
Think about it for 30 seconds to see if it is worth getting angry even though it harms your body and health.

Let It Go Without Regret

For example, you think you want to achieve 100 points or perfect score. However, when your ability is only 70 points, you get stress and tend to have negative thoughts because of the missing “30 points.”

But if you set your goal to 80, the difference is only 10, so you're less stressed!

It is wise to discard your greed for things you do not have and to realize your current situation.

Eat Sweets And Make Your Body Comfortable

When you fail to control your own emotions, try to heal with food.

When you are obsessed with gloomy emotions, warm milk, fatsia, and wild chive calm your nerves.

Or have sweet chocolate or candy.
Chocolate helps stimulate the central nervous system to make you feel better.

When You Are Upset, Have Some Care to Calm Your Body

As soon as we get angry, our body may have blood circulation disorder as well as muscle stiffness and headaches.

Massage care is very effective to smooth blood circulation and loosen muscles.

Body Golki Care

Body Golki Care of Yakson House, stimulates shoulder and neck to resolve the stiffness. Moreover, the muscle hardening will be softened and beautifully managed.

For modern people who are not in good posture and stressful, it is very necessary care!

It is also loved by many office workers who want to receive the care during the lunch time!

It’s time to care for yourself. Invest some time for you!

So far, you have learned how to cope with depression and self-control.
Try to be aware of the tens of your emotions and adjust them by yourself.


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