Friday, July 25, 2014

[Yakson House] Face Program Review / Before&After / Pretty Face

Here are some review for you guys to see the difference after the face program. As you see, there is a huge difference between before and after.

Before, the client's facial features were quite pretty, the face was generally wide and features were widely spread apart.The mandibular joints were spread apart and the chewing muscles were well-developed, making the face appear large and square. 

After, the program narrowed the widened cheekbones and mandible together, pushing the mandibular joints upward toward and nose and pressing the protruding areas inward. The care also helped relaxed the overdeveloped muscles to restore firmness and create a V-lined face. Through care, the face became noticeably smaller, especially; the client had intensive reduction of the chin area, smoothing out the chin line.

Before, the client's face although the overall length was short, the maxillae, zygomatico, and temporal bones that make up the cheekbones were spread widely apart, This made the face appear rather wide and round.

After, our care program focused on bringing the facial bones closer to each other so that the entire face looks  slimmer. We also provided a special care program for removing excess flesh from the face. As a result, the face became firm, attractive V shape. As the maxillae, which hold the nasal bone in place, were narrowed together, the facial features of our customer became much more defined.