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Hey guys,
I spend my time sitting for more than half of the day. So recently, i felt the pain on my neck and back. It had been awhile but recently, i realized that this is a serious problem because whenever i look at myself, i see that my posture is not straight like others so I tried to massage my self but of course, it wouldn't work. So, today i just want to tell you the solution.

  • Lack of Exercising?
  • Sitting for a Long Time?
  • Exposed to Stress?
  • Spending many hours in front of Computers?
  • Studying for a Long Time?

Here are top 5 tips for back-strengthening exercises and for a healthy back!
  1. Never twist and bend at the same time
  2. Always bend your knees and your hips, not your back
  3. Exercise your back regularly such as walking and swimming
  4. avoid sling bags
  5. when lifting objects, try to lift them close to your body

Easing stiffness of your shoulders and neck 
and make your back slim and smooth!

Program Duration/Cost is during 1 hour, program to relax back muscle and make your back slim is only USD 500 for 10 sessions by Yakson House.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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