Wednesday, July 9, 2014

[Yakson House] What's in my bag? / make-up / bags / summer / beauty / pretty / tips / fashion

Hey Guys~

I just want to talk about stuff that i carry in my purse.
All the pictures are from their websites 
because mines are all "dirty" & "old", doesn't look good lol

So, the purse that i have been loving is my Michael Kors, Zip-Top Satchel in large.
This is very easy to match with and it's not too square or too round 
so i think it will look good for all different ages.

Also this one has many colours but i chose black 
because it is very simple and easy to match with my everyday look.


My wallet is the MCM wallet. 
It is called, Ivana Bloom
Mines the long one and 
i love this because my cash doesn't get crumpled.
I also love the design, very simple and calm.
I guess i love black :p


I am just going to show you some make up 
that i carry in my purse and make up that i use everyday.

So, for my face, i am using Innisfree, long wear cushion
This one has SPF 50+/PA+++, you don't need to wear sunscreen.

In the summer time i love wearing something very light 
because i get so oily during the summer time. 
So, i think cushions are perfect for the summer. 
I think this gives me about medium coverage.

This is the eyeliner that i use everyday.
It's from TonyMoly, Double Eyes Gel Linear.
I love this product because it is waterproof and it has two colours.
I have golden brown with peach and beige colours which is the right one on this picture.


Lastly, i just want to show you this lip product from 
Shu Uemura, rouge unlimited creamy tint.
I bought this from the Korean website so i am not sure 
if this product exists on other websites.

However, I love this product, it is very light and it lasts longer.
The colour that i have is Gangnam Organge, OR 570.
It is very pretty and i just love love love it!

I have more good and useful products but i will show you guys next time~
Thank you for reading guys (: