If you live alone, it's hard to eat all the foods in your refrigerator in its originally given expiration date. But you should know that the expiration date only means the period which keeps the foods in "the best" condition. So it's no matter with you to eat the foods after their expiration date has finished. 

1. Tomato

The riper tomatoes are, the sweeter they become.
What's more? Even more nutritious.

And it's just OK if they have some crease on their peel. But you'd better throw them away if they smell like alcohol.

2. Egg

Eggs are okay to eat until 3weeks from their originally given expiration date had passed. If you want to make sure whether it's in good condition or not, just put it into the water. If it sinks down it means that they are still okay to eat.

3. Yogurt and Cheese

 As yogurt and cheese are fermented food, there's no big problem if you miss its expiration date. Of course, you'd better throw them away if they are covered with molds.

4. Beef

You can eat beef even 5weeks has passed from its original expiration date. A little bit of mold is fine to eat. Just put vinegar on a piece of cloth and clean the molds with it. All you have to do is eat your delicious steak well-done.


Tofu's actual expiration date is 3months after its original expiration date. Put the tofu in the refrigerator. Then it'll get more elastic and better texture. 

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